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- Mastery of Self - 16/16 -

adopt the following as the permanent law of your thought-life:

I am, in every function of my body and every activity of my deeper self, entirely GENUINE, representing TRUTH, obeying LAW, loving BEAUTY, striving for GOODNESS, coming to HARMONY, possessed of POWER, GROWING to better things, full of HAPPINESS, eager to SERVE, a LIVING white life, and a Lover of all that is good.

If you will thoughtfully and believingly repeat this law twice a day say, for one hundred days, you will find life unfolding new meanings, fears fading and dying, and courage growing to real greatness.

8. IN THE MYSTERY OF THE SILENCE THE POWER OF REALIZATION BECOMES GREATEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE BECAUSE IN SUCH A STATE THE SELF MAKES ITS HIGH THOUGHTS A CONSCIOUS CLAIM ON ALL GOOD THINGS. The direct utility of the right thought-life is nowhere doubted. By this the psychic factor largely molds the body and influences its functions. Preceding methods or laws have all referred to the truth involved. But the law of direct realization is needed in order to complete the workings of the truth. By direct realization the self consciously claims the present benefit of the spirit or attitude of harmony. You may think of yourself as splendidly well and fearless: that is one thing-you REGARD yourself as in such conditions. And you may claim yourself NOW to be well and courageous: that is another thing--you TREAT yourself for health and fearlessness. When you think of your arm as moving, it does not necessarily move; you have merely entertained the idea. When you will your arm to move, you have claimed your power to move it and have realized the power--realized in actual thought that power. The difference would obtain if your arm were bound: you could still realize in thought the sense of movement. Realization of the Eternal Thoughts is a conscious claim in spirit and appropriation in spirit of the Thoughts as actual within yourself. Realization of benefits for health is a conscious holding of them in mind as present in you. One may in time acquire the fixed mood of realization, but it will assist you to bring about that mood if you will occasionally, say once a day, shut out all disturbances and alien thoughts and feelings, and try to come into communion with the White Life--go into the silence and, by quiet affirmation and sincere, trustful realization, claim the Universal Forces as your helpers in building up your physical tone and the spirit of courage. A sentence like the following may be used:

"Conscious of psychic uprightness in the white life, and of the beauty, utility and wonder of my physical being in its nature, and function, I now claim, and without doubt am receiving, the Universal Forces for my best tone and courage-spirit in all- improving health."

Mastery of Self - 16/16

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