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- Beowulf - 70/101 -

lind, st. f. (properly _linden_; here, a a wooden shield covered with linden-bark or pith): nom. sg., 2342; acc. sg. geolwe linde, 2611; acc. pl. linde, 2366.

lind-gestealla, w. m., _shield-comrade, war-comrade_: nom. sg., 1974.

lind-hbbend, pres. part., _provided with a shield_, i.e. warrior: nom. pl. -hbbende, 245; gen. pl. hbbendra, 1403.

lind-plega, w. m., _shield-play_, i.e. battle: dat. sg. lind-plegan, 1074, 2040.

lind-wga, w. m., _shield-fighter, warrior_: nom. sg., 2604.

linnan, st. v., _to depart, be deprived of_: inf. aldre linnan (_depart from life_), 1479; ealdres linnan, 2444.

lis, st. f., _favor, affection_: gen. pl. eall ... lissa, 2151.

list, st. m., _art, skill, cleverness, cunning_: dat. pl. adverbial, listum (_cunningly_), 782.

lixan, w. v., _to shine, flash_: pret. sg. lixte, 311, 485, 1571.

lc, st. n.: 1) _body, corpse_: nom. sg., 967; acc. sg. lc, 2081; t lc (_the body, corpse_), 2128; dat. sg. lce, 734, 1504, 2424, 2572, 2733, 2744; gen. sg. lces, 451, 1123.-- 2) _form, figure_: in comp. eofor-, swn-lc.

ge-lc, adj., _like, similar_: nom. pl. m. ge-lce, 2165. Superl. ge-lcost, 218, 728, 986, 1609.

lc-hama, -homa, w. m. _(body-home, garment), body_: nom. sg. lc-homa, 813, 1008, 1755; acc. sg. lc-haman, 2652; dat. sg. lc-haman, 3179.

lcian, w. v., _to please, like_ (impers.): pres. sg. III. me n md-sefa lca leng sw wel, 1855; pret. pl. am wfe word wel lcodon, 640.

lcnes. See on-lcnes.

lc-sr, st. n., _bodily pain_: acc. sg. lc-sr, 816.

lc-syrce, w. f., _body-sark, shirt of mail covering the body_: nom. sg., 550.

1an, st. v., _to move, go_: pres. part. nom. pl. lende (_navigantes, sailors_), 221; ws sund liden (_the water was then traversed_), 223.--Comp.: heu-, mere-, wg-lend.

le (O.H.G. lindi), adj., _gentle, mild, friendly_: nom. sg. w. instr. gen. lra le, 1221. Superl. nom. sg. lost, 3184.

li-wge, st. n., _can in which l_ (a wine-like, foaming drink) _is contained_: acc. sg., 1983.

lf, st. n., _life_: acc. sg. lf, 97, 734, 1537, 2424, 2744, 2752; dat. sg. lfe, 2572; t lfe (_in one's life, ever_) 2433; gen. sg. lfes, 197, 791, 807, 2824, 2846; worolde lfes (_of the earthly life_), 1388, 2344.--Comp. edwt-lf.

lf-bysig, adj. _(striving for life or death), weary of life, in torment of death_: nom. sg., 967.

lf-dagas, st. m. pl., _lifetime_: acc.-dagas, 794, 1623.

lf-fre, w. m., _lord of life, God_: nom. sg., 16.

lf-gedl, st. n., _separation from life_: nom. sg., 842.

lf-gesceaft, st. f., _fate, destiny_: gen. pl.-gesceafta, 1954, 3065.

lf-wrau, st. f., _protection for one's life, safety_: acc. sg. lf-wrae, 2878; dat. sg. t lf-wrae, 972.

lf-wyn, st. f., _pleasure, enjoyment, joy_ (of life): gen. pl. lf-wynna, 2098.

lg, st. m. n., _flame, fire_: nom. sg., 1123; dat. instr. sg. lge, 728, 2306, 2322, 2342; gen. sg. lges, 83, 782. See lg.

lg-draca, w. m., _ fire-drake, flaming dragon_; nom. pl., 2334. See lg-draca.

lg-egesa, w. m., _horror arising through fire, flaming terror_: acc. sg., 2781.

lge-torn, st. m., _false, pretended insult_ or _injury, fierce anger_(?): dat. sg. fter lge-torne _(on account of a pretended insult?_ or _fierce anger?_ cf. Bugge in Zacher's Zeits. 4, 208), 1944.

lg-, st. m., _wave of fire_: instr. pl. lg-um, 2673.

len, st. v., _to lend_: pret. sg. t him on earfe lh yle Hrgres (_which H.'s spokesman lent him in need_), 1457.

on-leon, _to lend, grant as a loan_, with gen. of thing and dat. pers.: pret. sg. he s wpnes on-lh slran sweord-frecan, 1468.

loca, w. m., _bolt, lock_: in comp. bn-, burh-loca.

locen. See lcan.

lond, long. See land, lang.

lof, st. m. n., _praise, repute_: acc. sg. lof, 1537.

lof-dd, st. f., _deed of praise_: instr. pl. lof-ddum, 24.

lof-georn, adj., _eager for praise, ambitious_: superl. nom. sg. lof-geornost, 3184.

loga, w. m., _liar_; in comp. trew-loga.

losian, w. v., _to escape, flee_: pres. sg. III. losa, 1393, 2063; pret. sg. he on weg losade (_fled away_), 2097.

lcian, w. v., _to see, look at_: pres. sg. II. s-lc ... e u her t lcast (_booty of the sea that thou lookest on_), 1655.

ge-lme, adv., _often, frequently_, 559.

lufe, w. f., _love_: in comp. heh-, md-, wf-lufe.

lufa (cf. and-leofa, big-leofa, _nourishment_), w. m., _food, subsistence; property, real estate_: acc. sg. on lufan (_on possessions_), 1729.--Comp. eard-lufa.

lufen, st. f. (cf. lufa), _subsistence, food; real estate, (enjoyment?)_: nom. sg. lufen (parallel with el-wyn), 2887.

luf-tcen, st. n., _love-token_: acc. pl. luf-tcen, 1864.

lufian, w. v., _to love, serve affectionately_: pret. sg. III. lufode lede (_was on affectionate terms with the people_), 1983.

lungre, adv.: 1) _hastily, quickly, forthwith_, 930, 1631, 2311, 2744.--2) _quite, very, fully_: fewer mearas lungre gelce (_four horses quite alike_), 2165.

lust, st. m., _pleasure, joy_: dat. pl. adv. lustum (_joyfully_), 1654; so, on lust, 619, cf. 600.

lcan, st. v., _to twist, wind, lock, interweave_: pret. part. acc. sg. and pl. locene leoo-syrcan (_shirt of mail wrought of meshes or rings interlocked_), 1506, 1891; gen. pl. locenra bega (_rings wrought of gold wire_), 2996.

be-lcan: 1) _to shut, close in or around_: pret. sg. winter e be-lec s-gebinde (_winter locked the waves with icy bond_), 1133.-- 2) _to shut in, off, preserve, protect_: pret. sg. I. hig wge belec manegum mga (_I shut them in, protected them, from war arising from many a tribe_), 1771. Cf. me wge belc wrum fendum (_protect me against mine enemies_), Ps. 34, 3.

ge-lcan, _to unite, link together, make_: pret. part. gelocen, 2770.

on-lcan, _to unlock, open_: pret. sg. word-hord on-lec (_opened the word-hoard, treasure of speech_), 259.

t-lucan, _(to twist, wrench, in two) to destroy_: inf., 782.

lyft, st. f. (m. n.?), _air_: nom. sg., 1376; dat. sg. fter lyfte (_along, through, the air_), 2833.

lyft-floga, w. m., _air-flier_: nom. sg. (of the dragon), 2316.

lyft-geswenced, pret. part., _urged, hastened on, by the wind_, 1914.

lyft-wyn, st. f., _enjoyment of the air_: acc. sg. lyft-wynne, 3044.

lyh. See leahan.

lystan, w. v., _to lust after, long for_: pret. sg. Get ungemetes wel ... restan lyste(_the Get_ [Bewulf] _longed sorely to rest_), 1794.

lyt, adj. neut. (= parum), _little, very little, few_: lyt eft becwom ... hmes nisan (_few escaped homeward_), 2366; lyt nig (_none at all_), 3130; usually with gen.: wintra lyt, 1928; lyt ... hefod-mga, 2151; wergendra t lyt (_too few defenders_), 2883; lyt swgode nwra spella (_he kept to himself little, none at all, of the new tidings_), 2898; dat. sg. lyt manna (_too few of men_), 2837.

lytel, adj., _small, little_: nom. sg. neut. t lytel, 1749; acc. sg. f. lytle hwle (_a little while_), 2031, 2098; lif-wrae lytle (_little protection for his life_), 2878.--Comp. un-lytel.

lyt-hwn, adv., _little = not at all_: lyt-hwn lgon, 204.

lfe, st. n., _leave, permission, (life?)_: instr. sg. ne lfe (life, MS.), 2132.--Leo. Cf. O.N. leyfi, n., _leave, permission_, in Mbius' Glossary, p. 266.

lfan, w. v., (fundamental meaning _to believe, trust_) in

-lfan, _to allow, grant, entrust_: pret. sg. nfre ic negum men r lfde ... ry-rn Dena (_never before to any man have I entrusted the palace of the Danes_), 656; pret. part. ( me ws) s ... lfed inn under eor-weall (_the way in under the wall of earth was allowed me_), 3090.

Beowulf - 70/101

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