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- Thuvia, Maid of Mars - 31/31 -

Hal Vas. Son of Vas Kor the Dusarian noble. Hastor. A city of Helium. Hekkador. Title of Father of Therns. Helium. The empire of the grandfather of Dejah Thoris. Holy Therns. A Martian religious cult. Hortan Gur. Jeddak of Torquas. Hor Vastus. Padwar in the navy of Helium. Horz. Deserted city; Barsoomian Greenwich. Illall. A city of Okar. Iss. River of Death. (See A PRINCESS OF MARS.) Issus. Goddess of Death, whose abode is upon the banks of the Lost Sea of Korus. (See THE GODS OF MARS.) Jav. A Lotharian. Jed. King. Jeddak. Emperor. Kab Kadja. Jeddak of the Warhoons of the south. Kadabra. Capital of Okar. Kadar. Guard. Kalksus. Cruiser; transport under Vas Kor. Kantos Kan. Padwar in the Helium navy. Kaol. A Martian kingdom in the eastern hemisphere. Kaor. Greeting. Karad. Martian degree. Komal. The Lotharian god; a huge banth. Korad. A dead city of ancient Mars. (See A PRINCESS OF MARS.) Korus. The Lost Sea of Dor. Kulan Tith. Jeddak of Kaol. (See THE WARLORD OF MARS.) Lakor. A thern. Larok. A Dusarian warrior; artificer. Lorquas Ptomel. Jed among the Tharks. (See A PRINCESS OF MARS.) Lothar. The forgotten city. Marentina. A principality of Okar. Matai Shang. Father of Therns. (See THE GODS OF MARS.) Mors Kajak. A jed of lesser Helium. Notan. Royal Psychologist of Zodanga. Nutus. Jeddak of Dusar. Od. Martian foot. Odwar. A commander, or general. Okar. Land of the yellow men. Old Ben (or Uncle Ben). The writer's body-servant (coloured). Omad. Man with one name. Omean. The buried sea. Orluk. A black and yellow striped Arctic monster. Otz Mountains. Surrounding the Valley Dor and the Lost Sea of Korus. Padwar. Lieutenant. Panthan. A soldier of fortune. Parthak. The Zodangan who brought food to John Carter in the pits of Zat Arras. (See THE GODS OF MARS.) Pedestal of Truth. Within the courtroom of Helium. Phaidor. Daughter of Matai Shang. (See THE GODS OF MARS.) Pimalia. Gorgeous flowering plant. Plant men of Barsoom. A race inhabiting the Valley Dor. They are ten or twelve feet in height when standing erect; their arms are very short and fashioned after the manner of an elephant's trunk, being sinuous; the body is hairless and ghoulish blue except for a broad band of white which encircles the protruding, single eye, the pupil, iris and ball of which are dead white. The nose is a ragged, inflamed, circular hole in the centre of the blank face, resembling a fresh bullet wound which has not yet commenced to bleed. There is no mouth in the head. With the exception of the face, the head is covered by a tangled mass of jet-black hair some eight or ten inches in length. Each hair is about the thickness of a large angleworm. The body, legs and feet are of human shape but of monstrous proportions, the feet being fully three feet long and very flat and broad. The method of feeding consists in running their odd hands over the surface of the turf, cropping off the tender vegetation with razor-like talons and sucking it up from two mouths, which lie one in the palm of each hand. They are equipped with a massive tail about six feet long, quite round where it joins the body, but tapering to a flat, thin blade toward the end, which trails at right angles to the ground. (See THE GODS OF MARS.) Prince Soran. Overlord of the navy of Ptarth. Ptarth. A Martian kingdom. Ptor. Family name of three Zodangan brothers. Sab Than. Prince of Zodanga. (See A PRINCESS OF MARS.) Safad. A Martian inch. Sak. Jump. Salensus Oll. Jeddak of Okar. (See THE WARLORD OF MARS.) Saran Tal. Carthoris' major-domo. Sarkoja. A green Martian woman. (See A PRINCESS OF MARS.) Sator Throg. A Holy Thern of the Tenth Cycle. Shador. Island in Omean used as a prison. Silian. Slimy reptiles inhabiting the Sea of Korus. Sith. Hornet-like monster. Bald-faced and about the size of a Hereford bull. Has frightful jaws in front and mighty poisoned sting behind. The eyes, of myriad facets, cover three-fourths of the head, permitting the creature to see in all directions at one and the same time. (See THE WARLORD OF MARS.) Skeel. A Martian hardwood. Sola. A young green Martian woman. Solan. An official of the palace. Sompus. A kind of tree. Sorak. A little pet animal among the red Martian women, about the size of a cat. Sorapus. A Martian hardwood. Sorav. An officer of Salensus Oll. Tal. A Martian second. Tal Hajus. Jeddak of Thark. Talu. Rebel Prince of Marentina. Tan Gama. Warhoon warrior. Tardos Mors. Grandfather of Dejah Thoris and Jeddak of Helium. Tario. Jeddak of Lothar. Tars Tarkas. A green man, chieftain of the Tharks. Temple of Reward. In Helium. Tenth Cycle. A sphere, or plane of eminence, among the Holy Therns. Thabis. Issus' chief. Than Kosis. Jeddak of Zodanga. (See A PRINCESS OF MARS.) Thark. City and name of a green Martian horde. Thoat. A green Martian horse. Ten feet high at the shoulder, with four legs on either side; a broad, flat tail, larger at the tip than at the root which it holds straight out behind while running; a mouth splitting its head from snout to the long, massive neck. It is entirely devoid of hair and is of a dark slate colour and exceedingly smooth and glossy. It has a white belly and the legs are shaded from slate at the shoulders and hips to a vivid yellow at the feet. The feet are heavily padded and nailless. (See A PRINCESS OF MARS.) Thor Ban. Jed among the green men of Torquas. Thorian. Chief of the lesser Therns. Throne of Righteousness. In the court-room of Helium. Throxus. Mightiest of the five oceans. Thurds. A green horde inimical to Torquas. Thuria. The nearer moon. Thurid. A black dator. Thuvan Dihn. Jeddak of Ptarth. Thuvia. Princess of Ptarth. Torith. Officer of the guards at submarine pool. Torkar Bar. Kaolian noble; dwar of the Kaolian Road. Torquas. A green horde. Turjun. Carthoris' alias. Utan. A company of one hundred men (military). Vas Kor. A Dusarian noble. Warhoon. A community of green men; enemy of Thark. Woola. A Barsoomian calot. Xat. A Martian minute. Xavarian. A Helium warship. Xodar. Dator among the First Born. Yersted. Commander of the submarine. Zad. Tharkian warrior. Zat Arras. Jed of Zodanga. Zithad. Dator of the guards of Issus. (See THE GODS OF MARS.) Zitidars. Mastodonian draught animals. Zodanga. Martian city of red men at war with Helium. Zode. A Martian hour.

Thuvia, Maid of Mars - 31/31

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