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- Letters of Horace Walpole, V4 - 3/169 -

92. To the same, August 9.-Preparations for a journey to Paris. War between the Lord Chamberlain and Foote for refusing to license his play--[N.] 137

93. To the Countess of Ailesbury, Aug. 17.-Journey to Paris--138

94. To the same, Aug. 20.-Arrival at Paris. Madame du Deffand. Madame Clotilde's wedding. M. Turgot's economy--139

95. To Mrs. Abington, Sept.-Regret at not knowing she was at Paris. Compliment to her great merits as an actress--[N.) 140

96. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Sept. 8.-On Lady Ailesbury being overturned in her carriage. Madame du Deffand. Lady Barrymore. Madame de Marchais Madame de Viri. French opinion of our dispute with America--140

97. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Oct. 6.-Illness of Madame du Deffand. Economy and reformation of the bon-ton at Paris. Horse-race on the Plain de Sablon. French politics, and probable changes--142

98. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Dec. 10.-English version of Gray's Latin Odes--144

99. To the Countess of Ailesbury, Dec. 11.-Trial of the Duchess of Kingston. Le Texier's French readings--145

100. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Dec. 14.-Society of Antiquarians. Opening of Edward the First's tomb. Prints from pictures at Houghton--146

101. To Thomas Astle, Esq. Dec. 19.-On the attainder of George Duke of Clarence, found in the Tower--147


102. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Jan. 26.-Subject of the Painting at the Rose Tavern in Fleet-street. Attainder of George Duke of Clarence--148

103. To Edward Gibbon, Esq. February.-Thanks for the first volume of the "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"--[N.] 149

104. To the same, Feb. 14.-Panegyric on the first volume of the "Decline and Fall"--[N.) 150

105. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, March 1.-On the old painting at the Rose Tavern in Fleet-street. Antiquarian accuracy--151

106. To Dr. Gem, April 4.-French politics. Resistance of the Parliament to the reformations of Messieurs de Malesherbes and Turgot. Extraordinary speeches of the Avocat-G`en`eral. Our dispute with America--151

107. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, April 16.-Death of the Rev. Mr. Granger. Trial of Duchess of Kingston--153

108. To the same, June 1.-Mr. Granger's prints and papers purchased by Lord Mountstuart--154

(109) To the same, June 11.-Vexations and disappointments of the gout--155

110. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, June 30.-Gallery and beauty-room at Strawberry. Lady Diana Beauclerk. His own talents and pursuits. Picture of his mind--156

111. To the' Rev. Mr. Cole, July 23.-Thanks for the present of a vase. Condolence on the ill state of his health--157

112. To the same, July 24.-Effects of General Conway's illness on his own mind. Outliving one's friends. Mr. Penticross--158

113. To the same, Aug. 19.-Inquiries after Dr. Kenrick Prescot. Death of Mr. Damer--159

114. To the same, Sept. 9.-Alterations at Strawberry. Lord Carmarthen--160

115. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Oct. 31.-Folly and madness of the dispute with America. Opening of Parliament. Prospect of a war with France. Reasons for his retirement--(N.] 161

116. To the Earl of Strafford, Nov-. 2.-retirement. Effects of our climate. Unhappy dispute with America. Prospect of war with France--162

117. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Dec. 9.-Sir John Hawkins's "History of Music"--163


118. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Feb. 20.-Purchase of the shutters of the altar at St. Edmondsbury--163

119. To the same, February 27.-Requesting the loan of some of his manuscripts. Dr. Dodd--165

120. To the same, May 22.-Continuance of his nephew's mental illness. Love of Cambridge. Inclination to a sequestered life. Charles the Fifth--166

121. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, June 19.-Macpherson's success with Ossian the ruin of Chatterton. Rowley's pretended poems. Chatterton's death--167

122. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, July 10.-M. d'Agincourt's "Histoire de l'Art par les Monumens." The "Hayssians." Madame de Blot. M. Schomberg. Madame Necker's character of Walpole-- 168

123. To Robert Jephson, Esq. July 13.-Advice respecting the representation of his tragedy. Success of Sheridan's School for Scandal--[N.] 169

124. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Aug. 31.-True wisdom. Illness of the Duke of Gloucester. Monasteries. Recluse life. "In six weeks my clock will strike sixty!"--171

125. To the same, Sept. 16.-Thanks for the loan of manuscripts. Nonsense. Sincerity the foundation of long friendship. Sir Joshua Reynolds's portrait of Soame Jenyns. Duke of Gloucester's recovery--172

126. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Sept. 16.-Description of a machine called the Delineator. His "unlearnability"--173

127. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Sept. 22.-Suggesting a life of Thomas Baker, author of "Reflections on Learning." Burnet's History. Christiana, Queen of Sweden. Calvin--173

128. To Robert Jephson, Esq. Oct. 1.-"The Law of Lombardy"-- [N.] 175

129. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Oct. 5.-Apologies for not meeting him at Goodwood. Disinclination to move from home. "Threescore to-day State of his health and spirits. His idea of old age--176

130. To Robert Jephson. Esq. Oct. 17.-Criticism on ,The Law of Lombardy"--[N.] 177

131. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Oct. 19.-Burnet's History. Duke Lauderdale. Sir John Dalrymple and Macpherson's Histories. Friendship. Efficacy of the bootikins--179


132. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, March 31.-Politics. Life of Mr. Baker--181

133. To the same, April 23.-Life of Baker. Pennant's "Welsh Tour." Warton's "History of English Poetry." Lord Hardwicke's State Papers." Aspect of the times--181

134. To the same, May 21.-Restoration of Popery. Lord Chatham's interment. Intercourse with Chatterton. Detection of his forgeries--182

135. To the Rev. William Mason.-Visit from Dr. Robertson. The Doctor's contemplated "History of King William." Macpherson's and Sir John Dalrymple's scandals--184

136. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, June 3.-Patriots and politics. Dr. Franklin. Lord Chatham's interment. His merits and demerits. Mr. Tyrwhit. Chatterton's forgeries--186

137. To the same, June 10.-His political creed, and opinion of parties and political men. Life of Mr. Baker. Rowley and Chatterton. Mat. Prior. Mr. Hollis. Mrs. Macauley--187

138. To the Countess of Ailesbury, June 25.--Mr. Conway's governorship. Cuckoos and Nightingales. Robbery of Mrs. Clive-- 189

139. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, July 8.-Suggesting the propriety of pacification with America. Conduct of the Opposition. French neutrality. Partition of Poland--189

140. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, July 12.-Projected Life of Mr. Baker. Dr. Kippis's "Biographia Britannica." Addison's character of Lord Somers. Whitgift and Abbot. Archbishop Markham. Calvin and Wesley. Popery and Presbyterianism. Churches and convents--191

141. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, July 18.-Sailing of the Brest fleet. Political prospects--192

142. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, July 24.-Answer to the attack upon him prefixed to Chatterton's works. Gray's tomb, and Mason's epitaph--193

Letters of Horace Walpole, V4 - 3/169

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