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- Letters of Horace Walpole, V4 - 2/169 -

and seal belonging to Gray. Lincoln and York cathedrals. Roche Abbey. Screen of York Minster--71

47. To the same, Aug. 28.-Indolence of age. inquiries after some prints--72

48. To the same, Nov. 7.-Fit of the gout. Regret at not being able to see Mr. Essex--73

49. To the same.-On the rapacity of a gentleman who had thinned Mr. Cole's collection of prints--74

50. To the Countess of Ailesbury, Dec. 20.-Account of Reynal's "Histoire Philosophique et Politique du Commerce des Deux Indes"--74


51. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Jan. 8.-Mr. Masters's answer to "Historic Doubts." Antiquarians. Freemasonry. Governor Pownall. Edition of "M`emoires du Comte de Grammont." Dedication to Madame du Deffand. Gray's "Odes"--75

52. To the same, Feb. 18.-Miscellaneous antiquities. Governor Pownall's System of Freemasonry. Mrs. Marshall's "Sir Harry Gaylove, or Comedy in Embryo"--77

53. To the Rev. William Mason, March 2.-Thanks for submitting his collections for the "Life of Gray" to his correction. Origin of the differences between them. Takes to himself the chief blame in the quarrel--(N.) 78

(54. To the same, March 27.-Mason the author of "The Heroic Epistle to Sir William Chambers." Account of Gray's going abroad with him--79

55. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, April 7.-ArchaEologia, or Old Women's Logic. Masters's answer to "Historic Doubts." Sale of Mr. West's collections--80

56. To the same, April 27.@Character of authors. Shenstone's and Hughes' "Correspondence." Declines acquaintance with Mr. Gough. Scotch metaphysicians. Anstey's "New Bath Guide." "Heroic Epistle." Oliver Goldsmith. Johnson's pension--81

57. To the same, May 4.-On being mentioned by the public orator at Cambridge--82

58. To the same, May 29.--83

59. To Dr. Berkenhout, July 5.-Declining to supply materials for a biographical notice of himself--84

60. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Aug. 30.-Visit to Houghton. Deplorable state of his nephew's private affairs. Mortification of family pride--84

61. To the Earl of Strafford, Sept. 24.-Journey to Houghton. State of his nephew's affairs. Lady Mary Coke's ardour of peregrination. Beatific print of Lady Huntingdon. Whitfield and the Methodists. Death of the Duke of Kingston--85

62. To the same, Nov. 15.-Best way of contending with the folly and vice of the world. Proposed tax on Irish absentees. Lady Mary Coke's mortifications. Count Gage and Lady Mary Herbert-- 86

63. To Lady Mary Coke.-On her ardour of peregrination--87

64. To the Hon. Mrs. Grey, Dec. 9.-Advice from Dr. Walpole to Lady Blandford suffering from a fit of the gout--89

65. To Sir David Dalrymple, Dec. 14.-Thanks for his "Remarks on the History of Scotland"--[N.] 90


66. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, May 4.-Reasons for his long silence. Temptations to visit Strawberry. Fate of Mr. Bateman's collection of curiosities. Conjectured fate of Strawberry--90

67. To the same, May 28.-Pennant's "Tour to Scotland and the Hebrides." Ossian. Fingal's Cave. Brave way of being an antiquary. Mr. Gough described. Fenn's "Original Letters." Society of Antiquaries. Old friends--91

68. To the same, June 21.-Efficacy of James's powder. Old friends in old age our best amusement. Flattery. Queen Catherine's Cross at Ampthill--93

69. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, June 23.-On the General's tour of military observation. Politics. Quebec-bill--94

70. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Aug. 15.-Account of his antiquarian pursuits. Journey into Worcestershire. Matson. Gloucester Cathedral. Monument of Edward the Second. Bishop Hooper's house. Prinknash. Berkeley Castle. Murder of Edward the Second. Thornbury Castle. The vicar of Thornbury--95

71. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Aug. 18.-On the General's introduction to the King of Prussia. Account of his own journey into Worcestershire--98

72. To the same, Sept. 7.-On the General's visit to the mines of Cremnitz. Visit to Berkeley Castle. Lord Malton presented at court in coal-black hair--99

73. To the same, Sept. 27.-Rejoices at the General's flattering reception at foreign courts. Character of the Germans. Italian women. Reasons for not taking a trip to Paris. French dirt. New elections. Mode of passing his time--101

74. To the same, Sept. 28.-Cautions for his conduct at Paris. Entreaty to take much notice of Madame du Deffand. Her character. Wishes to have back his letters to her. Mademoiselle de l'Espinasse. The Duchesse de Choiseul. Monsieur Buffon. Comte de Broglie--103

75. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Oct. 11.-Elections. His nephew's mental alienation--105

76. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Oct. 16.-New elections. Wilkes's popularity. Charles Fox. Character of M. de Maurepas. Reasons for not meeting him at Paris--106

77. To the same, Oct. 29.-On the General's being deprived of a seat in the new Parliament. Objects to be seen at Paris. Church of the Celestines. Richelieu's tomb at the Sorbonne. H`otel de Carnavalet. Versailles. The Luxembourg. Pictures at the Palais Royal. Church of the Invalids. St. Roch. The Carmelites. The Val de Grace. The Sainte Chapelle. Tomb of Cond`e; and of Cardinal Fleury--108

78. To the Countess of Ailesbury, Nov. 7.-Domestic news. Marriages. Wilkes's popularity. Mr. Burke's success at Bristol. "Wit-and-a-gamut." Comforts of old age--110

79. To the Earl of Strafford, Nov. 11.-Concert at Isleworth. Leoni. The Opera. The Duchess of Kingston--112

80. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Nov. 12. Thanks for his attentions to Madame du Deffand. American disturbances. General Burgoyne's "Maid of the Oaks," The Duc de la Vali`ere. Chevalier de Boufflers. Madame de Caraman. Madame de Mirepoix. Abb`e Raynal. Mademoiselle de Rancoux. Le Kain. Mo]`e. Preville. M. Boutin's English garden--112

81. To the same, Nov. 27.-Deaths. Disturbed state of America. The Duchess of Kingston. French despotism. Madame du Deffand. Opera. The Bastardella. Death of lord Holland--115

82. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Dec. 15.-Remonstrances from America. Lord Chatham--118

83. To the same, Dec. 26.-The Prince de Conti. Proceedings of the French Parliament. Petitions from America. Burke's speeches. Duchesse de Lauzun. St. Lambert--119

84. To the same, Dec. 31.-Biblioth`eque du Roi. Abb`e Barthelemi. Duc de Choiseul. "History of Furness Abbey"--121


85. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Jan. 9.-Nell Gwynn's letter. Strutt's "Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants of England." Duke Humphrey's skull at St. Albans--124

86. To the Hon. H . S. Conway, Jan. 15.-Party-men. Lord George Germain. Mr. Burke. Lord Chatham. Marquis of Rockingham. Operations of the Bostonians. General Gage. New Parnassus at Batheaston. Bouts-rim`es. Lines on a buttered muffin, by the Duchess of Northumberland. Lord Palmerston's poem on Beauty. Rulhi`ere's Russian Anecdotes--124

87. To the same, Jan. 22.-Debate in the House of lords on Lord Chatham's motion for withdrawing the troops from Boston. Plan for cutting off all traffic with America. Illness of the Duke of Gloucester. Committee of oblivion. Death of Dowdeswell and Tom Hervey--[N.] 128

88. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, April 11.-Warm approbation of mason's Life of gray. Verses by Lord Rochford, Anne Boleyn's brother-- 129

89. To the same, April 25.-Mason's Life of Gray. "Peep in the Gardens at Twickenham." Whitaker's History of Manchester. Bryant's Ancient Mythology--132

90. To the same, June 5,-Genealogical inquiries. Blomefield's Norfolk--134

91. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, July 9.-Projected trip to Paris. American news. Story of Captain Mawhood, the teaman's son--136

Letters of Horace Walpole, V4 - 2/169

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