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- Cowboy Dave - 28/28 -

Molick did, but he was defeated, and then, as his son Len dared not return to the vicinity on account of the fire indictment, there came an unexpected turn to affairs.

"I hear Molick wants to sell out," said Pocus Pete, coming to the Bar U ranch house a few days after the defeat of the bully's father. "And he'll sell out cheap, too."

"Will he?" asked Mr. Bellmore. "Then I know some one who will buy."


"I will! Dave, I've been thinking for a long time of going into the cattle business. I think it will pay better than water engineering. I've been hoping for a chance to get a good ranch, and now that Molick's is on the market, I'm going to take it"

"Good!" cried Mr. Carson. "I'll have decent neighbors all around me then. And if you want any money, Mr. Bellmore--you and Dave--"

"Thanks, but I'm pretty well off. I've saved a bit. I think I'll invest it in Centre O, but I'm going to change the name, with your permission."

"What are you going to call it?" asked Dave. "Bar U-2. How does that strike you?"

"Fine!" Dave exclaimed.

"Couldn't be better!" declared Mr. Carson. "We'll combine the two ranches into a new one, and with the water supply we'll have there won't be a place in this country that can hold a candle to us. Shake!"

"Do you really mean it?" cried our hero, his eyes shining with delight.

"Sure I mean it," answered the man who had been a father to him, with much feeling.

"It's a fine thing to propose," put in our hero's newly-found brother. "A fine thing indeed."

"I've got to do it--to keep Dave by me," answered Mr. Carson.

"I'll stay--don't worry," answered the boy, with a happy grin.

And so it was arranged. The Bellmore brothers, as they were now called-- Dave and Benjamin--purchased the Molick ranch and it was added to the Carson holdings under a general partnership agreement. More cattle were purchased, and to-day the Bar U-2 is one of the finest ranches in the West. The water irrigation scheme, planned by Mr. Bellmore was a complete success, though when he took up ranching with Dave, another irrigation engineer succeeded to the managership. The Molicks--father and son-- disappeared, but most of the cowboys, with the exception of Whitey Wasson, were hired by Dave and his brother.

"Though if it hadn't been for Len and Whitey I might never have found you, Ben," said Dave, with shining eyes.

And that is the story of Cowboy Dave--a "nameless nobody" no longer--but an honored and respected member of the community. And Mr. Carson, who had no near kith or kin, has promised to make the Bellmore brothers his heirs.


Cowboy Dave - 28/28

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