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- Letters of Horace Walpole, V4 - 1/169 -

For easier searching, letters have been numbered. Only the page numbers that appear in the table of contents have been retained in the text of letters. Footnotes have been regrouped as endnotes following the letter to which they relate.

The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford:

Including Numerous letters Now First Published From The Original Manuscripts.

In Four Volumes. Vol. IV.


Philadelphia: Lea And Blanchard.


C. Sherman & Co. Printers 19 St. James Street.

Contents Of Vol. IV.

[Those Letters now first collected are marked N.]


1. To Sir David Dalrymple, January 1.-Thanks for his "History of Scottish Councils." The spirit of controversy the curse of modern times. Attack on the House of Commons. Outcry against grievances. Despotism and unbounded licentiousness--(N.) 25

2. To the same, Jan. 23.-Mr. Charles Yorke's rapid history. Lord Chatham's attempt to enlarge the representation. Sir George Savile and Mr. Burke's attack on the House of Commons. Modern Catilines. Corruption of senators. Wilkes, Parson Horne, and JUnius--[N.] 26

3. To George Montagu, Esq. March 31.-Print of Alderman Backwell--28

4. To the same, May 6.-Backwardness of the season. Marriages. Masquerades. New establishment at Almack's. Intercourse between age and youth--28

5. To the same, June 11.-Description of Lord Dysart's house at Ham--29

6. To the same, June 29.-Promising a visit on his way to Stowe. Death of Alderman Beckford--31

7. To the same, July 1.-On not finding him at home--32

8. To the same, July 7.-Account of his visit to Stowe, Lines addressed to Princess Amelia--33

9. To the Earl of Strafford, July 9.-Visit to Stowe, Alderman Beckford's death--35

10. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, July 12.-Visit to Stowe--36

11. To George Montagu, Esq. July 14.-Reversion of Walpole's place--37

12. To the same, July 15-Correcting a mistake in his last--38

13. To the same Oct. 3.-Fit of the gout. The gate of age--38

14. To the same, Oct. 16--39

15. To the Earl of Strafford, Oct. 16.-Convalescence. Dispute with Spain--39

16. To the Earl of Charlemont, Oct. 17.-In answer to an application on behalf of an artist, and a wish to be permitted to read his tragedy--[N.] 40

17. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Nov. 15.-Soliciting his interest in Cambridgeshire for Mr. Brand--41

18. To the same, Nov. 26.-Mr. Bentham's "History of Ely Cathedral"--41

19. To the same, Dec. 20.-Mr. Essex's projected "History of Gothic Architecture." Antiquarian Society. Dean Milles. Gentlemen engravers at Cambridge--42

20. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Dec. 25.-Planting of poplar-pines. Dryden's "King Arthur" altered by Garrick--43

21. To the same, Dec. 29.-Change in the French ministry. Overthrow of the Duc de Choiseul. Banishment of the Duc de Praslin. New law arrangements at home--44


22. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Jan. 10.-Suggestions for getting the projected History of Gothic Architecture patronized by the King--45

23. To the same, May -29.-Letters of Edward the Sixth--46

24. To the same, June 11.-On the various attacks upon his writings. Archaeologia, or Old Women's Logic. Mr. Masters--47

25. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, June 17.-Visit to Ampthill. Houghton Park. Mausoleum of the Bruces--[N.] 48

26. To the Earl of Strafford, June 20 . -Intended visit to Paris. Madame du Deffand. New French ministry. The Duc d'Aiguillon. Life of Cellini. Charles Fox--49

27. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, June 22.-On the cross to be erected at Ampthill to the memory of Catherine of Arragon--50

28. To the same, June 24.-Thanks for some prints and letters-- 51

29. To John Chute, Esq. July 9.-Account of his journey to Paris--51

30. To the Hon. H. S, Conway, July 30.-French politics. Distress at court. Vaudevilles against Madame du Barry. Amusements at Paris. Gaillard's "Rivalit`e de la France et de l'Angleterre"--52

31. To John Chute, Esq. Aug. 5.-Progress of English gardening in France. New arr`ets. General distress. State of Le Soeor's paintings at the Chartreuse. The charm of viewing churches and convents dispelled. Shock at learning the death of Gray--55

32. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Aug. 11.-Reflection on the death of Gray. Lady Beauchamp. Opium a false friend--57

33. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Aug. 12.-Reflections on the death of Gray--58

34. To the Earl of Strafford, Aug. 25.-Climate of Paris. French economy and retrenchment. Mademoiselle Guimard. Mademoiselle Heinel. Suppression of the French Parliaments. Ruinous condition of the palaces and pictures--59

35. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Sept. 7.-Return to England. Deplorable condition of the French finances--61

36. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Sept. 10.-Thanks for some particulars of Gray's death. Dr. James Browne. Gray's portrait--62

37. To the same, Oct. 12.-Mr. Essex's design for the cross at Ampthill. Calvin and Luther--63

'38. To the same, Oct. 23.-Armour of Francis the First. Ancient window from Bexhill. Tomb of Capoccio--63


39. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, January 7.-Effects of an explosion of powder-mills at Hounslow--64

40. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Jan. 28.-Dean Milles. Relics of Gray. Letters on the English nation. Garrick and his writings. Wilkes's squint--65

41. To the same, June 9--66

42. To the same, June 17.-Thanks for some literary researches. Letters of Sir Thomas Wyat. Lives of Leland, Hearne, and Wood. Browne Willis. Peter Gore and Thomas Callaghan--66

43. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, June 22.-Panic occasioned by Fordyce's bankruptcy. Cherubims. Exercise. Letters of Guy Patin. Charles Fox's annuities. Lives of Leland, Hearne, and Wood. Entry in Wood's Diary. Freemasonry. Peter Gore--68

44. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, July 7.-King Edward's letters. Portrait of Gray. Death of Mr. West the antiquary. His collections. Foote's comedy of "The Nabob"--70

45. To the same, July 28.-Archaeologia, or, Old Women's Logic. Antiquarian Society. Life of Sir Thomas Wyat. William Thomas's "Peleryne"--70

46. To the same, Aug. 25.-Thanks to Dr. Browne for a goar-stone

Letters of Horace Walpole, V4 - 1/169

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