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- Poems of Power - 1/17 -

Transcribed from the 1918 Gay and Hancock edition by David Price, email


Contents: Note The Queen's last ride The Meeting of the Centuries Death has Crowned him a Martyr Grief Illusion Assertion I Am Wishing We two The Poet's Theme Song of the Spirit Womanhood Morning Prayer The Voices of the People The World grows Better A Man's Ideal The Fire Brigade The Tides When the Regiment came back Woman to Man The Traveller The Earth Now You and To-day The Reason Mission Repetition Begin the Day Words Fate and I Attainment A Plea to Peace Presumption High Noon Thought-magnets Smiles The Undiscovered Country The Universal Route Unanswered Prayers Thanksgiving Contrasts Thy Ship Life A Marine Etching "Love Thyself Last" Christmas Fancies The River Sorry Ambition's trail Uncontrolled Will To an Astrologer The Tendril's Fate The Times The Question Sorrow's Uses If Which are you? The Creed to be Inspiration The Wish Three Friends You never can tell Here and now Unconquered All that love asks "Does it pay?" Sestina The Optimist The Pessimist An Inspiration Life's Harmonies Preparation Gethsemane God's Measure Noblesse Oblige Through Tears What we Need Plea to Science Respite Song My Ships Her Love If Love's burial "Love is enough" Life is a Privilege Insight A Woman's Answer The World's Need


The final word in the title of this volume refers to the DIVINE POWER in every human being, the recognition of which is the secret to all success and happiness. It is this idea which many of the verses endeavour to illustrate.

E. W. W.

THE QUEEN'S LAST RIDE (Written on the day of Queen Victoria's funeral)

The Queen is taking a drive to-day, They have hung with purple the carriage-way, They have dressed with purple the royal track Where the Queen goes forth and never comes back.

Let no man labour as she goes by On her last appearance to mortal eye: With heads uncovered let all men wait For the Queen to pass, in her regal state.

Army and Navy shall lead the way For that wonderful coach of the Queen's to-day. Kings and Princes and Lords of the land Shall ride behind her, a humble band; And over the city and over the world Shall the Flags of all Nations be half-mast-furled, For the silent lady of royal birth Who is riding away from the Courts of earth, Riding away from the world's unrest To a mystical goal, on a secret quest.

Though in royal splendour she drives through town, Her robes are simple, she wears no crown: And yet she wears one, for, widowed no more, She is crowned with the love that has gone before, And crowned with the love she has left behind In the hidden depths of each mourner's mind.

Bow low your heads--lift your hearts on high - The Queen in silence is driving by!


A curious vision on mine eyes unfurled In the deep night. I saw, or seemed to see, Two Centuries meet, and sit down vis-a-vis Across the great round table of the world: One with suggested sorrows in his mien, And on his brow the furrowed lines of thought; And one whose glad expectant presence brought A glow and radiance from the realms unseen.

Hand clasped with hand, in silence for a space The Centuries sat; the sad old eyes of one (As grave paternal eyes regard a son) Gazing upon that other eager face. And then a voice, as cadenceless and gray As the sea's monody in winter time, Mingled with tones melodious, as the chime Of bird choirs, singing in the dawns of May.


By you, Hope stands. With me, Experience walks. Like a fair jewel in a faded box, In my tear-rusted heart, sweet Pity lies. For all the dreams that look forth from your eyes, And those bright-hued ambitions, which I know Must fall like leaves and perish, in Time's snow, (Even as my soul's garden stands bereft,) I give you pity! 'tis the one gift left.


Nay, nay, good friend! not pity, but Godspeed, Here in the morning of my life I need. Counsel, and not condolence; smiles, not tears,

Poems of Power - 1/17

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