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- The Weavers, Volume 2. - 24/24 -

then Kaid added with a voice of grief: "Peace be upon thee, Zaida. Life is but a spark. If death comes not to-day, it will tomorrow, for thee-- for me. Inshallah, peace be upon thee!"

She opened her eyes and looked at him. Seeing what was in his face, they lighted with a great light for a moment.

"And upon thee peace, O my lord, for ever and for ever!" she said softly, and, turning, left the court-yard, followed at a distance by Mahommed Hassan.

Kaid remained motionless looking after her.

David broke in on his abstraction. "The army at sunrise--thou wilt speak to it, Effendina?"

Kaid roused himself. "What shall I say?" he asked anxiously.

"Tell them they shall be clothed and fed, and to every man or his family three hundred piastres at the end."

"Who will do this?" asked Kaid incredulously. "Thou, Effendina--Egypt and thou and I."

"So be it," answered Kaid.

As they left the court-yard, he said suddenly to an officer behind him:

"The caravan to the Place of Lepers--add to the stores fifty camel-loads this year, and each year hereafter. Have heed to it. Ere it starts, come to me. I would see all with mine own eyes."


Aiwa----Yes. Allah hu Achbar----God is most Great. Al'mah----Female professional singers, signifying "a learned female." Ardab----A measure equivalent to five English bushels.

Backsheesh----Tip, douceur. Balass----Earthen vessel for carrying water. Bdsha----Pasha. Bersim----Clover. Bismillah----In the name of God. Bowdb----A doorkeeper.

Dahabieh----A Nile houseboat with large lateen sails. Darabukkeh----A drum made of a skin stretched over an earthenware funnel. Dourha----Maize.

Effendina----Most noble. El Azhar----The Arab University at Cairo.

Fedddn----A measure of land representing about an acre. Fellah----The Egyptian peasant.

Ghiassa----Small boat.

Hakim----Doctor. Hasheesh----Leaves of hemp.

Inshallah----God willing.

Kdnoon----A musical instrument like a dulcimer. Kavass----An orderly. Kemengeh----A cocoanut fiddle. Khamsin----A hot wind of Egypt and the Soudan.

Kourbash----A whip, often made of rhinoceros hide.

La ilaha illa-llah----There is no deity but God.

Malaish----No matter. Malboos----Demented. Mastaba----A bench. Medjidie----A Turkish Order. Mooshrabieh----Lattice window. Moufettish----High Steward. Mudir----The Governor of a Mudirieh, or province. Muezzin----The sheikh of the mosque who calls to prayer.

Narghileh----A Persian pipe. Nebool----A quarter-staff.

Ramadan----The Mahommedan season of fasting.

Saadat-el-bdsha----Excellency Pasha. Sdis----Groom. Sakkia----The Persian water-wheel. Salaam----Eastern salutation. Sheikh-el-beled----Head of a village.

Tarboosh----A Turkish turban.

Ulema----Learned men.

Wakf----Mahommedan Court dealing with succession, etc. Welee----A holy man or saint.

Yashmak----A veil for the lower part of the face. Yelek----A long vest or smock.


Begin to see how near good is to evil But the years go on, and friends have an end Does any human being know what he can bear of temptation Heaven where wives without number awaited him Honesty was a thing he greatly desired--in others How little we can know to-day what we shall feel tomorrow How many conquests have been made in the name of God One does the work and another gets paid To-morrow is no man's gift We want every land to do as we do; and we want to make 'em do it

The Weavers, Volume 2. - 24/24

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