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- Mastery of Self - 5/16 -

TWENTY-THIRD LAW: MAGNETIC CONSCIOUSNESS. Intense magnetic consciousness--without thought concerning it--secures, by its uplifting and stimulating influence, the greatest exaltation of personal powers when employed.

TWENTY-FOURTH LAW: MAGNETIC FAITH. A deep and vital faith in the certainty of magnetic success renders all latent and developed magnetism dynamic, if that faith is thrown into action.

TWENTY-FIFTH LAW: THE DEMAND IN USE. In the application of magnetism to any task, intense, persistent demand upon the Universal Forces swings them directly into the effort.

TWENTY-SIXTH LAW: THE AFFIRMATION IN USE. When, in the application of magnetism, one affirms, mentally, intensely, persistently, "_I_ AM RECEIVING AND EXERTING POWER," he unconsciously calls to aid all the success-elements and makes himself a center toward which the Universal Forces inevitably gravitate.

TWENTY-SEVENTH LAW: THE MAGNETIC TELESCOPE. The magnetic attitudes, faith, demand and affirmation, constitute a magnetic telescope through which the distant goal of success is magnified and all nearer obstacles, lures and irritating conditions are closed out of view.

TWENTY-EIGHTH LAW: MAGNETIC ACCUMULATIONS. Magnetism, through correct application to life, not only develops in the individual, but accumulates in his environment, and reacts beneficially without direct personal supervision.

TWENTY-NINTH LAW: THE PERSONAL ATMOSPHERE. The personal atmosphere exactly reflects the inner self, and it furnishes a perfect field for magnetic effectiveness only when the self and the body are clean and buoyantly healthy. [Footnote: See the small booklet, "The Personal Atmosphere."]

THIRTIETH LAW: SUBORDINATION OF PHYSICAL MAGNETISM. In the subordination of physical to psychic magnetism, each finds its greatest effectiveness--according to the relative development of both orders.

THIRTY-FIRST LAW: THE FIXED IDEA. Long-continued association with some fixed, great and attractive idea sets into operation certain deep, subconscious operations of the soul, which, for a time unrecognized and unmanifest in life, gradually and surely coordinate all individual powers thereto, induce a working of the whole system in harmony therewith, and finally emerge in the objective life and consciousness as a unified, actual dynamic force. The idea has swung the individual, has transformed him, has harmonized and intensified his faculties and his personal ether, has come to sovereignty in his personal atmosphere, and from there exerts a dynamic force upon other people and life's conditions.

This book has tried to saturate you with the idea of success coordinating with its necessary elements, and has thus endeavored to swing your whole being into mighty belief that large success is also for YOU.

If you have rushed through the lessons, you have failed to give the above great law its full opportunity. If you have abided with the book, patiently, confidently, energetically, taking plenty of time to work over into your practical life its teachings and directions, you have invoked that law, and, soon or late, you will find yourself a new soul and successful, provided you do not nullify the law by dropping out of your career the practical use of the lessons herein given.

You are now invited to assemble with these laws those that have been previously stated, and to make them guiding principles for life.

And you are finally urged to return to the first lesson and to repeat the work, greatly improved, through which you have passed.

If you cannot do this (or choose not to do so), you should at least constitute this book a permanent companion. You will find, as you refer to it from time to time, that many values have escaped you, that new values are constantly appearing, and that the volume is becoming more and more a friend and a guide. The principles and methods herein set forth should not be laid aside, at least permanently, nor forgotten, but should be worked into the very fibre of your being. You will then, and by so much, certainly demonstrate Success-Magnetism.

Many of our most persistent students have declared that this book GROWS ON THEM WITH EVERY READING. In revising its pages the author is more than ever satisfied that the volume is a great inspiration and of incalculable value to those who will make it, as designed, a Companion For Life. You will never uncover its enormous wealth.


Having pursued our work to the present point, little need be said on the application of the magnetic power. The culture of magnetism implies all along its address to life. If you have toiled for the goal you have used the results, and experience, the greatest of teachers, has instructed you in the art of employing the etheric talent.

A few suggestions are, nevertheless, now offered as indicators of the larger possible treatment,--remembering that our field is not general success alone, nor pure magnetism alone, but is the condensed subject, Success-Magnetism. You are, therefore, invited to observe the following considerations:


1. Magnetism entertains no unnecessary thought of evil concerning others.

2. It is altogether superior to low-minded revenge.

3. It never reveals personal embarrassment.

4. It permits no show of irritation.

5. It is incapable of losing temper.

6. It refuses to exhibit hostility.

7. It never admits, never discloses, defeat.

8. The magnetic person never shows indifference toward others.

9. Magnetism conceals the feelings of ridicule and contempt.

10. If you are magnetic, you never indulge in violence.

11. You neither look for slights and insults, nor do you feel them, unless they are persistently thrust upon you.

12. You are invited to resolve upon the increase of your circle of friends, and never to lose an opportunity of winning a well- wisher.

13. This means, of course, that you retain every friend secured, if possible in self-respect--which should not be unduly rigid.

14. The instant recognition of faces and recollection of names is intensely magnetic.

15. Magnetism ignores all caste distinctions, and is friendly toward all.

16. If you would be magnetic in personal relations, you must splendidly believe both in yourself and in other people.

17. The general magnetic attitude is a close compound of the magnetic thought and the success-thought, buoyant in hope and courage and bound together by the magnetic will.

18. In the use of this attitude, every obligation should be regarded as profoundly sacred. The magnetic person cannot be careless in this respect.

19. This book has all along insisted that magnetic success imperatively demands the life of highest honor.

20. Above all, you are again urged to banish from the inner self fear, worry, discouragement, depression, and every such enemy to peace and power. There is in your mind an UPPER LEVEL; LIVE IN THAT. When worry and the like appear, you will find them occupying the lower level and absorbing your attention. You should instantly force consciousness to the higher ground, expelling these enemies and holding up to the better mood. This is the one secret of victory over the king's foes. The author guarantees the remedy in any case that is not fit for the hospital.

21. In the conduct of life, the magnetic person sets before the mind a definite goal, either life-long or particular, and adheres thereto with bulldog pertinacity.

22. And he, therefore, wastes no values, but economizes all.

23. He saves part of his earnings; he carries his money in his pocket-book, not loosely.

24. But he has the wisdom to recreate, to rest the body, to ease the mind, to take needed breathing-spells for magnetic increase.


Let us finally understand. In applied magnetism, you simply harmonize the etheric states of others with those of yourself, and convey to them through the ethereal medium the purpose of your will. The FIRST condition of success here is agreeableness, the SECOND consists in tact and perseverance, the THIRD is will-power --not brutal will-force, but magnetic power of will.

In all application of magnetism to persons, you are urged to remember that your very first goal, always and preeminently, is an agreeable feeling within their minds. You should never try to induce a person to act your way until you have thoroughly established in him a good feeling toward yourself. This is the prime initial step. When such a condition has been secured, you

Mastery of Self - 5/16

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