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- Embers, Volume 2. - 3/8 -

And to the Daughter of that land, Which once was kin to mine, My Captain, he shall bear in hand This sacred bread and wine.

And he shall show her soft and fair This peace-spread sacrament: Her banner it shall ride the air Upon my Captain's tent.

And if the wine to lip she raise, With morsel of my bread; Then as we loved in ancient days, These lands of ours shall wed.

But mine the tribute. I will bring My homage to her door, My gentlemen behind their king, My Captain on before.

And we aslant will set our spears, Our good swords dipping free; And we will ravel back the years For love of her and me.

And I will prove my faith in this As never king was proved-- For kings may fight for what they kiss, And die for what they loved!

But I will bring my court afar, My throne to hers shall go; And I will reign beside the Var, And in the Vale of Loe.

The younger kingdom, it shall be The keeper of my crown; And she, my queen, shall reign with me Within her own good town.

And men shall speak me kind, shall tell Her graces day and night So bring my steed that serves me well, My robe of soft samite,

And bring me here the cup of gold, And bring the platter fair, And summon me my Captain old, That keeps the royal stair.

For well know I the way I go; I follow but my star: My home is in the Vale of Loe, And by the Sea of Var.


There is an orchard beyond the sea, And high is the orchard wall; And ripe is the fruit in the orchard tree-- Oh, my love is fair and tall!

There is an orchard beyond the sea, And joy to its haven hies; And a white hand opens its gate to me-- Oh, deep are my true love's eyes!

There is an orchard beyond the sea, Its flowers the brown bee sips; But the stateliest flower is all for me-- Oh, sweet are my true love's lips!

There is an orchard beyond the sea, Where the soft delights do roam; To the Great Delight I have bent my knee-- Oh, good is my true love's home!

There is an orchard beyond the sea, With a nest where the linnets hide; Oh, warm is the nest that is built for me- In my true love's heart I bide!


Heart of the World give heed, Tongues of the World be still! The richest grapes of the vine shall bleed Till the greeting-cup shall spill; The kine shall pause in the pleasant mead, The eagle upon the hill-- Heart of the World give heed!

Heart of the World break forth, Tongues of the World proclaim! There cometh a voice from out the North And a face of living flame-- A man's soul crying, Behold what worth Was life till her sweet soul came-- Heart of the World break forth!

Heart of the World be strong, Tongues of the World be wise! The White North glows with a morning song Or ever the red sun dies; For Love is summer and Love is long, And the good God 's in his skies-- Heart of the World be strong!



Poor as a sparrow was I, But I was saved like a king; I heard the death-bells ring, Yet I saw a light in the sky: And now to my Father I wing.


A little while I saw the world go by-- A little doorway that I called my own, A loaf, a cup of water, and a bed had I, A shrine of Jesus, where I knelt alone And now, alone, I bid the world good-bye.

THE FOOL I was a fool; nothing had I to know Of men, and naught to men had I to give. God gave me nothing; now to God I go, Now ask for pain, for bread, Life for my brain: dead, By God's love I shall then begin to live.

THE FIGHTER Blows I have struck, and blows a-many taken, Wrestling I've fallen, and I've rose up again; Mostly I've stood-- I've had good bone and blood; Others went down though fighting might and main. Now Death steps in, Death the price of sin: The fall it will be his; and though I strive and strain, One blow will close my eyes, and I shall never waken.


When the Four Winds, the Wrestlers, strive with the Sun, When the Sun is slain in the dark; When the stars burn out, and the night cries To the blind sea-reapers, and they rise, And the water-ways are stark-- God save us when the reapers reap! When the ships sweep in with the tide to the shore, And the little white boats return no more; When the reapers reap, Lord, give Thy sailors sleep, If Thou cast us not upon the shore, To bless Thee evermore To walk in Thy sight as heretofore, Though the way of the Lord be steep! By Thy grace, Show Thy face, Lord of the land and the deep!


As the wave to the shore, as the dew to the leaf, As the breeze to the flower,

Embers, Volume 2. - 3/8

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