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- Beowulf - 100/101 -

wan, w. v. w. acc., _to show_: pret. sg. an-sn wde (_showed itself, appeared_), 2835. See ewan, ewan.

ge-wan, w. acc. of thing, dat. of pers., _to lay before, offer_: inf., 2150.


brecan, st. v., _to shatter_: part. his byrne brocen wre (_his byrnie was shattered_).

nyman, st. v., _to take, take away_.

bn-helm, st. m., _bone-helmet; skull_, [_shield_, Bosw.].

buruh-elu, st. f., _castle-floor_.

clod, part, (adj.?), _keeled_, i.e. boat-shaped or hollow.

dagian, w. v., _to dawn_: ne is ne dagia estan (_this is not dawning from the east_).

der-md, adj., _brave in mood_: der-md hle.

driht-ges, st m., _companion, associate_.

estan, adv., _from the east_.

eor-bend, st. m., _earth-dweller, man_.

fr, st. m. _fear, terror_.

fren, adj., _flaming, afire_: nom. f. swylce eal Finns-buruh frenu wre (_as if all Finnsburh were afire_).

gehlyn, st. n., _noise, tumult_.

gellan, st. v., _to sing_ (i.e. ring or resound): pres. sg. gylle grg-hama (_the gray garment_ [byrnie] _rings_); (_the gray wolf yelleth_?).

genesan, st. v., _to survive, recover from_: pret. pl. wgend hyra wunda genson (_the warriors were recovering from their wounds_).

gold-hladen, adj., _laden with gold_ (wearing heavy gold ornaments).

grg-hama, w. m., _gray garment, mail-coat_; (_wolf_?--Brooke).

g-wudu, st. m., _war-wood, spear_.

hg-steald, st. m., _one who lives in his lord's house, a house-carl._

heao-geong, adj., _young in war._

here-sceorp, st. n., _war-dress, coat of mail_.

hleorian, w. v., _to speak, exclaim_: pret. sg. hleorode ... cyning (_the prince exclaimed_).

hrw, st. n., _corpse_.

hrr, adj., _strong_: here-sceorpum hrr (_strong_ [though it was] _as armor_, Bosw.).

lac (la?)? for flacor, _fluttering?_

oncwean, st. v., _to answer_: pres. sg. scyld scefte oncwy (_the shield answers the spear_).

onwacnian, w. v., _to awake, arouse one's self_: imper. pl. onwacnigea..., wgend mine (_awake, my warriors!_).

sceft (sceaft), st. m., _spear, shaft_.

sealo-brn, adj., _dusky-brown_.

sige-beorn, st. m., _victorious hero, valiant warrior_.

swer (sw hwer), pron., _which of two, which_.

swn, st. m., _swain, youth; warrior_.

sweart, adj., _swart, black_.

swt, adj., _sweet_: acc. m. swtne medo ... forgyldan (_requite the sweet mead_, i.e. repay, by prowess in battle, the bounty of their chief).

swurd-lema, w. m., _sword-flame, flashing of swords_.

yrl, adj., _pierced, cloven_.

undearninga, adv., _without concealment, openly_.

wandrian, w. v., _to fly about, hover_: pret. sg. hrfn wandrode (_the raven hovered_).

waol, st. m., _the full moon_ [Grein]; [adj., _wandering_, Bosw.].

wl-sliht (-sleaht), st. m., _combat, deadly struggle_: gen. pl. wl-slihta gehlyn (_the din of combats_)

we-dd, st. f., _deed of woe_: nom. pl. risa we-dda.

witian (weotian), w. v., _to appoint, determine_: part. e is ... witod.

wurlce (weorlce), adv., _worthily, gallantly_: compar. wur-lcor.

wg, weg, st. m., _way_.


ARGUMENT, recals = recalls POEM: ll. 131, 737 ry-swy = r-sw l. 256 fest = fost l. 303 scinon = scionon l. 706 buton = bton l. 1115 t = t l. 1133 w = wi ll. 1304, 1560, 1616 missing caesuras supplied l. 1436 here-strl = here-strl l. 1642 fewer- = fewer l. 1747 strle = strle l. 1828 ywa = wa l. 1926 betlic = betlc l. 2224 gesced = gesced ll. 2288, 3036 ws = ws l. 2453 to = t l. 2503 Huga = Hga l. 2586 nie = ne l. 2587 si = s l. 2684 irenna = renna l. 2915 Hugas = Hgas l. 2956 heo-liendum = heao-lendum l. 3000 t = t; fend- = fend- l. 3056 s = s l. 3137 Hrnes = Hrones list of names, under: Dene, Scedengge = Scedenigge Edgils, Ohthere = hthere Frewaru, Freawaru = Frewaru Hrgr, Hr-gre = Hrgre Hygelac, Hre = Hre NOTES for l. 31, of l. 31 = of l. 30 l. 1441, w- = wg- l. 1916, lefra = lefra GLOSSARY, under headword ele, Beowulf's = Bewulf's n, gehwilces = gehwylces g-hw, gh-ws = ghws t-beran, beadolce = beadulce beadu-lc, beado- = beadu- (twice) beg, beages = beges beorh, heford- = hefod bedan, leodum = ledum ben, cwnlic = cwnlc biddan, bline = blne bitter, strle = strle ge-bdan, therefor = therefore on-bdan, earflce = earfolce brecan, ltdse = lt se burne, of of = of btan, swce = swice cempa, Huga = Hga ge-cesan, usic = sic on-cirran, wealdendas = wealdendes corer, = cunnan, ewe = ew c, w- = wd- dgor, gehwam = gehwm dn, ymbsittend = ymbesittend; hettend = hetend; ywa = wa drfan, feoran = feorran dryhten, freh- = fre- dryht-scipe, drihtscipe = drihtscype ge-dgan, wrcsi = wrcs eal, oncye = once ealdor, herestrl = herestrl ecen-crftig, imanna = imonna eofor-spret, hocyhtum = hcyhtum eorlc, eorlic [ellen] = eorlc fh, wldrere = wldrere -ferian, panon = onan fela, maum- = mum fran, wre = wre fend, feonda = fenda flen, fenhpu = fenhopu floga, w- = wd- folc-toga, Hrgar = Hrgr for, wonhydum = wonhdum; handgeweorc = hondgeweorc ft-gemearc, long = lang ge-frignan, eodcyninga = edcyninga ge-fyrran, fratwum = frtwum ge-fsan, to scanne = t sceanne gn, swa = sw; [or] giong = ging; flore = flre; sttan = sittan ge-gan, Wglaf = Wglf

Beowulf - 100/101

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