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- Inns and Taverns of Old London - 40/42 -

Goueh, Daniel Grant, Andrew Gray, Thomas Grecian coffee-house Green, J. R. Green Ribbon Club Gregorie, Robert Gresham, Sir Thomas Grimes, Jack Guardian, The Guildhall Museum Gwynne, Nell Hackman, James Hal, Prince Hales, John Hales, Robert Halifax, Earl of Hall, Jacob Halley Professor Hamilton, Lord Spencer Hand and Shears tavern Handel, George Frederick Hanover Club Harley, Edward, Earl of Oxford Harper, Bishop Harrington, James Harvard, John Haslam, Dr Hawkins, Sir John Henry II Henry III Henry IV Henry V Henry VI Henry VIII Herrick, Robert Hill, Aaron Hill, Dr. John Hobson, Thomas Hogarth, William Holborn, inns of Holland, Lord Horden, Hildebrand Horn tavern Horseshoe tavern Horseshoe tavern, Covent Garden Howard, Lord Howard, Major-General Howard, Sir John Howell. James. "Familiar Letters" of Hughes, Mr Hummums tavern Humphries, Miss "Humphry Clinker" Hunt's, Leigh, "The Town" Hyde, Abbot of Hyde, Lady Inspector, The Irving, Washington Jacobites Ja-mes I James III Jay, Cyrus Jerusalem coffee-house Jessop's Jonathan's coffee-house John's coffee-house Johnson, Dr. Samuel Jones, Sir William Jones, William Jonson, Ben Keate, Roger Keats, John Kenrick, William Kensington, South, Museum Keyse Thomas Killigrew, Harry King's coffee-house King, Thomas King's Head tavern, Penchurch Street King's Head tavern, Fleet Street King John's Palace Kingston, Lord King Street, Westminster, taverns of Kit-Cat Club Kit-Cat portraits Knapp, Mrs. Lacy, James Laguerre, Louis Lamb, Charles Lambe, John Lambert, George Langton, Bennet Lee, Sidney Leg tavern Leslie, Charles Robert Lill, William Lincolnshire, Fens of Lion's Head at Button's coffee-house "Lives of the English Poets" Lloyd, Charles Lloyd's coffee-house Lloyd, Edward Lloyd, Sir Philip Locket's Locket, Adam Locket, Mrs. Lockier, Francis London Bridge London coffee-house London, Fire of London, Plague of London tavern Long's tavern Lonsdale, Earl of Loughborough, Lady Loughborough, Lord Louis XVI Lowe, Thomas Lowell, J. R. Lowther, Sir James Lunsford, Colonel Lupton, Donald Lyttelton, Lord Macaulay, Lord "Mac Fleoknoe" Macklin, Charles Mackreth, Robert Maiden Lane taverns Malone, Edmund Man, Alexander Man's coffee-house Manchester, Lady Marlborough, Duchess of Marvell, Andrew Marylebone Gardens Maxwell, Dr. Medici, Mary de Melford, Lydia Mermaid tavern, Cheapside Mermaid tavern, Cornhill "Mermaid Tavern, Lines on," Miles's coffee-house Mitre tavern, Cheapside Mitre tavern, Fenchurch Street Mitre tavern, Fleet Street Monmouth, Duke of Montagu, Captain Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Mrs. More, Hannah Morris, Captain Mounsey, Dr. Mozart, W. A. Nag's Head tavern, Cheapside Nag's Head tavern, Drury Lane Nando's coffee-house Nash, Beau Newport, Young New Spring Gardens Newton, Sir Isaac Norfolk, Duke of North, Dudley North, Lord Northumberland, Duke of Nottinghamshire Club Oates, Titus Observer, The "Oceana" October Club Oldisworth, William Orford, Lord Ormonde, Marquis of Oxford, Earl of Pall Mall taverns Pantheon, The "Paradise Lost," Paris Garden Paterson, James Pellett, Dr. Pembroke, Earl of Pepys, Mrs. Pepys, Samuel Percy, Dr. Petres, Lord Philips, Ambrose Phillips, Sir Richard "Pickmick Papers," Pierce, Mrs. Pie-Powder Court Pindar, Sir Paul Pindar, Sir Paul, tavern Pindar, Peter Pitt, Colonel Pitt's Head tavern Pitt, William Poins Pontack's Pope, Alexander Pope's Head tavern

Inns and Taverns of Old London - 40/42

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