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- POEMS - 52/52 -

of rhyme;" and another "as a picture of New York, and its belongings, a quarter of a century ago."

Stanza I (page 189.) "S. W." are the initials of my much lamented friend, the late Samuel Woodworth, Esq.

She whispers of coaches,/And lockets and broaches-- refers to the holiday-presents in vogue at the time.

Stanza II (page 190.) contains the name of an institution whose failure created great consternation on Wall street.

Stanza IV (page 190.) Gas-light was introduced into New York about that period, and the gas-burners were formed in the shapes here mentioned.

Stanza V (page 191.)

Seats on the Battery. At the time alluded to there were none; and there was incessant warfare between the press and the lessees of Castle Garden, which was finally settled by the interposition of the Common Council, who caused seats to be placed on the Battery for the accommodation of the public.

Stanza VI (page 191.) This stanza contains the names of the fashionable poets and editors of the day.

Stanza VII (page 192.) Lafayette visited New York during the administration of Governor Clinton. The stanza also alludes to the then-recent completion of the Erie Canal, and to the troubles in Greece, which occupied much of the public attention.

Stanza VIII (page 192.) The Bowery Theatre was built in 1826.

Stanza X (page 193.) The Garcia troupe were then performing at the Park Theatre, and they were the first that produced Italian operas in this country. The Kean Riot had recently occurred.

Stanza XI (page 193.) Names of the Museums and other shows, giants and Indians being then their principal attractions.

Stanza XII (page 194.) Descriptive of the manner in which the New Year was ushered in.

Stanza XIII (page 194.) The "New York Mirror" was one of the earliest periodicals devoted to American letters.

The Maid of Saxony (page 245.)

This Opera was first performed at the Park Theatre, on the 25th of May, 1842, and ran fourteen successive nights. It was entirely and completely successful, being nightly received with cheers.

POEMS - 52/52

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