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- The Life of George Borrow - 90/90 -

{453a} "Sherry drinkers, . . . I often heard him say in a tone of positive loathing, he DESPISED. He had a habit of speaking in a measured syllabic manner, if he wished to express dislike or contempt, which was certainly very effective. He would say: 'If you want to have the Sherry TANG, get Madeira (that's a gentleman's wine), and throw into it two or three pairs of old boots, and you'll get the taste of the pig skins they carry the Sherry about in."--Rev. J. R. P. Berkeley's Recollections. The Life of George Borrow, by Dr Knapp.

{456a} Life of Frances Power Cobbe, by Herself, 1894.

{459a} The Geologist, 1797-1875.

{459b} The Life of Frances Power Cobbe, by Herself, 1894.

{460a} Charles Godfrey Leland, by E. R. Pennell, 1908

{460b} Memoirs, by C. G. Leland, 1893.

{461a} In her biography of Leland, Mrs Pennell states that an American woman, a Mrs Lewis ("Estelle") introduced Leland to Borrow at the British Museum and that they talked Gypsy. "I hear he expressed himself as greatly pleased with me," was Leland's comment. The correspondence clearly shows that Leland called on Borrow.

{461b} Memoirs of C. G. Leland, 1893.

{461c} Memoirs of C. G. Leland, 1893.

{462a} Leland's annoyance with Borrow did not prevent him paying to his memory the following tribute:-

"What I admire in Borrow to such a degree that before it his faults or failings seem very trifling, is his absolutely vigorous, marvellously varied originality, based on direct familiarity with Nature, but guided and cultured by the study of natural, simple writers, such as Defoe and Smollett. I think that the 'interest' in, or rather sympathy for gypsies, in his case as in mine, came not from their being curious or dramatic beings, but because they are so much a part of free life, of out-of-doors Nature; so associated with sheltered nooks among rocks and trees, the hedgerow and birds, river- sides, and wild roads. Borrow's heart was large and true as regarded English rural life; there was a place in it for everything which was of the open air and freshly beautiful."--Memoirs of C. G. Leland, 1893.

{462b} Romano Lavo-Lil. Word-Book of the Romany, or English Gypsy Language. With Specimens of Gypsy Poetry, and an Account of Certain Gypsyries or Places Inhabited by Them, and of Various Things Relating to Gypsy Life in England.

{462c} "There were not two educated men in England who possessed the slightest knowledge of Romany."--F. H. Groome in Academy,--13th June 1874.

{463a} F. H. Groome in Academy, 13th June 1874.

{463b} Ibid

{464a} The Athenaeum, 17th March 1888.

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{467a} William Bodham Donne and His Friends. Edited by Catherine B. Johnson, 1905.

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{469b} Mr A. Egmont Hake, in The Athenaeum, 13th Aug. 1881.

{470a} The Life of George Borrow, by Dr Knapp.

{470b} East Anglia, by J. Ewing Ritchie, 1883.

{470c} George Borrow in East Anglia

{473a} W. E. Henley.

{474a} The Athenaeum, 25th March 1899.

{474b} Many attacks have been made upon Borrow's memory: one well- known man of letters and divine has gone to lengths that can only be described as unpardonable. It is undesirable to do more than deplore the lapse that no doubt the writer himself has already deeply regretted.

{474c} Memoirs of Eighty Years, 1892.

{475a} Mr A. Egmont Hake in The Athenaeum, 13th August 1881.

{475b} In The Bible in Spain. "Next to the love of God, the love of country is the best preventative of crime." (Page 53.)

{475c} The Bible in Spain, page 97.

{476a} Mr Thomas Seccombe in The Bookman, Feb. 1892.

{477a} Wild Wales, page 628.

The Life of George Borrow - 90/90

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