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- Beowulf - 50/101 -

fela-synnig, adj., _very criminal, very guilty_: acc. sg. fela-sinnigne secg (in MS., on account of the alliteration, changed to simple sinnigne), 1380.

felan, st. v., _to betake one's self into a place, to conceal one's self_: pret. sian inne fealh Grendles mdor (in Heorot), 1282; r inne fealh secg syn-bysig (in the dragon's cave), 2227.--_to fall into, undergo, endure_: searonas fealh, 1201.

t-felan, w. dat., insistere, adhrere: pret. n ic him s georne tfealh _(held him not fast enough_, 969.

fen, st. n., _fen, moor_: acc. sg. fen, 104; dat. sg. t fenne, 1296; fenne, 2010.

fen-freoo, st. f., _refuge in the fen_: dat. sg. in fen-freoo, 852.

feng, st. m., _gripe, embrace_: nom. sg. fres feng, 1765; acc. sg. fra feng (of the hostile sea-monsters), 578.--Comp. inwit-feng.

fengel (probably _he who takes possession_, cf. t fn, 1756, and fn t rce, _to enter upon the government_), st. m., _lord, prince, king_: nom. sg. wsa fengel, 1401; snottra fengel, 1476, 2157; hringa fengel, 2346.

fen-ge-ld, st. n., _fen-paths, fen with paths_: acc. pl. frcne fengeld (_fens difficult of access_), 1360.

fen-hli, st. n., _marshy precipice_: acc. pl. under fen-hleou, 821.

fen-hop, st. n., _refuge in the fen_: acc. pl. on fen-hopu, 765.

ferh, st. m. n., _life_; see feorh.

ferh, st. m., _hog, boar_, here of the boar-image on the helmet: nom. sg., 305.

ferh, st. m., _heart, soul_: dat. sg. on ferhe, 755, 949, 1719; gehwylc hiora his ferhe trewde, t ..., _each of them trusted to his_ (Hnfer's) _heart, that_ ..., 1167; gen. sg. ferhes fore-anc, 1061; dat. pl. (adverbial) ferhum fgne, _happy at heart_, 1634; t mon ... ferhum frege, _that one ... heartily love_, 3178.--Comp.: collen-, sarig-, swift-, wide-ferh.

ferh-frec, adj., _having good courage, bold, brave_: acc. sg. ferh-frecan Fin, 1147.

ferh-genla, w. m., _mortal enemy_: acc. sg. ferh-genlan, of the drake, 2882.

ferian, w. v. w. acc., _to bear, to bring, to conduct_: pres. II. pl. hwanon ferigea ftte scyldas, 333; pret. pl. t scypum feredon eal ingesteald eorcyninges, 1155; similarly, feredon, 1159, 3114.

t-ferian, _to carry away, to bear off_: pret. ic t hilt anan fendum tferede, 1669.

ge-ferian, _bear, to bring, to lead_: pres. subj. I. pl. onne (we) geferian fren serne, 3108; inf. geferian ... Grendles hefod, 1639; pret. t hi t geferedon dre mmas, 3131; pret. part. her syndon geferede feorran cumene ... Geta lede, _men of the Getas, come from afar, have been brought hither_ (by ship), 361.

-ferian, _to tear away, to take away_: pret. sg. I. unsfte onan feorh -ferede, 2142.

of-ferian, _to carry off, to take away, to tear away_: pret. er swylc t offerede, _took away another such_ (sc. fifteen), 1584.

fetel-hilt, st. n., _sword-hilt_, with the gold chains fastened to it: acc. (sg. or pl.?), 1564. (See "Leitfaden f. nord. Altertumskunde," pp.45, 46.)

fetian, w. v., _to bring near, bring_: pres. subj. nh hw ... fe[tige] fted wge, _bring the gold-chased tankard_, 2254; pret. part. hrae ws t bre Bewulf fetod, 1311.

ge-fetian, _to bring_: inf. ht eorla hle in gefetian Hrles lfe, _caused Hrel's sword to be brought_, 2191.

-fdan, w. v., _to nourish, to bring up_: pret. part. r he fded ws, 694.

fa (O.H.G. fendo), w. m.: 1) _foot-soldiers_: nom. pl. fan, 1328, 2545.--2) collective in sing., _band of foot-soldiers, troop of warriors_: nom. fa eal gest, 1425; dat. on fan, 2498, 2920.--Comp. gum-fa.

fe, st. n., _gait, going, pace_: dat. sg. ws t foremihtig fend on fe, _the enemy was too strong in going_ (i.e. could flee too fast), 971.

fe-cempa, w. m., _foot-soldier_: nom. sg., 1545, 2854.

fe-gst, st. m., _guest coming on foot_: dat. pl. fe-gestum, 1977.

fe-lst, st. m., _signs of going, footprint_: dat. pl. frdon for onon fe-lstum, _went forth from there upon their trail_, i.e. by the same way that they had gone, 1633.

fe-wg, st. m., _battle on foot_: gen. sg. nealles Hetware hrmge orfton (sc. wesan) fe-wges, 2365.

fl (= fel), st. f. _file_: gen. pl. fla lfe, _what the files have left behind_ (that is, the swords), 1033.

fran, w. v., iter (A.S. fr) facere, _to come, to go, to travel_: pres. subj. II. pl. r ge ... on land Dena furur fran, _ere you go farther into the land of the Danes_, 254; inf. fran on fren wre (_to die_), 27; gewiton him fran (_set out upon their way_), 301; ml is me t fran, 316; fran ... gang scewigan, _go, so as to see the footprints_, 1391; wde fran, 2262; pret. frdon folctogan ... wundor scewian, _the princes came to see the wonder_, 840; frdon for, 1633.

ge-fran: 1) adire, _to arrive at_: pres. subj. onne eorl ende gefre lfgesceafta, _reach the end of life_, 3064; pret. part. hfde ghwer ende gefred lnan lfes, _frail life's end had both reached_, 2845.--2) _to reach, to accomplish, to bring about_: pret. hafast u gefred t ..., 1222, 1856.--3) _to behave one's self, to conduct one's self_: pret. frcne gefrdon, _had shown themselves daring_, 1692.

feal, st. m., _fall_: in comp. wl-feal.

feallan, st. v., _to fall, to fall headlong_: inf. feallan, 1071; pret. sg. t he on hrusan ne fel, _that it_ (the hall) _did not fall to the ground_, 773; similarly, fell on foldan, 2976; fell on fan (dat. sg.), _fell in the band_ (of his warriors), 2920; pret. pl. onne walu fellon, 1043.

be-feallen, pret. part. w. dat. or instr., _deprived of, robbed_: frendum befeallen, _robbed of friends_, 1127; sceal se hearda helm ... ftum befeallen (sc. wesan), _be robbed of its gold mountings_ (the gold mounting will fall away from it moldering), 2257.

ge-feallan, _to fall, to sink down_: pres. sg. III. t se lc-homa ... fge gefealle, _that the body doomed to die sinks down_, 1756.--Also, with the acc. of the place whither: pret. meregrund gefell, 2101; he eoran gefell, 2835.

fealu, adj., _fallow, dun-colored, tawny_: acc. sg. ofer fealone fld (_over the sea_), 1951; fealwe strte (with reference to 320), 917; acc. pl. lton on geflt faran fealwe mearas, 866.--Comp. ppel-fealo.

feax, st. n., _hair, hair of the head_: dat. sg. ws be feaxe on flet boren Grendles hefod, _was carried by the hair into the hall_, 1648; him ... swt ... sprong for under fexe, _the blood sprang out under the hair of his head_, 2968.--Comp.: blonden-, gamol-, wunden-feax.

ge-fe, w. m., _joy_: acc. sg. re fylle gefen, _joy at the abundant repast_, 562; ic s ealles mg ... gefen habban (_can rejoice at all this_), 2741.

fe, adj., _few_ dat. pl. nemne feum num, _except some few_, 1082; gen. pl. fera sum, _as one of a few, with a few_, 1413; fera sumne, _one of a few (some few)_, 3062. With gen. following: acc. pl. fe worda cw, _spoke few words_, 2663, 2247.

fe-sceaft, adj., _miserable, unhappy, helpless_: nom. sg. syan rest wear fesceaft funden, 7; fesceaft guma (Grendel), 974; dat. sg. fesceaftum men, 2286; Edgilse ... fesceaftum, 2394; nom. pl. fesceafte (the Getas robbed of their king, Hygelc), 2374.

feoh, fe, st. n., (_properly cattle, herd_) here, _possessions, property, treasure_: instr. sg. ne wolde ... feorh-bealo fe ingian, _would not allay life's evil for treasure_ (tribute), 156; similarly, fhe fe ingode, 470; ic e fhe fe lenige, 1381.

ge-feohan, ge-fen, st. v. w. gen. and instr., _to enjoy one's self, to rejoice at something_: a) w. gen.: pret. sg. ne gefeah he re fhe, 109; hilde gefeh, beado-weorces, 2299; pl. fylle gefgon, _enjoyed themselves at the bounteous repast_, 1015; ednes gefgon, _rejoiced at_ (the return of) _the ruler_, 1628.--b) w. instr.: niht-weorce gefeh, ellen-mrum, 828; secg weorce gefeh, 1570; slce gefeah, mgen-byrenne ra e he him mid hfde, _rejoiced at the gift of the sea, and at the great burden of that_ (Grendel's head and the sword-hilt) _which he had with him_, 1625.

feoh-gift, -gyft, st. f., _bestowing of gifts_ or _treasures_: gen. sg. re feoh-gyfte, 1026; dat. pl. t feohgyftum, 1090; fromum feohgiftum, _with rich gifts_, 21.

feoh-les, adj., _that cannot be atoned for through gifts_: nom. sg. t ws feoh-les gefeoht, _a deed of arms that cannot be expiated_ (the killing of his brother by Hcyn), 2442.

ge-feoht, st. n., _combat; warlike deed_: nom. sg. (the killing of his brother by Hcyn), 2442; dat. sg. mce one n fader t gefeohte br, _the sword which thy father bore to the combat_, 2049.

ge-feohtan, st. v., _to fight_: inf. w. acc. ne mehte ... wg Hengeste wiht gefeohtan (_could by no means offer Hengest battle_), 1084.

feohte, w. f., _combat_: acc. sg. feohtan, 576, 960. See were-fyhte.

feor, adj., _far, remote_: nom. sg. nis t feor heonon, 1362; ns him feor anon t gescanne sinces bryttan, 1922; acc. sg. feor eal (_all that is far, past_), 1702.

feor, adv., _far, far away_: a) of space, 42, 109, 809, 1806, 1917; feor and (oe) neh, _far and (or) near_, 1222, 2871; feorr, 2267.--b) of time: ge feor hafa fhe gestled (_has placed us under her enmity henceforth_), 1341.

Comparative, fyr, feorr, and feor: fyr and fstor, 143; fyr, 252; feorr, 1989; feor, 542.

Beowulf - 50/101

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