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- New Thought Pastels - 2/4 -

The mighty billows of the Over Soul. And I am He, the portion and the Whole.

As little streams before the flood-tide flee, As rivers vanish to become the sea, The I exists no more, for I AM HE,


Oh, a word is a gem, or a stone, or a song, Or a flame, or a two-edged sword; Or a rose in bloom, or a sweet perfume, Or a drop of gall, is a word.

You may choose your word like a connoisseur, And polish it up with art, But the word that sways, and stirs, and stays, Is the word that comes from the heart.

You may work on your word a thousand weeks, But it will not glow like one That all unsought, leaps forth white hot, When the fountains of feeling run.

You may hammer away on the anvil of thought, And fashion your word with care, But unless you are stirred to the depths, that word Shall die on the empty air.

For the word that comes from the brain alone, Alone to the brain will speed; But the word that sways, and stirs, and stays, Oh! that is the word men heed.


Lean on no mortal, Love, and serve; (For service is love's complement) But it was never God's intent, Your spirit from its path should swerve, To gain another's point of view. As well might Jupiter, or Mars Go seeking help from other stars, Instead of sweeping ON, as you. Look to the Great Eternal Cause And not to any man, for light. Look in; and learn the wrong, and right, From your own soul's unwritten laws. And when you question, or demur, Let Love be your Interpreter.


If fallacies come knocking at my door, I'd rather feed, and shelter full a score, Than hide behind the black portcullis, doubt, And run the risk of barring one Truth out.

And if pretension for a time deceive, And prove me one too ready to believe, Far less my shame, than if by stubborn act, I brand as lie, some great colossal Fact.

On my soul's door, the latch-string hangs outside; Within, the lighted candle. Let me guide Some errant follies, on their wandering way, Rather, than Wisdom give no welcoming ray.


God, what a glory, is this consciousness, Of life on life, that comes to those who seek! Nor would I, if I might, to others speak, The fulness of that knowledge. It can bless, Only the eager souls, that willing, press Along the mountain passes, to the peak. Not to the dull, the doubting, or the weak, Will Truth explain, or Mystery confess.

Not to the curious or impatient soul That in the start, demands the end be shown, And at each step, stops waiting for a sign; But to the tireless toiler toward the goal, Shall the great miracles of God be known And life revealed, immortal and divine.


Upon the wreckage of thy yesterday Design the structure of to-morrow. Lay Strong corner stones of purpose, and prepare Great blocks of wisdom, cut from past despair. Shape mighty pillars of resolve, to set Deep in the tear-wet mortar of regret. Work on with patience. Though thy toil be slow, Yet day by day the edifice shall grow. Believe in God--in thine own self believe. All that thou hast desired thou shalt achieve.


Our souls should be vessels receiving The waters of love for relieving The sorrows of men.

For here lies the pleasure of living: In taking God's bounties, and giving The gifts back again.


When the great universe was wrought To might and majesty from naught, The all creative force was - THOUGHT.

That force is thine. Though desolate The way may seem, command thy fate. Send forth thy thought - Create--CREATE!


Would you believe in Presences Unseen - In life beyond this earthly life? BE STILL: Be stiller yet; and listen. Set the screen Of silence at the portal of your will. Relax, and let the world go by unheard. And seal your lips with some all-sacred word.

Breathe 'God,' in any tongue--it means the same; LOVE ABSOLUTE: Think, feel, absorb the thought; Shut out all else; until a subtle flame (A spark from God's creative centre caught) Shall permeate your being, and shall glow, Increasing in its splendour, till, YOU KNOW.

Not in a moment, or an hour, or day The knowledge comes; the power is far too great, To win in any desultory way. No soul is worthy till it learns to wait. Day after day be patient, then, oh, soul; Month after month--till, lo! the goal! the goal!


Live, and thou shalt receive. Give thoughts of cheer, Of courage and success, to friend and stranger. And from a thousand sources, far and near, Strength will be sent thee in thy hour of danger.

Give words of comfort, of defence, and hope, To mortals crushed by sorrow and by error. And though thy feet through shadowy paths may grope, Thou shalt not walk in loneliness or terror.

Give of thy gold, though small thy portion be. Gold rusts and shrivels in the hand that keeps it. It grows in one that opens wide and free. Who sows his harvest is the one who reaps it.

Give of thy love, nor wait to know the worth Of what thou lovest; and ask no returning. And wheresoe'er thy pathway leads on earth,

New Thought Pastels - 2/4

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