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- Catalogue of British Columbia Birds - 2/19 -

17. California Murre, Guillemot.

_Uria troile californica_ (Bryant).

A resident along the coast of Vancouver Island and Mainland. Breeds on West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Order LONGIPENNES. Long-winged Swimmers.

Family STERCORARIIDÆ. Skuas and Jaegers.


18. Pomarine Jaeger.

_Stercorarius pomariuus_ (Temm.).

One specimen taken near Victoria, October 22nd, 1898.

19. Parasitic Jaeger.

_Stercorarius parasiticus_ (Linn.).

One specimen taken at Victoria by Wm. L. Gilchrist, November, 1897. Another specimen was taken at Comox by A. C. Brooks, September 12th, 1903.

20. Long-tailed Jaeger.

_Stercorarius longicaudus_ (Vieill.).

Once shot and several times seen at Sumas Lake, September, 1890. (_Brooks_).

Family LARIDÆ. The Gulls and Terns.


21. Ivory Gull. Snow Gull.

_Pagophila alba_ (Gunn.).

One specimen shot at Dease Lake, Cassiar, by James Porter, September, 1889. Another specimen was shot at Okanagan Lake in November, 1897, by Mr. J. T. Studley, and presented to the Museum. Mr. A. C. Brooks also reports it from Okanagan.

RISSA Stephens.

22. Pacific Kittiwake.

_Rissa tridactyla pollicaris_ (Ridgw.).

Taken near Discovery Island, January, 1896, by W. Lindley, and at Queen Charlotte Islands by Dr. C. F. Newcombe, September, 1895.

LARUS Linnæus.

23. Glaucous-winged Gull.

_Larus glaucesceus_ (Naum.).

An abundant resident on the coast; breeds on some of the islands in the Gulf of Georgia. Mr. Brooks reports it from Okanagan Lake.

24. Western Gull.

_Larus occidentalis_ (Aud.).

An abundant resident on the coast during the winter months. Taken at Chilliwhack. (_A. C. Brooks_.) Breeds in Similkameen Valley. (_Fannin_.)

25. American Herring Gull.

_Larus argentatus smithsonianus_ (Coues.).

An abundant resident on the coast. It breeds on the coast and in the interior of Mainland. Common at Metlakatla. (_Rev. J. H. Keen_.) Chilliwhack and Okanagan. (_Brooks_.)

26. California Gull.

_Larus californicus_ (Lawr.).

A common winter resident on the coast. Common in the Lower Fraser Valley and on the Okanagan Lake in winter. (_Brooks_.)

27. Ring-billed Gull.

_Larus delawarensis_ (Ord.).

Common along the coast of Vancouver Island and Mainland. Common in winter at Okanagan Lake and Chilliwhack. (_Brooks_.) Breeds in the Interior, especially to the northward. (_Fannin_.)

28. Short-billed Gull.

_Larus brachyrhynchus_ (Rich.).

Common winter resident along the coast of Vancouver Island and Mainland. Common in Lower Fraser Valley. (_Brooks_.) During the early part of May, 1891, I saw quite a number on the lakes of the Cariboo District, where it probably breeds. (_Fannin_.)

29. Heermann's Gull. White-headed Gull.

_Larus heermanni_ (Cass.).

Common along the southern coast of Vancouver Island during July and August. Taken at William Head in full plumage, June 28th, 1904, by Thos. Kermode.

30. Bonaparte's Gull.

_Larus philadelphia_ (Ord.).

An abundant resident throughout the Province, and found in great numbers about the inlets and rivers in March and April; it breeds in the interior of the Province. I have also seen it on the coast in June and July.

XEMA Leach.

31. Sabine's Gull.

_Xema sabinii_ (Sab.).

Taken at Okanagan Lake, September 9th, 1897. (_Brooks_.)

STERNA Linnæus.

32. Common Tern.

_Sterna hirundo_ (Linn.).

One specimen shot at Cowichan Gap by R. D. McClure, September 15th, 1896, and presented to the Museum.

33. Arctic Tern.

_Sterna paradisæa_ (Brunn.).

From Dease Lake south, through the interior of the Mainland to Okanagan Lake. Two specimens--one taken at Dease Lake by James Porter, and another shot at Okanagan Lake by A. C. Brooks, September, 1807.


34. Black Tern.

_Hydrochelidon nigra surinamensis_ (Gmel.).

Not common. I observed it at Okanagan, June, 1895. Taken at Sumas and Okanagan Lake by A. C. Brooks, Burrard Inlet, Eraser River and interior of Mainland. (_Fannin_.)

Order TUBINARES. Tube-nosed Swimmers.

Family DIOMEDEIDÆ. Albatrosses.


35. Black-footed Albatross.

_Diomedea nigripes_ (Aud.).

West Coast of Vancouver Island. (_Fannin_.) Rare at Queen Charlotte Islands. (_Rev. J. H. Keen_.) One specimen taken near Nanaimo, June 3th, 1904.

36. Short-tailed Albatross.

_Diomedea albatrus_ (Pall.)

In April, 1894, I found this species quite common in the Pacific Ocean, near Cape Beale.

Tolerably common on both coasts of Vancouver Island, but more abundant on the West Coast; a few have been taken in the straits off Victoria Harbour. (_Fannin_.)

Family PROCELLARIIDÆ. Fulmars & Shearwaters.

FULMARUS Stephens.

37. Pacific Fulmar.

_Fulmarus glacialis glupischa_ (Stejn.).

One specimen taken at Chemainus, Vancouver Island, November, 1895.

Catalogue of British Columbia Birds - 2/19

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