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- Catalogue of British Columbia Birds - 3/19 -



38. Black-vented Shearwater.

_Puffinus opisthomelas_ (Coues).

Not common; four specimens taken off Albert Head, October 24th, 1891.

39. Dark-bodied Shearwater.

_Puffinus griseus_ (Gmel.).

During the fall of 1895 Dr. C. F. Newcombe found this species common on the West Coast of Queen Charlotte Islands. Since then one was picked up dead on the beach near Victoria.

40. Slender-billed Shearwater.

_Puffinus tenuirostris_ (Temm.).

Not common; one specimen shot at William Head and presented to the Museum by T. Kermode, February 23rd, 1904.

OCEANODROMA Reichenbach.

41. Gray Fork-tailed Petrel.

_Oceanodroma furcata_ (Gmel.).

Found along both coasts of Vancouver Island, but more common on the Pacific Coast; a few have been taken in the Straits near Victoria. Very rare at Metlakatla; one picked up exhausted. (_Rev. J. H. Keen_.)

42. Leach's Fork-tailed Petrel. White-rumped Petrel.

_Oceanodroma leucorrhoa_ (Vieill.) Coues.

West Coast of Vancouver Island. Four specimens taken in Hecate Strait, July, 1904. One specimen found dead on beach off Beacon Hill, Victoria, November, 1893.

Order STEGANOPODES. Totipalmate Swimmers.

Family PHALACROCORACIDÆ. Cormorants.


43. White-crested Cormorant.

_Phalacrocorax dilophus cincinnatus_ (Brandt).

Common on both coasts of Vancouver Island and coast of Mainland, from Race Rocks to Alaska.

44. Brandt's Cormorant. Pencilled Cormorant.

_Phalacrocorax penicillatus_ (Brandt).

Two specimens were killed in the Straits, near Victoria, by D. E. Campbell, April 19th, 1897. Later in the month another specimen was found on the beach at Beacon Hill.

45. Violet-green Cormorant.

_Phalacrocorax pelagicus robustus_ (Ridgw.).

This is the most abundant Cormorant in the Province, and is found along both coasts of the Island, and has been taken as far north as Port Simpson. Breeds on islands close to Sidney Island. Common at Metlakatla. (_Rev. J. H. Keen_.)

Family PELECANIDÆ. Pelicans.


46. American White Pelican.

_Pelecanus erythrorhynchos_ (Gmel.).

Not common. Four specimens taken--Sicamous, October, 1890; Alexandria Bridge, September, 1895; Tranquille, August, 1897; Comox, September 8th, 1900. Mr. Brooks reports it from Chilliwhack and Okanagan. Said to breed in the Chilcotin country. (_Fannin_.)

47. California Brown Pelican.

_Pelecanus californicus_ (Ridgw.).

Not common. One specimen in the Museum killed at Race Rocks, January, 1897. Seen at Sumas Lake. (_Brooks_.)

Order ANSERES. Lamellirostral Swimmers.

Family ANATIDÆ. Mergansers, Ducks, Geese and Swans.


48. American Merganser.

_Merganser americanus_ (Cass.).

Found throughout the Province, have taken it on West Coast of Vancouver Island in May; also on Queen Charlotte Islands in July, 1895, I took four young birds. Brooks reports it found on Okanagan Lake all winter.

49. Red-breasted Merganser.

_Menganser serrator_ (Linn.).

Found distributed throughout the Province. I saw them at Sumas Lake May 17th, 1904. Rev. J. H. Keen says common at Metlakahtla, Chilliwhack and Okanagan. (_Brooks_.)

LOPHODYTES Reichenbach.

50. Hooded Merganser.

_Lophodytes cucullatus_ (Linn.).

This species is common throughout the Province and on the Pacific Coast. Brooks has taken it at Chilliwhack and Okanagan.

ANAS Linnæus.

51. Mallard.

_Anas boschas_ (Linn.).

An abundant resident throughout the Province; breeds in suitable localities throughout its range.


52. Gadwall. Gray Duck.

_Chaulelasmus strepera_ (Linn.).

Not common; a few have been taken near Victoria. Mr. Brooks reports it from Chilliwhack and Okanagan.

MARECA Stephens.

53. European Widgeon.

_Mareca penelope_ (Linn.).

Rare. Two specimens, one taken near Victoria February 9th, 1899, and another near Saanich.

54. American Widgeon. Baldpate.

_Mareca americana_ (Gmel.).

A common winter resident on the coast. Brooks reports it from Chilliwhack and Okanagan. Breeds on lakes on Cariboo Road above Clinton. (_Fannin_.)


55. Green-winged Teal.

_Nettion carolinensis_ (Gmel.).

An abundant resident, Breeds in the interior of the Mainland. Common on the coast throughout the winter. Rare on Queen Charlotte Islands. (_Rev. J. H. Keen_.)


56. Blue-winged Teal.

_Querquedula discors_ (Linn.).

Not common on the coast; a few are taken every year. Taken at Chilliwhack. (_Brooks_.)

57. Cinnamon Teal.

_Querquedula cyanoptera_ (Vieill.).

A summer visitor in the interior of the Province. Brooks has taken it at Chilliwhack and Okanagan.


58. Shoveller. Spoon-bill.

_Spatula clypeata_ (Linn.).

Catalogue of British Columbia Birds - 3/19

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