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- The Army of the Cumberland - 40/43 -

No wonder that General Grant failed to appreciate this movement at the time, not understanding the troops who had it in charge. When he found these commands ascending the ridge to capture it when he ordered a "demonstration" to be made to the foot of the hill and there to wait, he turned sharply to General Thomas and asked, "By whose orders are those troops going up the hill?" General Thomas, taking in the situation at once, suggested that it was probably their own. General Grant remarked that "it was all right if it turned out all right," and added, "if not, some one would suffer." But it turned out "all right," and Grant in his official report compliments the troops for "following closely the retreating enemy without further orders." General Thomas, in his official report, after narrating the events of the 23d 24th, and 25th of November, quietly says: "It will be seen by the above report that the original plan of operations was somewhat modified to meet and take the best advantage of emergencies which necessitated material modifications of that plan. It is believed, however, that the original plan had it been carried out could not possibly have led to more successful results."

Appendix A.

Organization of the Fourteenth Army Corps, Dept. of the Cumberland.

Major-General W. S. Rosecrans, Commanding.

December 20, 1862.


Major-General Geo. H. Thomas.

First Division.

Brigadier-General S. S. Fry.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Col. M. B. Walker, 82d Ind., 12th Ky., 17th O., 31st O., 38th O. SECOND BRIGADE.--Col. J. M. Harlan, 10th Ind., 74th Ind., 4th Ky., 10th Ky., 14th O. THIRD BRIGADE.--Brig.-General J. B. Steedman, 87th Ind., 2d Minn., 9th O., 35th O., 18th U.S. ARTILLERY.--4th Mich. Battery, 1st O. Battery "C.," 4th U.S. Battery "L"

Third Division.

Brigadier-General L. H. Rousseau.

NINTH BRIGADE.--Col. B. F. Scribner, 38th Ind., 2d O., 33d O., 94th O., 10th Wis. SEVENTEENTH BRIGADE.--Col. J. G. Jones, 42d Ind., 88th Ind., 15th Ky., 3d O., 10th O. TWENTY-EIGHTH BRIGADE.--Col. H. A. Hambright, 24th Ill., 79th Penn., 1st Wis., 21st Wis. ARTILLERY.--4th Ind. Battery, 5th Ind. Battery, 1st Ky., 1st Mich. Battery "A." CAVALRY.--2d Ky. (Battalion), 11th Ky. (Detachment), 4th Ind. (Detachment).

Eighth Division.

Brigadier-General J. S. Negley.

SEVENTH BRIGADE.--Col. John F. Miller, 37th Ind., 78th Penn., 21st O., 74th O., Independent Battalion, Capt. Casey. TWENTY-NINTH BRIGADE.--Col. T. R. Stanley, 19th Ill., 11th Mich., 18th O., 69th O. ARTILLERY.--1st Ky. Battery "B.," 1st O. Battery "G.," 1st O. Battery "M." CAVALRY.--7th Penn., 1st Tenn.

Seventh Division.

Brigadier-General J. M. Palmer.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Col. G. W. Roberts, 22d Ill., 27th Ill., 42d Ill., 51st Ill. SECOND BRIGADE.--Brig.-General J. D. Morgan, 10th Ill., 16th Ill., 60th Ill., 10th Mich., 14th Mich. ARTILLERY.--1st Ill. Battery "C.," 10th Wis. Battery. CAVALRY.--7th Ill. Co. "C."

Twelfth Division.

Brigadier-General E. Dumont.

FORTIETH BRIGADE.--Col. A. O. Miller, 98th Ill., 72d Ind., 75th Ind. --- BRIGADE.--Gen. W. T. Ward, 102d Ill., 105th Ill., 70th Ind., 79th O. ARTILLERY.--18th Ind. Battery. CAVALRY.--4th Ind. (Detachment), 7th Ky., 11 Ky. (Detachment).


Major-General A. McD. McCook.

Second Division.

Brigadier-General J. W. Sill.

FOURTH BRIGADE.--Col. Buckley, 6th Ind., 5th Ky., 1st O., 93d O., 18th U.S., 19th U.S. FIFTH BRIGADE.--Col. E. N. Kirk, 34th Ill., 79th Ill., 29th Ind., 30th Ind., 77th Penn. SIXTH BRIGADE.--Brig.-General Willich, 89th Ill., 32d Ind., 39th Ind., 15th O., 49th O. ARTILLERY.--1st O. Battery "A.," 1st O. Battery "E.," 5th U.S. Battery "L." CAVALRY.--2d Ky. (2 Cos).

Ninth Division.

Brigadier-General J. C. Davis.

THIRTIETH BRIGADE.*--59th Ill., 74th Ill., 75th Ill., 22nd Ind. THIRTY-FIRST BRIGADE.*--21st Ill., 38th Ill., 101st O., 15th Wis. THIRTY-SECOND BRIGADE.*--25th Ill., 35th Ill., 81st Ind., 8th Kan. ARTILLERY.--2d Minn. Battery, 5th Wis. Battery, 8th Wis. Battery.

Eleventh Division.

Brigadier-General P. H. Sheridan.

THIRTY-FIFTH BRIGADE.--Col. F. Schaefer, 44th Ill., 72d Ill., 2d Mo., 15th Mo. THIRTY-SIXTH BRIGADE.--Col. Moore, 85th Ill., 86th Ill., 125th Ill., 52d O. THIRTY-SEVENTH BRIGADE.--Col. N. Grensel, 36th Ill., 88th Ill., 21st Mich., 24th Wis. ARTILLERY.--2d Ill. Battery "I.," 1st Mo. Battery "G." CAVALRY.--2d Ky. Co. "L."


Major-General T. L. Crittenden.

Fourth Division.

Brigadier-General W. S. Smith.

TENTH BRIGADE.--Col W. Grose, 84th Ill., 36th Ind., 23d Ky., 6th O., 24th O. NINETEENTH BRIGADE.--Col. W. B. Hazen, 110th Ill., 9th Ind., 6th Ky., 41st O. TWENTY-SECOND BRIGADE.--Col. Enyart, 31st Ind., 1st Ky., 2d Ky., 20th Ky., 90th O. ARTILLERY.+--Capt. Standart.

Fifth Division.

Brigadier-General H. P. Van Cleve.

ELEVENTH BRIGADE.--Col. Sam'l Beatty, 79th Ind., 9th Ky., 19th O., 59th O. FOURTEENTH BRIGADE.--Col. J. P. Fyffe, 44th Ind., 86th Ind., 11th Ky., 18th O. TWENTY-THIRD BRIGADE.--Col. S. Matthews, 35th Ind., 8th Ky., 21st Ky., 51st O., 99th O. Artillery.+--Capt. G. R. Swallow.

Sixth Division.

Brigadier-General M. S. Hascall.

FIFTEENTH BRIGADE.--Col. G. P. Buell, 100th Ill., 17th Ind., 58th Ind., 3d Ky., 26th O. TWENTIETH BRIGADE.--Col. C. G. Harker, 51st Ind., 72d Ind., 13th Mich., 64th O., 65th O. TWENTY-FIRST BRIGADE.--Col. G. D. Wagner, 15th Ind., 40th Ind., 57th Ind., 97th O. ARTILLERY.+--Maj. S. Race.


Brigadier-General Stanley.

First Division.

Colonel Kennett.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Col. E. H. Murray, 2d Ind., 1st Ky., 3d Ky., 4th Ky., 4th Mich., 7th Penn. SECOND BRIGADE.--Col. L. Zahm, 5th Ky., 1st O., 3d O., 4th O., 1st O. Artillery, Batter "D."


1st Mich. Engineers, 9th Mich. (Detach.), 3d E. Tenn., 6th E. Tenn., 15th Penn. Cavalry, 4th U.S. Cavalry (Detach.), Signal Corps, Stokes' Ill. Battery.


BOWLING GREEN, KY.--Brig.-Gen. Granger, 129th Ill., 26th Ky., 23d Mich., 102d O., 111th O., 4th Ky. Cavalry. NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Brig.-Gen. R. B. Mitchell, 1st Mid. Tenn., 11th Ind. Battery, 12th Ind. Battery, 1st Mich. Artillery, 5th Battery. 3d Ind. Cavalry (1 Co.)

---* Brigade commanders not indicated on return. + Batteries not indicated on return.

The Army of the Cumberland - 40/43

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