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- Beowulf - 60/101 -

g-rs, st. m., _storm of battle, attack_: acc. sg., 2992; gen. pl. g-rsa, 1578, 2427.

g-rew, adj., _fierce in battle_: nom. sg., 58.

g-rinc, st. m., _man of battle, fighter, warrior_: nom. sg., 839, 1119, 1882; acc. sg., 1502; gen. pl. g-rinca, 2649.

g-rf, adj., _renowned in battle_: nom. sg., 609.

g-sceaa, w. m., _battle-foe, enemy in combat_: nom. sg., of the drake, 2319.

g-scearu, st. f., _decision of the battle_: dat. sg. fter g-sceare, 1214.

g-sele, st. m., _battle-hall, hall in which a battle takes place_: dat sg. in m gsele (in Heorot), 443.

g-searo, st. n. pl., _battle-equipment, armor_; acc., 215, 328.

g-sweord, st. n., _battle-sword_: acc. sg., 2155.

g-wrig, adj., _wearied by battle dead_: acc. sg. g-wrigne Grendel, 1587.

g-wine, st. m., _battle-friend, comrade in battle_ designation of the sword: acc. sg., 1811; instr. pl. e mec g-winum grtan dorste, _who dared to attack me with his war-friends_, 2736.

g-wga, w. m., _fighter of battles, warrior_: nom. sg., 2112.

gyd. See gid.

gyfan. See gifan.

gyldan. See gildan.

gylden, adj., _golden_: nom. sg. gylden hilt, 1678; acc. sg. segen gyldenne, 47, 1022; bring gyldenne, 2810; dat. sg. under gyldnum bege, 1164.--Comp. eal-gylden.

gylp. See gilp.

gyrdan, w. v., _to gird, to lace_: pret. part. gyrded cempa, _the (sword-) girt warrior_, 2079.

gyrn, st. n., _sorrow, harm_: nom. sg., 1776.

gyrn-wracu, st. f., _revenge for harm_: dat. sg. t gyrn-wrce, 1139; gen. sg. ws eft hrae gearo gyrn-wrce Grendeles mdor, _then was Grendel's mother in turn immediately ready for revenge for the injury_, 2119.

gyrwan. See gerwan.

gystran. See gistran.

gman, w. v. w. gen., _to take care of, to be careful about_: pres. III. gme, 1758, 2452; imp. sg. oferhyda ne gm! _do not study arrogance_ (despise it), 1761.

for-gman, w. acc., _to neglect, to slight_: pres. sg. III. he for-gesceaft forgyte and forgme, 1752.

gtsian. See gtsian.

gyt. See git.


habban, w. v., _to have_: 1) w. acc.: pres. sg. I. s ic wn hbbe (_as I hope_), 383; e ic geweald hbbe, 951; ic me on hafu bord and byrnan, _have on me shield and coat of mail_, 2525; hafo, 3001; sg. II. u nu [friu] hafast, 1175; pl. I. habba we ... micel rende, 270; pres. subj. sg. III. t he rittiges manna mgencrft on his mundgripe hbbe, 381. Blended with the negative: pl. III. t be S-Getas slran nbben t gecesenne cyning nigne, _that the Sea-Getas will have no better king than you to choose_, 1851; imp. hafa nu and geheald hsa slest, 659; inf. habban, 446, 462, 3018; pret. sg. hfde, 79, 518, 554; pl. hfdon, 539.--2) used as an auxiliary with the pret. part.: pres. sg. I. hbbe ic ... ongunnen, 408; hbbe ic ... gehsod, 433; II. hafast, 954, 1856; III. hafa, 474, 596; pret. sg. hfde, 106, 220, 666, 2322, 2334, 2953, etc.; pl. hfdon, 117, 695, 884, 2382, etc. Pret. part. inflected: nu scealc hafa dd gefremede, 940; hfde se gda ... cempan gecorone, 205. With the pres. part. are formed the compounds: bord-, rond-hbbend.

for-habban, _to hold back, to keep one's self_: inf. ne meahte wfre md forhabban in hrere, _the expiring life could not hold itself back in the breast_, 1152; ne mihte for-habban, _could not restrain himself_, 2610.

wi-habban, _to resist, to offer resistance_: pret. t se wnsele wi-hfde heao-derum, _that the hall resisted them furious in fight_, 773.

hafela, heafola, w. m., _head_: acc. sg. hafelan, 1373, 1422, 1615, 1636, 1781; n u mnne earft hafalan hdan, 446; onne we on orlege hafelan weredon, _protected our heads, defended ourselves_, 1328; se hwta helm hafelan werede, 1449; dat. sg. hafelan, 673, 1522; heafolan, 2680; gen. sg. heafolan, 2698; nom. pl. hafelan, 1121.--Comp. wg-heafola.

hafenian, w. v., _to raise, to uplift_: pret. sg. wpen hafenade heard be hiltum, _raised the weapon, the strong man, by the hilt_, 1574.

hafoc, st. m., _hawk_: nom. sg., 2264.

haga, w. m., _enclosed piece of ground, hedge, farm-enclosure_: dat. sg. t hagan, 2893, 2961.

haga, w. m. See n-haga.

hama, homa, w. m., _dress_: in the comp. flsc-, fyrd-, lc-hama, scr-ham (adj.).

hamer, st. m., _hammer_: instr. sg. hamere, 1286; gen. pl. homera lfe (swords), 2830.

hand, hond, st. f., _hand_: nom. sg. 2138; si swre ... hand, _the right hand_, 2100; hond, 1521, 2489, 2510; acc. sg. hand, 558, 984; hond, 657, 687, 835, 928, etc.; dat. sg. on handa, 495, 540; mid handa, 747, 2721; be honda, 815; dat. pl. (as instr.) hondum, 1444, 2841.

hand-bana, w. m., _murderer with the hand_, or _in hand-to-hand combat_: dat. sg. t hand-bonan (-banan), 460, 1331.

hand-gemt, st. n., _hand-to-hand conflict, battle_: gen. pl. (ecg) olode r fela hand-gemta, 1527; n t lsest ws hond-gemta, 2356.

hand-gesella, w. m., _hand-companion, man of the retinue_: dat. pl. hond-gesellum, 1482.

hand-gestealla, w. m., _(one whose position is near at hand), comrade, companion, attendant_: dat. sg. hond-gesteallan, 2170; nom. pl. hand-gesteallan, 2597.

hand-geweorc, st. n., _work done with the hands_, i.e. achievement in battle: dat. sg. for s hild-fruman hondgeweorce, 2836.

hand-gewrien, pret. part. _hand-wreathed, bound with the hand._ acc. pl. wlbende ... hand-gewriene, 1938.

hand-locen, pret. part., _joined, united by hand_: nom. sg. (g-byrne, lc-syrce) hondlocen (because the shirts of mail consisted of interlaced rings), 322, 551.

hand-rs, st. m., _hand-battle_, i.e. combat with the hands: nom. sg. hond-rs, 2073.

hand-scalu, st. f., _hand-attendance, retinue_: dat. sg. mid his hand-scale (hond-scole), 1318, 1964.

hand-sporu, st. f., _finger_ (on Grendel's hand), under the figure of a spear: nom. pl. hand-sporu, 987.

hand-wundor, st. n., _wonder done by the hand, wonderful handwork_: gen. pl. hond-wundra mst, 2769.

hangan. See hn.

hangian, w. v., _to hang_: pres. sg. III. onne his sunu hanga hrefne to hrre, _when his son hangs, a joy to the ravens_, 2448; pl. III. ofer m (mere) hongia hrmge bearwas, _over which frosty forests hang_, 1364; inf. hangian, 1663; pret. hangode, _hung down_, 2086.

hatian, w. v. w. acc., _to hate, to be an enemy to, to hurt_: inf. he one heao-rinc hatian ne meahte lum ddum (_could not do him any harm_), 2467; pret. sg. h se g-sceaa Geta lede hatode and hnde, 2320.

hd, st. m., _form, condition, position, manner_: acc. sg. urh hstne hd, _in a powerful manner_, 1336; on geses hd, _in the position of follower, as follower_, 1298; on sweordes hd, _in the form of a sword_, 2194. See under on.

hdor, st. m., _clearness, brightness_: acc. sg. under heofenes hdor, 414.

hdor, adj., _clear, fresh, loud_: nom. sg. scop hwlum sang hdor on Heorote, 497.

hdre, adv., _clearly, brightly_, 1572.

hl, adj., _hale, whole, sound, unhurt_: nom. sg. hl, 300. With gen. heao-lces hl, _safe from battle_, 1975. As form of salutation, wes ... hl, 407; dat. sg. hlan lce, 1504.

hlig, adj., _holy_: nom. sg. hlig god, 381, 1554; hlig dryhten, 687.

hm, st. m., _home, residence, estate, land_: acc. sg. hm, 1408; Hrgres hm, 718. Usually in adverbial sense: gewt him hm, _betook himself home_, 1602; t hm, 124, 374, 2993; fram hm, _at home_, 194; t hm, _at home_, 1249, 1924, 1157; gen. sg. hmes, 2367; acc. pl. hmas, 1128.--Comp. Finnes-hm, 1157.

hm-weorung, st. f., _honor_ or _ornament of home_: acc. sg. hm-weorunge (designation of the daughter of Hygelc, given in marriage to Eofor), 2999.

hr, adj., _gray_: nom. sg. hr hilde-rinc, 1308, 3137; acc. sg. under (ofer) hrne stn, 888, 1416, 2554; hre byrnan (i.e. iron shirt of mail), 2154; dat. sg. hrum hildfruman, 1679; f. on here he (on heaw ... h ... e, MS.), 2213; gen. sg. hres, _of the old man_, 2989.--Comp. un-hr.

Beowulf - 60/101

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