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- POEMS - 1/52 -


by George P. Morris


Memoir The Deserted Bride The Main-Truck; Or, A Leap For Life Poetry The Croton Ode Fragment of an Indian Poem Land-Ho! Woodman, Spare that Tree The Cottager's Welcome Land of Washington The Flag of Our Union Lines After the Manner of Olden Time The Dream of Love I'm With You Once Again Oh, Would That She Were Here The Sword and the Staff The Chieftain's Daughter Thy Will Be Done Life in the West Song of Marion's Men Janet Morea Lisette My Mother's Bible The Dog-Star Rages Legend of the Mohawk The Ball-Room Belle We Were Boys Together Oh, Boatman, Haste Funeral Hymn O'er the Mountains Woman Rosabel Thy Tyrant Sway A Hero of the Revolution Rhyme and Reason: An Apologue Starlight Recollections Wearies My Love of My Letters? Fare Thee Well, Love Thou Hast Woven the Spell Bessie Bell The Day is Now Dawning, Love When Other Friends are Round Thee Silent Grief Love Thee, Dearest? I Love the Night The Miniature The Retort Lines on a Poet The Bacchanal Twenty Years Ago National Anthem I Love Thee Still Look From Thy Lattice, Love She Loved Him The Suitors St. Agnes' Shrine Western Refrain The Prairie on Fire The Evergreen The May-Queen Venetian Serenade The Whip-Poor-Will The Exile to His Sister Near the Lake Where Drooped the Willow The Pastor's Daughter Margaretta The Colonel The Sweep's Carol The Seasons of Love My Woodland Bride Oh, Think of Me My Bark is Out Upon the Sea Will Nobody Marry Me? The Star of Love Well-A-Day Not Married Yet Lady of England Oh, This Love Mary The Beam of Devotion The Welcome and Farewell 'Tis Now the Promised Hour The Songs of Home Masonic Hymn The Dismissed Lord of the Castle The Fallen Brave Song of the Troubadour Champions of Liberty The Hunter's Carol Washington's Monument The Sister's Appeal Song of the Reapers Walter Gay Grounds For Divorce Temperance Song Boat-Song Willie The Rock of the Pilgrims Years Ago The Soldier's Welcome Home The Origin of Yankee Doodle Lines on the Burial of Mrs. Mary L. Ward New-York in 1826 The Hero's Legacy What Can It Mean Where Hudson's Wave Au Revoir To My Absent Daughter Song of the Sewing Machine My Lady Waits For Me Music The Millionaire In Memory of Charles H. Sandford Seventy-Six A Parody The Stag-Hunt Deliver Us From Evil Union We Part For Ever Come to Me in Cherry Time On the Death of Mrs. Jessie Willis Thank God for Pleasant Weather The Master's Song The Missing Ship Jeannie Marsh Lucy Epitaph In Memory of John W. Francis, Jr Nature's Noblemen A Wall-Street Lyric King Cotton Words Adapted to a Spanish Melody Love in Exile To the Evening Star Welcome Home The Sycamore Shade Up the Hudson Only Thine Epigram on Reading Grim's Attack upon Clinton On Hearing that Morse Did Not Invent the Telegraph

Address for the Benefit of William Dunlop Address for the Benefit of J. Sheridan Knowles Address for the Benefit of Henry Placide

The Maid of Saxony: Or, Who's the Traitor? Ho! Hans!--Why, Hans! Rejoice! Rejoice! We're Safe and Sound The Life For Me is a Soldier's Life Confusion! Again Rejected! When I behold that Lowering Brow 'Tis a Soldier's Rigid Duty The Spring-Time of Love is Both Happy and Gay From My Fate There's No Retreating Lads and Lasses Trip Away All Hail the King! Home Sky, Stream, Moorland, and Mountain Dared These Lips My Sad Story Impart Fiery Mars, Thy Votary Hear Ah! Love is not a Garden-Flower The King, The Princes of the Court Victoria! Victoria! This Gloomy Cell is my Abode at Last Hark! 'Tis the Deep-Toned Midnight Bell Once, Mild and Gentle was my Heart The Gentle Bird on Yonder Spray That Law's the Perfection of Reason With Mercy Let Justice What Outrage More?--At Whose Command The Javelin From an Unseen Hand Rejoice! Our Loyal Hearts We Bring Our Hearts are Bounding with Delight

Notes The Deserted Bride The Croton Ode Woodman, Spare That Tree The Chieftain's Daughter Song of Marion's Men Janet McRea The Dog-Star Rages The Prairie on Fire The Sweep's Carol

POEMS - 1/52

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