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- Beowulf - 20/101 -

The diphthong = _a_ in _hair_ } approximately.

The names Leo, Bugge, Rieger, etc., refer to authors of emendations.

Words beginning with ge- will be found under their root-word.

Obvious abbreviations, like subj., etc., are not included in this list.


Abel, Cain's brother, 108.

lf-here (gen. lf-heres, 2605), a kinsman of Wglf's, 2605.

sc-here, confidential adviser of King Hrgr (1326), older brother of Yrmenlf (1325), killed by Grendel's mother, 1295, 1324, 2123.

Bn-stn, father of Breca, 524.

Be-wulf, son of Scyld, king of the Danes, 18, 19. After the death of his father, he succeeds to the throne of the Scyldings, 53. His son is Healfdene, 57.

Be-wulf (Biwulf, 1988, 2390; gen. Bewulfes, 857, etc., Biwulfes, 2195, 2808, etc.; dat. Bewulfe, 610, etc., Biwulfe, 2325, 2843), of the race of the Getas. His father is the Wgmunding Ecgew (263, etc.); his mother a daughter of Hrel, king of the Getas (374), at whose court he is brought up after his seventh year with Hrel's sons, Herebeald, Hcyn, and Hygelc, 2429 ff. In his youth lazy and unapt (2184 f., 2188 f.); as man he attains in the gripe of his hand the strength of thirty men, 379. Hence his victories in his combats with bare hands (711 ff., 2502 ff.), while fate denies him the victory in the battle with swords, 2683 f. His swimming-match with Breca in his youth, 506 ff. Goes with fourteen Getas to the assistance of the Danish king, Hrgr, against Grendel, 198 ff. His combat with Grendel, and his victory, 711 ff., 819 ff. He is, in consequence, presented with rich gifts by Hrgr, 1021 ff. His combat with Grendel's mother, 1442 ff. Having again received gifts, he leaves Hrgr (1818-1888), and returns to Hygelc, 1964 ff.--After Hygelc's last battle and death, he flees alone across the sea, 2360 f. In this battle he crushes Dghrefn, one of the Hgas, to death, 2502 f. He rejects at the same time Hygelc's kingdom and the hand of his widow (2370 ff.), but carries on the government as guardian of the young Heardrd, son of Hygelc, 2378 ff. After Heardrd's death, the kingdom falls to Bewulf, 2208, 2390.--Afterwards, on an expedition to avenge the murdered Heardrd, he kills the Scylfing, Edgils (2397), and probably conquers his country. --His fight with the drake, 2539 ff. His death, 2818. His burial, 3135 ff.

Breca (acc. Brecan, 506, 531), son of Benstn, 524. Chief of the Brondings, 521. His swimming-match with Bewulf, 506 ff.

Brondingas (gen. Brondinga, 521), Breca, their chief, 521.

Brosinga mene, corrupted from, or according to Mllenhoff, written by mistake for, Breosinga mene (O.N., Brisinga men, cf. Haupts Zeitschr. XII. 304), collar, which the Brisingas once possessed.

Cain (gen. Caines, 107): descended from him are Grendel and his kin, 107, 1262 ff.

Dg-hrefn (dat. Dghrefne, 2502), a warrior of the Hgas, who, according to 2504-5, compared with 1203, and with 1208, seems to have been the slayer of King Hygelc, in his battle against the allied Franks, Frisians, and Hgas. Is crushed to death by Bewulf in a hand-to-hand combat, 2502 ff.

Dene (gen. Dena, 242, etc., Denia, 2126, Deniga, 271, etc.; dat. Denum, 768, etc.), as subjects of Scyld and his descendants, they are also called Scyldings; and after the first king of the East Danes, Ing (Runenlied, 22), Ing-wine, 1045, 1320. They are also once called Hrmen, 445. On account of their renowned warlike character, they bore the names Gr-Dene, 1, 1857, Hring-Dene (Armor-Danes), 116, 1280, Beorht-Dene, 427, 610. The great extent of this people is indicated by their names from the four quarters of the heavens: Est-Dene, 392, 617, etc., West-Dene, 383, 1579, S-Dene, 463, Nor-Dene, 784.--Their dwelling-place "in Scedelandum," 19, "on Scedenigge," 1687, "be sm twenum," 1686.

Ecg-lf (gen. Ecglfes, 499), Hnfer's father, 499.

Ecg-ew (nom. Ecgew, 263, Ecge, 373; gen. Ecgewes, 529, etc., Ecgiwes, 2000), a far-famed hero of the Getas, of the house of the Wgmundings. Bewulf is the son of Ecgew, by the only daughter of Hrel, king of the Getas, 262, etc. Among the Wylfings, he has slain Heaolf (460), and in consequence he goes over the sea to the Danes (463), whose king, Hrgr, by means of gold, finishes the strife for him, 470.

Ecg-wela (gen. Ecg-welan, 1711). The Scyldings are called his descendants, 1711. Grein considers him the founder of the older dynasty of Danish kings, which closes with Heremd. See Heremd.

Elan, daughter of Healfdene, king of the Danes, (?) 62. According to the restored text, she is the wife of Ongenew, the Scylfing, 62, 63.

Earna-ns, the Eagle Cape in the land of the Getas, where occurred Bewulf's fight with the drake, 3032.

Edgils (dat. Edgilse, 2393), son of hthere, and grandson of Ongenew, the Scylfing, 2393. His older brother is

Enmund (gen. Enmundes, 2612). What is said about both in our poem (2201-2207, 2380-2397, 2612-2620) is obscure, but the following may be conjectured:--

The sons of hthere, Enmund and Edgils, have rebelled against their father (2382), and must, in consequence, depart with their followers from Swirce, 2205-6, 2380. They come into the country of the Getas to Heardrd (2380), but whether with friendly or hostile intent is not stated; but, according to 2203 f., we are to presume that they came against Heardrd with designs of conquest. At a banquet (on feorme; or feorme, MS.) Heardrd falls, probably through treachery, by the hand of one of the brothers, 2386, 2207. The murderer must have been Enmund, to whom, according to 2613, "in battle the revenge of Weohstn brings death." Weohstn takes revenge for his murdered king, and exercises upon Enmund's body the booty-right, and robs it of helm, breastplate, and sword (2616-17), which the slain man had received as gifts from his uncle, Onela, 2617-18. But Weohstn does not speak willingly of this fight, although he has slain Onela's brother's son, 2619-20.--After Heardrd's and Enmund's death, the descendant of Ongenew, Edgils, returns to his home, 2388. He must give way before Bewulf, who has, since Heardrd's death, ascended the throne of the Getas, 2390. But Bewulf remembers it against him in after days, and the old feud breaks out anew, 2392-94. Edgils makes an invasion into the land of the Getas (2394-95), during which he falls at the hands of Bewulf, 2397. The latter must have then obtained the sovereignty over the Sweonas (3005-6, where only the version, Scylfingas, can give a satisfactory sense).

Eofor (gen. Eofores, 2487, 2965; dat. Jofore, 2994, 2998), one of the Getas, son of Wonrd and brother of Wulf (2965, 2979), kills the Swedish king, Ongenew (2487 ff., 2978-82), for which he receives from King Hygelc, along with other gifts, his only daughter in marriage, 2994-99.

Eormen-rc (gen. Eormenrces, 1202), king of the Goths (cf. about him, W. Grimm, Deutsche Heldensage, p. 2, ff.). Hma has wrested the Brosinga mene from him, 1202.

Eomr, son of Offa and ryo (cf. ryo), 1961.

Finn (gen. Finnes, 1069, etc.; dat. Finne, 1129), son of Folcwalda (1090), king of the North Frisians, i.e. of the Eotenas, husband of Hildeburg, a daughter of Hc, 1072, 1077. He is the hero of the inserted poem on the Attack in Finnsburg, the obscure incidents of which are, perhaps, as follows: In Finn's castle, Finnsburg, situated in Jutland (1126-28), the Hcing, Hnf, a relative--perhaps a brother--of Hildeburg is spending some time as guest. Hnf, who is a liegeman of the Danish king, Healfdene, has sixty men with him (Finnsburg, 38). These are treacherously attacked one night by Finn's men, 1073. For five days they hold the doors of their lodging-place without losing one of their number (Finnsburg, 41, 42). Then, however, Hnf is slain (1071), and the Dane, Hengest, who was among Hnf's followers, assumes the command of the beleaguered band. But on the attacking side the fight has brought terrible losses to Finn's men. Their numbers are diminished (1081 f.), and Hildeburg bemoans a son and a brother among the fallen (1074 f., cf. 1116, 1119). Therefore the Frisians offer the Danes peace (1086) under the conditions mentioned (1087-1095), and it is confirmed with oaths (1097), and money is given by Finn in propitiation (1108). Now all who have survived the battle go together to Friesland, the homo proper of Finn, and here Hengest remains during the winter, prevented by ice and storms from returning home (Grein). But in spring the feud breaks out anew. Glf and Oslf avenge Hnf's fall, probably after they have brought help from home (1150). In the battle, the hall is filled with the corpses of the enemy. Finn himself is killed, and the queen is captured and carried away, along with the booty, to the land of the Danes, 1147-1160.

Finna land. Bewulf reaches it in his swimming-race with Breca, 580.

Fitela, the son and nephew of the Wlsing, Sigemund, and his companion in arms, 876-890. (Sigemund had begotten Fitela by his sister, Sign. Cf. more at length Leo on Bewulf, p. 38 ff., where an extract from the legend of the Walsungs is given.)

Folc-walda (gen. Folc-waldan, 1090), Finn's father, 1090.

Francan (gen. Francna, 1211; dat. Froncum, 2913). King Hygelc fell on an expedition against the allied Franks, Frisians, and Hgas, 1211, 2917.

Fresan, Frisan, Frysan (gen. Fresena, 1094, Frysna, 1105, Fresna, 2916: dat. Frysum, 1208, 2913). To be distinguished, are: 1) North Frisians, whose king is Finn, 1069 ff.; 2) West Frisians, in alliance with the Franks and Hgas, in the war against whom Hygelc falls, 1208, 2916. The country of the former is called Frysland, 1127; that of the latter, Fresna land, 2916. wl (in wle, 1071), mutilated proper name.

Frewaru, daughter of the Danish king, Hrgr; given in marriage to Ingeld, the son of the Heaobeard king, Frda, in order to end a war between the Danes and the Heaobeardnas, 2023 ff., 2065.

Frda (gen. Frdan), father of Ingeld, the husband of Freware, 2026.

Grmund (gen. Grmundes, 1963) father of Offa. His grandson is Emr, 1961-63.

Getas (gen. Geta, 205, etc.; dat. Getum, 195, etc.), a tribe in Southern Scandinavia, to which the hero of this poem belongs; also called Wedergetas, 1493, 2552; or, Wederas, 225, 423, etc.; Ggetas, 1539; Sgetas, 1851, 1987. Their kings named in this poem are: Hrel; Hcyn, second son of Hrel; Hygelc, the brother of Hcyn; Heardrd, son of

Beowulf - 20/101

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