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- Early Plays - 50/50 -

OLAF. But sometime you will surely visit us here! Now shall 'mid the birches a hall be erected; Here, my Alfhild! shall you be protected. I and my love will always be near, No more shall your eye be dimmed with a tear!

ALFHILD. Yes, now I see,--life is precious and kind! Rich as the fairest dream of the mind! So dreary and black is never our sorrow,-- 'Tis followed sometime by a bright sunny morrow!

ALFHILD. [Kneels.] O angels of God! you have led me aright, Again you have granted me solace and bliss! You guided my wandering past the abyss, You steadied my foot that was weak and slight! O, if with my mind I cannot understand,-- With my heart I'll believe to the last! Yes, heavenly powers! You still watch o'er the land! Clear is the sun when the dark storm is passed;-- From death and destruction my love did you save: So now then let happen what may! For now I am cheerful, now am I brave, Ready for life and its motley affray!

ALFHILD. [With a glance at OLAF.] And when we at length--

[She pauses and stretches her arms above her head.]

ALFHILD. by the angels of love Are borne to our home in the heavens above!

[The rest have formed a group around her; the curtain falls.]

Early Plays - 50/50

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