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- Beowulf - 40/101 -

_caused the broadsword to spring out over the wall of shields_, 2981.--4) figuratively, _to vex, not to let rest_: pret. hine fyrwyt brc, _curiosity tormented_ (N.H.G. brachte die Neugier um), 232, 1986, 2785.

ge-brecan, _to break to pieces_: pret. bnhs gebrc, _broke in pieces his body_ (Bewulf in combat with Dghrefn), 2509.

t-brecan, _to break in pieces_: inf., 781; pret. part. t-brocen, 998.

urh-brecan, _to break through_, pret. wordes ord bresthord urh-brc, _the word's point broke through his closed breast_, i.e. a word burst out from his breast, 2793.

brec, st. f., _condition of being broken, breach_: nom. pl. mdes breca (_sorrow of heart_), 171.

-bredwian, w. v. w. acc., _to fell to the ground, to kill_ (?): pret. bredwade, 2620.

bregdan, st. v., properly _to swing round_, hence: 1) _to swing_: inf. under sceadu bregdan, _swing among the shadows, to send into the realm of shadows_, 708; pret. brgd ealde lfe, _swung the old weapon_, 796; brgd feorh-genlan, _swung his mortal enemy_ (Grendel's mother), threw her down, 1540; pl. git egorstrem ... mundum brugdon, _stirred the sea with your hands_ (of the movement of the hands in swimming), 514; pret. part. broden (brogden) ml, _the drawn sword_, 1617, 1668.--2) _to knit, to knot, to plait_: inf., figuratively, inwitnet rum bregdan, _to weave a waylaying net for another_ (as we say in the same way, to lay a trap for another, to dig a pit for another), 2168; pret. part. beadohrgl broden, _a woven shirt of mail_ (because it consisted of metal rings joined together), 552; similarly, 1549; brogdne beadusercean, 2756.

-bregdan, _to swing_: pret. hond up -brd, _swung, raised his hand_, 2576.

ge-bregdan: 1) _swing_: pret. hring-ml gebrgd, _swung the ringed sword_, 1565; eald sweord ecen ... t ic wpne gebrgd, _an old heavy sword that I swung as my weapon_, 1665; with interchanging instr. and acc. wllseaxe gebrd, biter and beadu-scearp, 2704; also, _to draw out of the sheath_: sweord r gebrd, _had drawn the sword before_, 2563.--2) _to knit, to knot, to plait_: pret. part. bere-byrne hondum gebroden, 1444.

on-bregdan, _to tear open, to throw open_: pret. onbrd recedes man, _had then thrown open the entrance of the hall_ (onbregdan is used because the opening door swings upon its hinges), 724.

brego, st. m., _prince, ruler_: nom. sg. 427, 610.

brego-rf, adj., _powerful, like a ruler, of heroic strength_: nom. sg. m., 1926.

brego-stl, st. m., _throne_, figuratively for _rule_: acc. sg. him gesealde seofon sendo, bold and brego-stl, _seven thousand_ see under sceat), _a country-seat, and the dignity of a prince_, 2197; r him Hygd gebed ... brego-stl, _where H. offered him the chief power_, 2371; lt one bregostl Bewulf healdan, _gave over to Bewulf the chief power_ (did not prevent Bewulf from entering upon the government), 2390.

breme, adj., _known afar, renowned_. nom. sg., 18.

brenting (see brant), st. m., _ship craft_: nom. pl. brentingas, 2808.

-bretan, st. v., _to break, to break in pieces, to kill_: pret. bret brimwsan, _killed the sea-king_ (King Hcyn), 2931. See bretan.

brest, st. n.: 1) _breast_: nom. sg., 2177; often used in the pl., so acc. t mne brest were, _which protects my breast_, 453; dat. pl. beadohrgl broden on brestum lg. 552.--2) _the inmost thoughts, the mind, the heart, the bosom_: nom. sg. brest innan well estrum geoncum, _his breast heaved with troubled thoughts_, 2332; dat. pl. lt of brestum word t faran, _caused the words to come out from his bosom_, 2551.

brest-gehygd, st. n. f., _breast-thought, secret thought_: instr. pl. -gehygdum, 2819.

brest-gewdu, st. n. pl., _breast-clothing, garment covering the breast_, of the coat of mail: nom., 1212; acc., 2163.

brest-hord, st. m., _breast-hoard, that which is locked in the breast, heart, mind, thought, soul_: nom. sg., 1720; acc. sg., 2793.

brest-net, st. n., _breast-net, shirt of chain-mail, coat of mail_: nom. sg. brest-net broden, 1549.

brest-weorung, st. f., _ornament that is worn upon the breast_: acc. sg. brest-weorunge, 2505: here the collar is meant which Bewulf receives from Wealhew (1196, 2174) as a present, and which B., according to 2173, presents to Hygd, while, according to 1203, it is in the possession of her husband Hygelc. In front the collar is trimmed with ornaments (frtwe), which hang down upon the breast, hence the name brest-weorung.

brest-wylm, st. m., _heaving of the breast, emotion of the bosom_: acc. sg, 1878.

bretan, st. v., _to break, to break in pieces, to kill_: pret. bret bedgenetas, _killed his table-companions_ (courtiers), 1714.

-bretan, same as above: pret. one e he on rste bret, _whom she killed upon his couch_, 1299; pret. part. t monige gewear, t hine se brimwylf broten hfde, _many believed that the sea-wolf_ (Grendel's mother) _had killed him_, 1600; h hyne ... broten hfdon, _had killed him_ (the dragon), 2708.

brim, st. n., _flood, the sea_: nom. sg., 848, 1595; gen. sg. t brimes faroe, _to the sea_, 28; t brimes nosan, _at the sea's promontory_, 2804; nom. pl. brimu swaredon, _the waves subsided_, 570.

brim-clif, st. n., _sea-cliff, cliff washed by the sea_: acc. pl. -clifu, 222.

brim-ld, st. f., _flood-way, sea-way_: acc. sg. ra e mid Bewulfe brimlde teh, _who had travelled the sea-way with B._, 1052.

brim-lend, pt, _sea-farer, sailor_ acc. p. -lende, 568.

brim-strem, st. m., _sea-stream, the flood of the sea_: acc. pl. ofer brim-stremas, 1911.

brim-wsa, w. m., _sea-king_: acc. sg. brimwsan, of Hcyn, king of the Getas, 2931.

brim-wylf, st. f., _sea-wolf_ (designation of Grendel's mother): nom. sg. se brimwylf, 1507, 1600.

brim-wylm, st. m., _sea-wave_: nom. sg., 1495.

bringan, anom. v., _to bring, to bear_: prs. sg. I. ic e senda egna bringe t helpe, _bring to your assistance thousands of warriors_, 1830; inf. sceal hringnaca ofer heu bringan lc and luftcen, _shall bring gifts and love-tokens over the high sea_, 1863; similarly, 2149, 2505; pret. pl. we s slc ... brhton, _brought this sea-offering_ (Grendel's head), 1654.

ge-bringan, _to bring_: pres. subj. pl. at we one gebringan ... on dfre, _that we bring him upon the funeral-pile_, 3010.

brosnian, w. v., _to crumble, to become rotten, to fall to pieces_: prs. sg. III. herepd ... brosna fter beorne, _the coat of mail falls to pieces after_ (the death of) _the hero_, 2261.

bror, st. m., _brother_: nom. sg., 1325, 2441; dat sg. brer, 1263; gen. sg. his bror bearn, 2620; dat. pl. brrum, 588, 1075.

ge-brru, pl., _brethren, brothers_: dat. pl. st be m gebrrum twm, _sat by the two brothers_, 1192.

brga, w. m., _terror, horror_: nom. sg., 1292, 2325, 2566; acc. sg. billa brgan, 583.--Comp.: gryre-, here-brga.

brcan, st. v. w. gen., _to use, to make use of_: prs. sg. III. se e longe her worolde brce, _who here long makes use of the world_, i.e. lives long, 1063; imp. brc manigra mda, _make use of many rewards, give good rewards_, 1179; _to enjoy_: inf. t he behhordes brcan mste, _could enjoy the ring-hoard_, 895; similarly, 2242, 3101; pret. brec lfgesceafta, _enjoyed the appointed life, lived the appointed time_, 1954. With the genitive to be supplied: brec onne mste, 1488; imp. brc isses beges, _enjoy this ring, take this ring_, 1217. Upon this meaning depends the form of the wish, wel brcan (compare the German geniesze froh!): inf. ht hine wel brcan, 1046; ht hine brcan well, 2813; imp. brc ealles well, 2163.

brn, adj., _having a brown lustre, shining_: nom. sg. si ecg brn, 2579.

brn-ecg, adj., _having a gleaming blade_: acc. sg. n. (hyre seaxe) brd [and] brnecg, _her broad sword with gleaming blade_, 1547.

brn-fg, adj., _gleaming like metal_: acc. sg. brnfgne helm, 2616.

bryne-lema, w. m., _light of a conflagration, gleam of fire _: nom. sg., 2314.

bryne-wylm, st. m., _wave of fire_: dat. pl. -wylmum, 2327.

brytnian (properly _to break in small pieces_, cf. bretan), w. v., _to bestow, to distribute_: pret. sinc brytnade, _distributed presents_, i.e. ruled (since the giving of gifts belongs especially to rulers), 2384.

brytta, w. m., _giver, distributer_, always designating the king: nom. sg. sinces brytta, 608, 1171, 2072; acc. sg. bega bryttan, 35, 352, 1488; sinces bryttan, 1923.

bryttian (_to be a dispenser_), w. v., _to distribute, to confer_: prs. sg. III. god manna cynne snyttru brytta, _bestows wisdom upon the human race_, 1727.

brd, st. f.: 1) _wife, consort_: acc. sg. brd, 2931; brde, 2957, both times of the consort of Ongenew (?).--2) _betrothed, bride_: nom. sg., of Hrgr's daughter, Freware, 2032.

brd-br, st. n., _woman's apartment_: dat. sg. eode ... cyning of brdbre, _the king came out of the apartment of his wife_ (into which, according to 666, he had gone), 922.

bunden-stefna, w. m., _(that which has a bound prow), the framed ship_: nom. sg., 1911.

bune, w. f., _can_ or _cup, drinking-vessel_: nom. pl. bunan, 3048; acc. pl. bunan, 2776.

burh, burg, st. f., _castle, city, fortified house_: acc. sg. burh, 523;

Beowulf - 40/101

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