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- Beowulf - 90/101 -

ge-earfod ws (_since so they found it necessary_), 1104.

earle, adv., _very, exceedingly_, 560.

eh, h, conj., _though, even though_ or _if_: 1) with subj. eh, 203, 526, 588, 590, 1168, 1661, 2032, 2162. Strengthened by e: eh e, 683, 1369, 1832, 1928, 1942, 2345, 2620; eh ... eal (_although_), 681.--2) with indic.: eh, 1103; h, 1614.--3) doubtful: eh he e wel, 2856; sw eh (_nevertheless_), 2879; n ... sw eh (_not then however_), 973; ns e forht sw h (_he was not, though, afraid_), 2968; hwre sw eh (_yet however_), 2443.

ew, st. m., _custom, usage_: nom. sg., 178, 1247; acc. sg. ew, 359; instr. pl. ewum (_in accordance with custom_), 2145.

ed, st. f.: 1) _war-troop, retainers_: nom. sg., 644, 1231, 1251.--2) _nation, folk_: nom. sg., 1692; gen. pl. eda, 1706.--Comp.: sige-, wer-ed.

ed-cyning, st. m., (=folc-cyning), _warrior-king, king of the people_: nom. sg. (Hrgr), 2145; (Ongenew), 2964, 2971; id-cyning (Bewulf), 2580; acc. sg. ed-cyning (Bewulf), 3009; gen. sg. ed-cyninges (Bewulf), 2695; gen. pl. ed-cyninga, 2.

eden, st. m., _lord of a troop, war-chief, king; ruler_: nom. sg., 129, 365, 417, 1047, 1210, 1676, etc.; iden, 2337, 2811; acc. sg. eden, 34, 201, 353, 1599, 2385, 2722, 2884, 3080; iden, 2789; dat. sg. edne, 345, 1526, 1993, 2573, 2710, etc.; eden, 2033; gen. sg. ednes 798, 911, 1086, 1628, 1838, 2175; idnes, 2657; nom. pl. ednas, 3071.

eden-les, adj., _without chief_ or _king_: nom. pl. eden-lese, 1104.

ed-gestren, st. n., _people's-jewel, precious treasure_: instr. pl. ed-ge-strenum, 44; gen. pl. ed-ge-strena, 1219.

edig, adj., _appertaining to a_ ed: in comp. el-edig.

ed-scaa, w. m., _foe of the people, general foe_: nom. sg. ed-sceaa (_the dragon_), 2279, 2689.

ed-re, st. f. m., _popular misery, general distress_: dat. pl. wi ed-reum, 178.

ef, st. m., _thief_: gen. sg. efes crfte, 2221.

en, st. v.: 1) _to grow, ripen, thrive_: pret. sg. weormyndum h (_grew in glory_), 8.--2) _to thrive in, succeed_: pret. sg. hru t on lande lyt manna h (_that throve to few_), 2837. See Note, l. 901.

ge-en, _to grow, thrive; increase in power and influence_: imper. ge-eh tela, 1219; inf. lof-ddum sceal ... man geen, 25; t t ednes bearn ge-en scolde, 911.

on-en? _to begin, undertake_, w. gen.: pret. he s r onh, 901. [In MS. Emended in text.--KTH] See Note, l. 901.

eon (for ewan), w. v., _to oppress, restrain_: inf. ns se folc-cyning ymb-sittendra nig ra e mec ... dorste egesan en (_that durst oppress me with terror_), 2737.

estor, adj., _dark, gloomy_: instr. pl. estrum ge-oncum, 2333.

icgan, st. v. w. acc., _to seize, attain, eat, appropriate_: inf. t he (Grendel) m mste manna cynnes icgean ofer niht, 737; symbel icgan (_take the meal, enjoy the feast_), 1011; pret. pl. t hie me gon, 563; r we medu gun, 2634.

ge-icgan, w. acc., _to grasp, take_: pret. sg. (symbel and sele-ful, ful) ge-eah, 619, 629; Bewulf ge-ah ful on flette, 1025; pret. pl. (medo-ful manig) ge-gon, 1015.

ider, yder, adv., _thither_: yder, 3087, 379, 2971.

ihtig, yhtig, adj., _doughty, vigorous, firm_: acc. sg. neut. sweord ... ecgum yhtig, 1559.--Comp. hyge-ihtig.

incan. See yncan.

ing, st. n.: 1) _thing_: gen. pl. nige inga (_ullo modo_), 792, 2375, 2906.--2) _affair, contest, controversy_: nom. sg. me wear Grendles ing ... undyrne c (_Grendel's doings became known to me_), 409.--3) _judgment, issue, judicial assembly_(?): acc. sg. sceal ... na gehegan ing wi yrse (_shall bring the matter alone to an issue against the giant_: see hegan), 426.

ge-ing, st. n.: 1) _terms, covenant_: acc. pl. ge-ingo, 1086.--2) _fate, providence, issue_: gen. sg. ge-inges, 398, 710; (ge-ingea, MS.), 525.

ge-ingan, st. v., _to grow, mature, thrive_ (Dietrich, Haupt IX., 430): pret. part. cwn mde ge-ungen (_mature-minded, high-spirited, queen_), 625. See wel-ungen.

ge-ingan (see ge-ing), w. v.: 1) _to conclude a treaty_: w. refl. dat, _enter into a treaty_: pres. sg. III. gif him onne Hrrc t hofum Geta ge-inge _(if H. enters into a treaty_ (seeks aid at?) _with the court of the Getas_, referring to the old German custom of princes entering the service or suite of a foreign king), 1838. Leo.--2) _to prepare, appoint_: pret. part. wiste [t] m ahlcan ... hilde ge-inged, 648; hrae ws ... mce ge-inged, 1939.

ingian, w. v.: 1) _to speak in an assembly, make an address_: inf. ne hrde ic snotor-lcor on sw geongum feore guman ingian (_I never heard a man so young speak so wisely_), 1844.--2) _to compound, settle, lay aside_: inf. ne wolde feorh-bealo ... fe ingian (_would not compound the life-bale for money_), 156; so, pret. sg. fhe fe ingode, 470.

han. See en.

in, possess, pron., _thy, thine_, 267, 346, 353, 367, 459, etc.

ge-ht, st. m., _thought, plan_: acc. sg. n-fealdne ge-ht, 256; fst-rdne ge-ht, 611.

olian, w. v. w. acc.: 1) _to endure, bear_: inf. (inwid-sorge) olian, 833; pres. sg. III. re-nd ola, 284; pret. sg. olode ryswy, 131.--2) _to hold out, stand, survive_: pres. sg. (intrans.) enden is sweord ola (_as long as this sword holds out_), 2500; pret. sg. (se ecg) olode r fela hand-gemta, 1526.

ge-olian: 1) _to suffer, bear, endure_: gerund. t ge-olianne, 1420; pret. sg. earfo-lice rage ge-olode..., t he ... drem gehrde (_bore ill that he heard the sound of joy_), 87; torn ge-olode (_bore the misery_), 147.--2) _to have patience, wait_: inf. r he longe sceal on s waldendes wre ge-olian, 3110.

on (Goth, an) = _tum, then, now_, 504; fter on (_after that_), 725; r on dg cwme (_ere day came_), 732; n on lange (_it was not long till then_), 2424; ns long t on (_it was not long till then_), 2592, 2846; ws him se man t on lef t ... _(the man was to that degree dear to him that ..._), 1877.

onne: 1) adv., _there, then, now_, 377, 435, 525, 1105, 1456, 1485, 1672, 1823, 3052, 3098(?).--2) conj., _if, when, while_: a) w. indic., 573, 881, 935, 1034, 1041, 1043, 1144, 1286, 1327, 1328, 1375, etc.; t ic gum-cystum gdne funde bega bryttan, brec onne mste (_that I found a good ring-giver and enjoyed him whilst I could_), 1488. b) w. subj., 23, 1180, 3065; onne ...onne (_then ... when_), 484-85, 2447-48; gif onne ...onne (_if then ... then_), 1105-1107. c) _than_ after comparatives, 44, 248, 469, 505, 534, 679, 1140, 1183, etc.; a comparative must be supplied, l. 70, before one: t he ... htan wolde medo-rn micel men ge-wyrcean one yldo bearn fre ge-frunon (_a great mead-house_ (greater) _than men had ever known_).

racu, st. f., _strength, boldness_: in comp. md-racu; = impetus in ecg-racu.

rag, st. f., _period of time, time_: nom. sg. hine si rag be-cwom (_when the_ [battle]-_hour befell him_), 2884; acc. sg. rage (_for a time_), 87; longe (lange) rage, 54, 114.--Comp. earfo-rag.

ge-rc, st. n., _multitude, crowd_: in comp. searo-ge-rc.

rec-wudu, st. m., (_might-wood_), _spear_ (cf. mgen-wudu): acc. sg., 1247.

re, st. m. f., _misery, distress_: in comp. ed-re, re-ndla, -nd.

re-ndla, w. m., _crushing distress, misery_: dat. sg. for re-ndlan, 2225.

rea-nd, st. f., _oppression, distress_: acc. sg. re-nd, 284; dat. pl. re-ndum, 833.

ret, st. m., _troop, band_: dat. sg. on am rete, 2407; dat. pl. sceaena retum, 4.--Comp. ren-ret.

retian, w. v. w. acc., _to press, oppress_: pret. pl. mec ...retedon, 560.

reot-teoa, num. adj. w. m., _thirteenth_: nom. sg. reot-teoa secg, 2407.

re, num. (neut.), _three_: acc. ri wicg, 2175; re hund wintra, 2279.

ridda, num. adj. w. m., _third_: instr. riddan se, 2689.

ge-ring, st. n., _eddy, whirlpool, crush_: acc. on holma ge-ring, 2133.

ringan, st. v., _to press_: pret. sg. wergendra t lyt rong ymbe eden (_too few defenders pressed round the prince_), 2884; pret. pl. syan Hrlingas t hagan rungon (_after the Hrethlingas had pressed into the hedge_), 2961.

for-ringan, _to press out; rescue, protect_: inf. t he ne mehte ... we-lfe wge for-ringan ednes egne (_that he could not rescue the wretched remnant from the king's thane by war_), 1085.

ge-ringan, _to press_: pret. sg. cel up gerang (_the ship shot up_), i.e. on the shore in landing), 1913.

ritig, num., _thirty_ (neut. subst.): acc. sg. w. partitive gen.: ritig egna, 123; gen. rittiges (XXXtiges MS.) manna, 379.

rst-hydig, adj., _bold-minded, valorous_: nom. sg. iden rst-hydig (Bewulf), 2811.

rowian, w. v. w. acc., _to suffer, endure_: inf. (ht, gnorn) rowian, 2606, 2659; pret. sg. rowade, 1590, 1722; rowode, 2595.

ry, st. f., _abundance, multitude_, _excellence, power_: instr. pl.

Beowulf - 90/101

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