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- VITTORIA - 16/16 -

your heels. Just see me; what a crumb feeds me! I am crying with delight at a marriage!"

The duchess clasped her fondly.

"It's not often one gets you so humble, my Laura."

"I am crying with delight at a marriage! Amalia, look at me: you would suppose it a mighty triumph. A marriage! two little lovers lying cheek to cheek! and me blessing heaven for its goodness! and there may be dead men unburied still on the accursed Custozza hill-top!"

Amalia let her weep. The soft affection which the duchess bore to her was informed with a slight touch of envy of a complexion that could be torn with tears one minute, and the next be fit to show in public. No other thing made her regard her friend as a southern--that is, a foreign- woman.

"Be patient," Laura said.

"Cry; you need not be restrained," said Amalia.

"You sighed."


"A sort of sigh. My fit's over. Carlo's marriage is too surprising and delicious. I shall be laughing presently. I hinted at his marriage-- I thought it among the list of possible things, no more--to see if that crystal pool, called Violetta d'Isorella, could be discoloured by stirring. Did you watch her face? I don't know what she wanted with Carlo, for she's cold as poison--a female trifler; one of those women whom I, and I have a chaste body, despise as worse than wantons; but she certainly did not want him to be married. It seems like a victory-- though we're beaten. You have beaten us, my dear!"

"My darling! it is your husband kisses you," said Amalia, kissing Laura's forehead from a full heart.


But is there such a thing as happiness Conduct is never a straight index where the heart's involved Deep as a mother's, pure as a virgin's, fiery as a saint's Foolish trick of thinking for herself Fortitude leaned so much upon the irony Grand air of pitying sadness Ironical fortitude Longing for love and dependence Love of men and women as a toy that I have played with Pain is a cloak that wraps you about She was sick of personal freedom Watch, and wait Went into endless invalid's laughter Why should these men take so much killing? You can master pain, but not doubt

VITTORIA - 16/16

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