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- Beowulf - 80/101 -

scenc, st. m., _vessel, can_: in comp. medu-scenc.

scencan, w. v., _to hand drink, pour out_: pret. sg. scencte scr wered, 496 (cf. skinker = cup-bearer).

scenne, w. f.?, _sword-guard?_: dat. pl. on m scennum scran goldes, 1695.

sceran, st. v., _to shear off, cleave, hew to pieces_: pres. sg. onne heoru bunden ... swn ofer helme andweard scire (_hews off the boar-head on the helm_), 1288.

ge-sceran, _to divide, hew in two_: pret. sg. helm oft ge-scr (_often clove the helm in two_), 1527; so, gescer, 2974.

scerwen, st. f.?, in comp. ealu-scerwen (_ale-scare_ or _panic_?), 770.

sct. See scetan.

sceadu. See scadu.

sceaa, w. m.: 1) _scather, foe_: gen. pl. sceaena, 4.--2) _fighter, warrior_: nom. pl. scaan, 1804.--Comp.: ttor-, dol-, fend-, g-, hearm-, led-, mn-, sin-, ed-, uht-sceaa.

sceaan, st. v. w. dat., _to scathe, injure, crush_: pret. sg. se e oft manegum scd (_which has oft oppressed many_), 1888.

ge-sceaan, w. dat., the same: pret. sg. sw him r gescd hild t Heorote, 1588; se e him sre ge-sced (_who injured him sorely_), 2224; n r in gescd hlan lce, 1503; bill r gescd eald-hlfordes am ra mma mund-bora ws (_the weapon of the ancient chieftain had before laid low the dragon, the guardian of the treasure_), 2778 (or, _sheathed in brass_?, if r and gescd form compound).

sceaen-ml, st. n., _deadly weapon, hostile sword_: nom. sg., 1940.

sceaft, st. m., _shaft, spear, missile_: nom. sg. sceft, 3119.--Comp.: here-, wl-sceaft.

ge-sceaft, st. f.: 1) _creation, earth, earthly existence_: acc. sg. s lnan ge-sceaft, 1623.--2) _fate, destiny_: in comp. for-, lf-, ml-gesceaft.

scealc, st. m., _servant, military retainer_: nom. sg., 919; (of Bewulf), 940.--Comp ber-scealc.

ge-sceap, st. n.: 1) _shape, creature_: nom. pl. scadu-helma ge-sceapu, 651.--2) _fate, providence_: acc. sg. heh ge-sceap (_heavy fate_), 3085.

sceapan, sceppan, scyppan, st. v., _to shape, create, order, arrange, establish_: pres. part. scyppend (_the Creator_), 106; pret. sg. scp him Heort naman (_shaped, gave, it the name Heorot_), 78; pres. part. ws si wrht scepen heard wi Hgas, syan Hygelc cwom (_the contest with the Hgas became sharp after H. had come_), 2915.

ge-sceapan, _to shape, create_: pret. sg. lf ge-scep cynna gehwylcum, 97.

scear, st. m., _massacre_: in comp. g-, inwit-scear, 2429, etc.

scearp, adj., _sharp, able, brave_: nom. sg. scearp scyld-wga, 288.--Comp.: beadu-, heao-scearp.

scearu, st. f., _division, body, troop_: in comp. folc-scearu; _that is decided_ or _determined_, in g-scearu (_overthrow_?), 1214.

sceat, st. m., _money_; also _unit of value in appraising_ (cf. Rieger in Zacher's Zeits. 3, 415): acc. pl. sceattas, 1687. When numbers are given, sceat appears to be left out, cf. 2196, 2995 (see send).--Comp. gif-sceat.

scet, st. m., _region, field_: acc. pl. gefrtwade foldan scetas leomum and lefum, 96;--_top, surface, part_: gen. pl. eoran sceta, 753.

scewere, st. m., _observer, spy_: nom. pl. sceweras, 253.

scewian, w. v. w. acc., _to see, look at, observe_: inf. scewian, 841, 1414, 2403, 2745, 3009, 3033; scewigan, 1392; pres. sg. II. t ge genge nen scewia begas and brd gold, 3105; subj. pres. t ic ... scewige swegle searo-gimmas, 2749; pret. sg. scewode, 1688, 2286, 2794; sg. for pl., 844; pret. pl. scewedon, 132, 204, 984, 1441.

ge-scewian, _to see, behold, observe_: pret. part. ge-scewod, 3076, 3085.

sceorp, st. n., _garment_: in comp. hilde-sceorp.

scetan, st. v., _to shoot, hurl missiles_: pres. sg. se e of fln-bogan fyrenum scete, 1745; pres. part. nom. pl. scetend (_the warriors, bowmen_), 704, 1155; dat. pl. for scetendum (MS. scotenum), 1027.

ge-scetan, w. acc., _to shoot off, hurry_: pret. sg. hord eft gescet (_the dragon darted again back to the treasure_), 2320.

of-scetan, _to kill by shooting_: pret. sg. his mg of-sct ... bldigan gre _(killed his brother with bloody dart_), 2440.

scild, scyld, st. m., _shield_: nom. sg. scyld, 2571; acc. sg. scyld, 437, 2076; acc. pl. scyldas, 325, 333, 2851.

scildan, scyldan, w. v., _to shield, protect_: pret. subj. nyme mec god scylde (_if God had not shielded me_), 1659.

scild-freca, w. m., _shield-warrior_ (warrior armed with a shield): nom. sg. scyld-freca, 1034.

scild-weall, st. m., _wall of shields_: acc. sg. scild-weall, 3119.

scild-wga, w. m., _shield-warrior_: nom. sg. scyld-wga, 288.

scinna, w. m., _apparition, evil spirit_: dat. pl. scynnum, 940.

scip, st. n., _vessel, ship_: nom. sg., 302; acc. sg., 1918; dat. sg. t scipe, 1896; gen. sg. scipes, 35, 897; dat pl. t scypum (scypon, MS.), 1155.

scip-here, st. m., (exercitus navalis) _armada, fleet_: dat. sg. mid scip-herge, 243.

ge-scfe (for ge-scfe), adj., _advancing_ (of the dragon's movement), 2571; = G. _schief_?

scnan, st. v., _to shine, flash_: pres. sg. sunne ... san scne, 607; so, 1572; inf. geseah blcne leman beorhte scnan, 1518; pret. sg. (g-byrne, woruld--candel) scn, 321, 1966; on him byrne scn, 405; pret. pl. gold-fg scinon web fter wagum, 995; scionon, 303.

scr, adj., _sheer, pure, shining_: nom. sg. hring-ren scr, 322; scr metod, 980; acc. sg. n. scr wered, 496; gen. sg. scran goldes, 1695.

scr-ham, adj., _bright-armored, clad in bright mail_: nom. pl. scr-hame, 1896.

scoten. See sceten.

ge-scd, pret. part., _shod_ (calceatus), _covered_: in comp. r-ge-scd(?). See ge-sceaan, and Note.

scp, st. m., _singer, shaper, poet_: nom. sg., 496, 1067; gen. sg. scpes, 90.

scrf, st. n., _hole in the earth, cavern_: in comp. eor-scrf.

scran, st. v., _to stride, go_: pres. pl. scra, 163; inf. scran, 651, 704; scran t, 2570.

scrfan, st. v., _to prescribe, impose_ (punishment): inf. h him (Grendel) scr metod scrfan wille, 980.

for-scrfan, w. dat. pers., _to proscribe, condemn_: pret. part. sian him scyppend for-scrifen hfde, 106.

ge-scrfan, _to permit, prescribe_: pret. sg. sw him Wyrd ne ge-scrf (_as Weird did not permit him_), 2575.

scrd, st. m., _clothing, covering; ornament_: in comp. beadu-, byrdu-scrd.

scucca, w. m., _shadowy sprite, demon_: dat. pl. scuccum, 940.

sculan, aux. v. w. inf.: 1) _shall, must_ (obligation): pres. sg. I., III. sceal, 20, 24, 183, 251, 271, 287, 440, 978, 1005, 1173, 1387, 1535, etc.; scel, 455, 2805, 3011; II. scealt, 589, 2667; subj. pres. scyle, 2658; scile, 3178; pret. ind. sg. I., III. scolde, 10, 806, 820, 966, 1071, 1444, 1450, etc.; sceolde, 2342, 2409, 2443, 2590, 2964; II. sceoldest, 2057; pl. scoldon, 41, 833, 1306, 1638; subj. pret. scolde, 1329, 1478; sceolde, 2709.--2) w. inf. following it expresses futurity, = _shall, will_: pres. sg. I., III. sceal bedan (_shall offer_), 384; so, 424, 438, 602, 637, 1061, 1707, 1856, 1863, 2070; sceall, 2499, 2509, etc.; II. scealt, 1708; pl. wit sculon, 684; subj. pret. scolde, 280, 692, 911; sceolde, 3069.--3) sculan sometimes forms a periphrastic phrase or circumlocution for a simple tense, usually with a slight feeling of obligation or necessity: pres. sg. he ge-wunian sceall (_he inhabits; is said to inhabit?_), 2276; pret. sg. se e wter-egesan wunian scolde, 1261; wcnan scolde (_was to awake_), 85; se one gomelan grtan sceolde (_was to, should, approach_), 2422; t se byrn-wga bgan sceolde (_the corseleted warrior had to bow, fell_), 2919; pl. e beado-grman bwan sceoldon (_they that had to polish or deck the battle-masks_), 2258; so, 230, 705, 1068.--4) w. omitted inf., such as wesan, gangan: unc sceal worn fela mma ge-mnra (i.e. wesan). 1784; so, 2660; sceal se hearda helm ... ftum befeallen (i.e. wesan), 2256; ic him fter sceal (i.e. gangan), 2817; subj. onne u for scyle (i.e. gangan), 1180. A verb or inf. expressed in an antecedent clause is not again expressed with a subsequent sceal: g Wyrd sw hi scel (_Weird goeth ever as it shall_ [go]), 455; g-bill ge-swc sw hit n sceolde (i.e. ge-swcan), 2586.

sca, w. m., _shadowy demon_: in comp. de-sca.

scfan, st. v.: 1) intrans., _to move forward, hasten_: pret. part. ws morgen-leht scofen and scynded, 919.--2) w. acc., _to shove, push_: pret. pl. guman t scufon ... wudu bundenne (_pushed the vessel from the land_), 215; dracan scufun ... ofer weall-clif (_pushed the dragon over the wall-like cliff_), 3132. See wd-scofen(?)

be-scfan, w. acc., _to push, thrust down, in_: inf. w bi m e sceal ... swle be-scfan in fres fm (_woe to him that shall thrust his soul into fire's embrace_), 184.

scr, st. m., _shower, battle-shower_: in comp. sern-scr.

scr-heard, adj., _fight-hardened? (file-hardened?_): nom. pl. scr-heard,

Beowulf - 80/101

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