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- AE in the Irish Theosophist - 53/53 -

and some are said to have remained there, and only a vacant form is left behind without the light in the eyes which marks the presence of a soul. I make no pretence of knowledge concerning the things which underlie their simple speech, but to me there seems to be for ever escaping from legend and folk-tale, from word and custom, some breath of a world of beauty I sigh for but am not nigh to as these are. I think if that strange woman could have found a voice for what was in her heart she would have completed her vague oracle somewhat as I have done:

There's a cure for all things in the well at Ballykeele, Where the scarlet cressets o'erhang from the rowan trees; There's a joy-breath blowing from the Land of Youth I feel, And earth with its heart at ease.

Many and many a sun-bright maiden saw the enchanted land With star-faces glimmer up from the druid wave: Many and many a pain of love was soothed by a faery hand Or lost in the love it gave.

When the quiet with a ring of pearl shall wed the earth And the scarlet berries burn dark by the stars in the pool, Oh, its lost and deep I'll be in the joy-breath and the mirth, My heart in the star-heart cool.

--September 15, 1897

AE in the Irish Theosophist - 53/53

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