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- A Lover's Diary, Volume 1. - 2/6 -

For ye shall find the Lodges of the Wise, The farthest Camp of the Delightful Fires, By marching two by two, not one by one."

--The King's Daughter.


As one would stand who saw a sudden light Flood down the world, and so encompass him And in that world illumined Seraphim Brooded above and gladdened to his sight;

So stand I in the flame of one great thought, That broadens to my soul from where she waits, Who, yesterday, drew wide the inner gates Of all my being to the hopes I sought.

Her words come to me like a summer-song, Blown from the throat of some sweet nightingale; I stand within her light the whole day long,

And think upon her till the white stars fail: I lift my head towards all that makes life wise, And see no farther than my lady's eyes.


Silence sits often on me as I touch Her presence; I am like a bird that hears A note diviner than it knows, and fears To share the larger harmony too much.

My soul leaps up, as to a sudden sound A long-lost traveller, when, by her grace, I learn of her life's sweetness face to face, And sweep the chords of sympathies profound.

Her regal nature calmly holds its height Above life's din, while moving in its maze. Unworthy thoughts would die within her sight,

And mean deeds creep to darkness from her gaze. Yet only in my dreams can I set down The word that gives her nobleness a crown.


Courage have I to face all bitter things, That start out darkly from the rugged path, Leading to life's achievement; not God's wrath Would sit so heavy when my lady sings.

I did not know what life meant till I felt Her hand clasp mine in compact to the end; Till her dear voice said, "See, I am your friend!" And at her feet, amazed, my spirit knelt.

And yet I spoke but hoarsely then my thought, I groped amid a thousand forces there; Her understanding all my meaning caught,

It was illumined in her atmosphere. She read it line by line, and then there fell The curtain on the shrine-and it is well.


Just now a wave of perfume floated up To greet my senses as I broke the seal Of her short letter; and I still can feel It stir me as a saint the holy cup.

The missive lies there,--but a few plain words: A thought about a song, a note of praise, And social duties such as fill the days Of women; then a thing that undergirds

The phrases like a psalm: a line that reads- "I wish that you were coming!" Why, it lies Upon my heart like blossoms on the skies,

Like breath of balm upon the clover meads. The perfumed words soothe me into a dream; My thoughts float to her on the scented stream.


None ever climbed to mountain heights of song, But felt the touch of some good woman's palm; None ever reached God's altitude of calm, But heard one voice cry, "Follow!" from the throng.

I would not place her as an image high Above my reach, cold, in some dim recess, Where never she should feel a warm caress Of this my hand that serves her till I die.

I would not set her higher than my heart,-- Though she is nobler than I e'er can be; Because she placed me from the crowd apart,

And with her tenderness she honoured me. Because of this, I hold me worthier To be her kinsman, while I worship her.


O marvel of our nature, that one life Strikes through the thousand lives that fold it round, To find another, even as a sound Sweeps to a song through elemental strife!

Through cycles infinite the forces wait, Which destiny has set for union here; No circumstance can warp them from their sphere; They meet sometime; and this is God and Fate.

And God is Law, and Fate is Law in use, And we are acted on by some deep cause, Which sanctifies "I will" and "I refuse,"

When Love speaks--Love, the peaceful end of Laws. And I, from many conflicts over-past, Find here Love, Law, and God, at last.


High as the eagle builds his lonely nest Above the sea, above the paths of man, And makes the elements his barbican, That none may break the mother-eagle's rest;

So build I far above all human eyes My nest of love; Heaven's face alone bends down To give it sunlight, starlight; while is blown A wind upon it out of Paradise.

None shall affright, no harm may come to her, Whom I have set there in that lofty home: Love's eye is sleepless; I could feel the stir

E'en of God's cohorts, if they chanced to come. I am her shield; I would that I might prove How dear I hold the lady of my love.

WHEN thou makest a voyage to the stars, go thou blindfolded; and carry not a sword, but the sandals of thy youth. --Egyptian Proverb.

SEEK thou the Angel of the Cross Roads ere thou goest upon a journey, and she will give thee wisdom at the Four Corners. --Egyptian Proverb.


A Lover's Diary, Volume 1. - 2/6

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