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- Letters of Horace Walpole, V4 - 4/169 -

143. To the same, Aug. 15.-Rowley's pretended poems. Walpole's defence. Bishop Walpole'-s tomb. Baker's Life--194

144. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Aug, 21.-Recollections of Sussex. Arundel Castle,. Tombs of the Fitzalans. Knowle and Penshurst. Summer Hill. Leeds Castle. Goldsmiths' Company. Aquatic adventure--195

145. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Aug. 22.-Chatterton. Attacks on Walpole in the Critical Review. Lord Hardwicke and the Carleton Papers. Literary squabbles. The "Old English Baron." Lady Craven's "Sleep Walker." A literary adventure--196

146. To the same, Sept. 1.-Attack on him in the Critical Review. Cabal in the Antiquarian Society. Their Saxon and Danish discoveries, and Roman remains. Value of Mr. Cole's collections,. Visit from Dr. Kippis--198

147. To the same, Sept. 18.-"Biographia Britannica." Life of the first Lord Barrington. Anecdote of the present peer--200

148. To the same, Oct. 14.-Defence of Sir Robert Walpole against a charge of instigating George the Second to destroy the will of his father. Lord Chesterfield--202

149. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Oct. 23.-Account of his pursuits--201

150. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Oct. 26.-Completion of his Life of Mr. Baker--204

151. To the same, Nov. 4.-Attack of the gout. Character of Mr. Baker--205

152. To Lady Browne. Nov. 5.-Reflections on the state of' his health. Lady Blandford's obstinacy--[N.] 206

153. To the same, Dec. 18.-Admiral Keppel's trial. Lord Bute. Lord George Germaine. Lady Holderness, Lord and Lady Carmarthen--[N.] 207

154. To the Earl of Buchan, Dec. 24.-Reply to inquiries after certain portraits--[N.) 209

155. To Edward Gibbon, Esq.-On the attacks upon his History of the Decline and Fall--[N.] 210


156. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Jan. 3.-Life of Mr. Baker. Damage done by the great tempest on New-year's morning. Death of Bishop Kidder. Tamworth Castle. Lord Ferrers's passion for ancestry--211

157. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Jan. 9.-Mrs. Miller's follies at Batbeaston. Ennui. His recent illness. Prospects of old age. Admiral Keppel's trial. Grecian Republics. Anecdote of Sir Robert Walpole. Character of Sir William Meredith--212

158. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Jan. 15.-Life of Mr. Baker. Pamphlet respecting Chatterton--213

159. To the same, Jan. 28.-Reasons for not printing his pamphlet concerning Chatterton. His Hieroglyphic Tales--214

160. To the same, Feb. 4.-Answer to Mr. Cole's objections to his Life of Baker--215

161. To the same, Feb. 18.-His opinion of Hasted's history of Kent. Lord Ferrers and Tamworth Castle--215

162. To Sir David Dalrymple, March 12.-Thanks for his "Annals." Portrait of Duns Scotus--[N.] 216

163. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, March 28.-Swinburne's Travels in Spain. The Alhambra. Character of Moses. Cumberland's Masque of "Calypso." Design of a chimney-piece, by Holbein--216

164. To Edward Gibbon, Esq.-Congratulations on his ,Vindication" of his "History"--[N.] 218

165. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, April 12.-St. Peter's portrait. Richard the Third. Truth and Falsehood. Murder of Miss Ray by Mr. Hackman. Shades of madness. Solace in books and past ages-- 218

166. To the same, April 20.-Plates after designs by Rubens--219

167. To the same, April 23.-Sale of the pictures at Houghton-- 220

168. To Mrs. Abington.-Regrets at not being able to accept an invitation--(N.) 220

169. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, May 21.-History of the Abbey of Bec. Keate's "Sketches from Nature." Church of Reculver. Person of Richard the Third--221

170. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, May 22.-Attack on Jersey. War in America. Masquerades. Festino at Almack's. Lord Bristol's wonderful calf--221

171. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, June 2.-State of his health. Strictures on a volume of the ArchEeologia. Pictures at Houghton--222

172. To the Rev. Dr. Lort, June 4.-Painted shutters from the altar of St. Edmund's Bury--224

173. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, June 5.-Disturbances in Ireland. Spanish declaration of war. Treatment of America. Tickell's "Cassette Verte." Dr. Franklin. "Opposition Mornings." Story of Mrs. Ellis and her great O--225

174. To the same, June 16.-Sailing of the Brest fleet. Probability of a war with Spain. Dispute with America. State of Ireland. F`ete at the Pantheon--227

175. To the Hon. George Hardinge, July 4.-Thanks for drawings of Grignan. Letters of Madame de S`evign`e, and of her daughter. Character of Coulanges--229

176. To the Countess of Ailesbury, July 10.-Conjectures on the political state of the country. Washington and Clinton. Difficulty of conquering America--230

177. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, July 12.-Value of the pictures at Houghton--231

178. To the same, Aug. 12.-Thanks for offer of painted glass. "History of Alien Priories"--232

179. To the Countess of Ailesbury, Aug. 13.-Situation of General Conway in Jersey. Constancy of Fortune. Folly of pursuing the war with America--233

180. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Sept. 12.-Alarms for the General's situation at Jersey. Battle between Byron and D'Estaing. Mrs. Damer. Eruption of Vesuvius--234

181. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Nov. 16.-Mr. Tyson's Journal. Old Gate at Whitehall. Nichols's "Alien Priories." Rudder's "History of Gloucestershire." Removal of old friends--235

182. To the same, Dec. 27.-Earl-bishops. Lord Bristol. Rudder's "History of Gloucestershire"--236


183. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Jan. 5.-Congratulations on his providential escape. Count-bishops. Old painting found in Westminster-abbey. Tomb of Ann of Cleve. Reburial of the crown, robes, and sceptre of Edward the First. Sale of the Houghton pictures--237

184. To Robert Jephson, Esq., Jan. 25.-His opinion of Mr. Jephson's "Count of Narbonne;" and advice on casting the parts- -[N.] 238

185. To the same, Jan. 27.-Tragedy of the "Count of Narbonne." Warburton's panegyric on the "Castle of Otranto." Miss Aikin's "Fragment." "Old English Baron"--[N.] 240

186. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Feb. 5.-New volume of the "Biographia Britannica." Characters of Dr. Birch, Dr. Blackwell, and Dr. John Brown. Dr. Kippis's threat. Cardinal Beaton. Dr. Bentley. Mr. Hollis. Barry the painter--242

187. To the same, Feb. 27.-Rodney's victory. Home prospects. Party divisions. History of Leicester. Cit`e des dames. Christiana of Pisa--242

188. To the same, March 6.-Thanks for his portrait in glass. History of Leicester. Dean Mills and Mr. Masters. Pine-apples. Charles the Second's gardener--245

189. To the same, March 13.-Atkyns's Gloucestershire. Hutchinson's Northumberland. Romantic Correspondence of Hackman and Miss Ray. Sir Herbert Croft's,,Love and Madness." Chatterton. "The Young Villain." Lord Chatham. Lady Craven's "Miniature Picture"--246

190. To the same, March 30.-Projected reform of the House of Commons. Annual parliaments--248

191. To the same, May 11.-Death of Mr. Tyson, and of his old friend George Montagu. His character--248

192. To the same, May 19.-Character of Joseph Spence--249

193. To the same, May 30.-Altar-doors from St. Edmundsbury. Annibal Caracci and Shakspeare--250

194. To Mrs. Abington, June 11.-Invitation to Strawberry Hill-- [N.] 251

Letters of Horace Walpole, V4 - 4/169

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