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- Catalogue of British Columbia Birds - 5/19 -

82. Brant.

_Branta bernicla glaucogastra_ (Brehm.).

Two specimens shot at Comox by A. C. Brooks, January 10th, 1904.

83. Black Brant.

_Branta nigricans_ (Lawr.).

An abundant winter resident on the Coast. In April, 1894. I saw them in great numbers off Barkley Sound migrating north.


84. Emperor Goose.

_Philacate canagica_ (Sevast.).

One specimen shot at Chemainus, December, 1894.

OLOR Wagler.

85. Whistling Swan.

_Olor columbianus_ (Ord.).

A winter resident on Vancouver Island and southern Mainland. Mr. Brooks records it from Chilliwhack and Okanagan.

86. Trumpeter Swan.

_Olor buccinator_ (Rich.).

I have only seen this bird at Deaso Lake, Cassiar. (_Fannin_.) Mr. Brooks has found it at Sumas and Okanagan.

Order HERODIONES. Herons, Ibises, etc.

Family IBIDIDÆ. Ibises.


87. White-faced Glossy Ibis.

_Plegadis guarauna_ (Linn.).

Only two specimens known to be taken in the Province, one on Salt Spring Island, the other at mouth of Fraser River. Check List of B. C. Birds, 1891. (_Fannin_.)

Family ARDEIDÆ. Herons and Bitterns.


88. American Bittern.

_Botaurus lentiginosus_ (Montag.).

Common throughout the greater portion of the Province. Breeds both east and west of Cascades.

ARDEA Linnæus.

89. Great Blue Heron.

_Ardea herodias_ (Linn.).

A common resident on the coast, and is quite common at Sumas Lake and Okanagan. Breeds throughout its range.

90. Northwest Coast Heron.

_Ardea herodias fannini_ (Chapman).

In August, 1895, I found this form, now named after the late John Fannin by Frank M. Chapman, quite common at Skidegate, Queen Charlotte Islands.

EGRETTA Forester.

91. Snowy Heron.

_Egretta candidissima_ (Gmel.).

Rare in British Columbia. Two specimens collected at Burrard Inlet, May, 1879. (_Fannin_.) One specimen is in the Museum.

Order PALUDICOLÆ. Cranes, Rails, etc.

Family GRUIDÆ. Cranes.

GRUS Pallas.

92. Little Brown Crane.

_Grus canadensis_ (Linn.).

Common, during migrations, throughout the Province.

93. Sandhill Crane.

_Grus mexicana_ (Mull.).

Common throughout the Province; it breeds in the interior of Mainland; numbers pass over Victoria in the spring and autumn migrations.

Family RALLIDÆ. Rails and Coots.

RALLUS Linnæus.

94. Virginia Rail.

_Rallus virginianus_ (Linn.).

Tolerably common on Island and Mainland; breeds close to Victoria. Brooks has taken it at Chilliwhack and Okanagan.

PORZANA Vieillot.

95. Carolina Rail. Sora.

_Porzana Carolina_ (Linn.).

Found on Vancouver Island and Mainland. Rev. J. H. Keen reports it very rare on Queen Charlotte Islands. Common east of Cascades. (_Fannin_.)

FULICA Linnæus.

96. American Coot. Mud-hen.

_Fulica americana_ (Gmel.).

A common resident on Island and Mainland; breeds throughout its range.

Order LIMICIOLÆ. Shore Birds.

Family PHALAROPODIDÆ. Phalaropes.


97. Red Phalarope.

_Crymophilus fulicarius_ (Linn.).

Taken at Clover Point, near Victoria, during migration.


98. Northern Phalarope.

_Phalaropus lobatus_ (Linn.).

Abundant along the coast of Island and Mainland in the spring and autumn. Brooks has taken it at Chilliwhack and Okanagan. Fannin has taken it at Burrard Inlet in July.


99. Wilson's Phalarope.

_Steganopus tricolor_ (Vieill.).

Taken at Chilliwhack by A. C. Brooks.

Family SCOLOPACIDÆ. Snipes, Sand-pipers, Etc.


100. Wilson's Snipe.

_Gallinago delicata_ (Ord.)

Common throughout the Province on Island and Mainland; breeds in the interior. Rev. J. H. Keen reports it common at Metlakatla.


101. Long-billed Dowitcher. Red-breasted Snipe.

_Macrorhamphus scolopaceus_ (Say.).

Tolerably abundant throughout the Province. I found it quite common at Clayoquot, West Coast Vancouver Island, in May, 1894. Fannin says breeds in the interior. Brooks has taken it at Chilliwhack. Fairly common at Metlakatla. (_Rev. J. H. Keen_.)

Catalogue of British Columbia Birds - 5/19

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