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- Letters of Horace Walpole, V4 - 5/169 -

195. To the Earl of Strafford, June 12.-Lord George Gordon and the Riots of London. Persecutions under the cloak of religion. Highway robberies. Ambition the most detestable of passions-- 251

196. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, June 15.-London riots. Black Wednesday. Lord George Gordon in the Tower. Electioneering rioting in Cambridgeshire. Mr. Banks and the Otaheitans--253

197. To the same, July 4.-Wishes his having written the Life of Baker to be kept a secret--254

198. To the Earl of Strafford, Sept. 9.-Folly of election contests. Dissatisfaction in the fleet--255

199. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Sept. 27.-Electioneering agitations. Death of Madame du Deffand--256

200. To the same, Oct. 3.-"Life of Mr. Baker." Dr. James Brown- -256

201. To the same, Nov. 11.-Mr. Gough's "Topography." Introduction of ananas. Rose, the gardener of Charles the Second. Folly of antiquaries--257

202. To the same, Nov. 24.-Mr. Gough's "Topography." Character of Mr. Pennant. Dean Milles. Judge Barrington. Dulness and folly of Grose's Dissertations. Rejoices in having done with the professions of author and printer, and determines to be comfortably lazy--259

203. To the same, Nov. 30.-In answer to a request for a copy of his Anecdotes for the University Library at Cambridge. Character of Mr. Gough--260

204. To Sir David Dalrymple, Dec. 11.-Thanks for communications for his Anecdotes of Painters. Hogarth. Colonel Charteris. Archbishop Blackbourne and Mrs. Conwys. Poetry of Richardson and Hogarth. Lord Chesterfield's story of Jervas. Origin of Oil Painting--261

205. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Dec. 19.-Friendship between Gray and Mason. Views of Strawberry Hill--263


206. To Sir David Dalrymple, Jan. 1.-Thanks for his favourable opinion of his father. His reasons for not writing his Life. Dr. Kippis and his "Biographia Britannica." Lord Barrington and the Hamburgh lottery. Character of King William. Folly of reburying the crown and robes of' Edward the First. "Dr. Johnson's notions of sacrilege--[N.) 264

207. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Jan. 3.-On the General's speech for quieting the troubles in America. Melancholy state of the country--266

208. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Feb. 7.-Death of Lady Orford at Pisa--268

209. To the same, Feb. 9.-Wolsey's negotiations. Value of Mr. Cole's manuscripts. Character of Mr. Pennant--269

210. To the Earl of Buchan, Feb. 10.-Thanks for being elected member of the Scotch Society of Antiquaries--[N.] 269

211. To Sir David Dalrymple, Feb. 10.-Sir William Windham and Sir Robert Walpole, Archibald Duke of Argyll. Scotch Society of Antiquaries. Portrait of Lady Mary Douglas--[N.] 270

212. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, March 2.-Reasons for becoming a member of the Scotch Antiquarian Society--272

213. To the same, March 5.-Inquiries after Lord Hardwicke's "Walpoliana"--273

214. To the same, March 29.-Contradicting a report of Mr. Pennant's indisposition of mind--273

215. To the same, April 3.-Lord Hardwicke's "Walpolianae"--274

216. To the same, May 4.-Character of Dr. Farmer. On his own rank as an author. Pennant's "Welsh Tour." Madame du Deffand's dog Tonton--274

217. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, May 6.-Relief of Gibraltar. Lord Cholmondeley at Brookes's. Winnings of Charles Fox and Fitzpatrick. India affairs. Arrival of Tonton--275

218. To the same, May 28.-Scotch thistles. French politics. Resignation of Necker. Proposals for a pacification with America. Charles Fox and the Marriage-bill. Folly of retiring from the world--277

219. To the same, June 3. 'Projected French attack on Jersey. Siege of Gibraltar. "The Young William Pitt's" first display. Mr. Bankes. Theatricals. Consequences of lord Cornwallis's victories--279

220. To the Earl of Strafford, June 13.-Visit from Mr. Storer-- 281

221. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, June 16.-Sir Richard Worsley's History of the Isle of wight. Nichols's Life of Hogarth. "AEdes Strawberrianae." Miseries of having a house worth being seen-- 282

222. To the Earl of Charlemont, July 1.-On Mr. Preston's poems- -[N.] 284

223. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, July 7.-Orthodoxy and heterodoxy-- 284

224. To the same, July 26--286

225. To the Earl of Strafford, Aug. 31.-Difficulty of sending an entertaining letter. Mason's English Garden. Marriage of Lord Althorp--286

226. To the Hon. H. S. Conway, Sept. 16.-Their long and uninterrupted friend- ship. Madame du Deffand's papers. Henley bridge--287

227. To John Nichols, Esq. Oct. 31.-Criticisms on his Life of Hogarth--288

228. To Robert Jephson, Esq. Nov. 7.-On his tragedy of "The Count of Narbonne"--[N.] 290

229. To the same, Nov. 10.--[N.] 292

230. To the same, Nov. 13.--[N.] 293

231. To the same, Nov. 18.--[N.] 293

232. To the Hon. H. S. Conway,- Nov. 18.-On Mr. Jephson's tragedy of "The Count of Narbonne"--294

233. To Robert Jephson, Esq. Nov. 18.-Favourable reception of "The Count of Narbonne"--[N.] 295

234. To the Earl of Strafford, Nov. 27.-Surrender of the British forces at York Town. Gloomy forebodings of the consequences. General spirit of dissipation--296

235. To the Earl of Buchan, Dec. 1.-British disgraces in America. Ancient portraits--[N.) 297

236. To Robert Jephson, Esq. Dec. 3.-On his expression of dissatisfaction at some alterations in the scenes of his play-- [N.] 299

237. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Dec. 30.-The gout described. Etching of Browne Willis. Character of Mr. Gough. Mr. George Steevens. Rowley and Chatterton controversy--299


238. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Jan. 27.-Interview with, and characters of Mr. Gough and Mr. Steevens--302

239. To the same,. Feb. 14.-Thanks for the loan of some manuscripts. Society of Antiquaries. Description of his regimen. His great nostrum--303

240. To the same, Feb. 15.-Specimen of Mr. Gough's "Sepulchral Monuments." Antiquarian solemnities ridiculed. Count-bishop Hervey. Martin Sherlock the English traveller--304

241. To the Rev. William Mason.-New French translation of the Elder Pliny. Common jargon of Poetry--307

242. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, Feb. 22.-Rowley and Chatterton controversy--308

243. To the Hon. George Hardinge, March 8.-On the success of General Conway's motion for putting an end to the American war- -309

244. To the Rev. Mr. Cole, March 9.-Character of Dr. Farmer. Declaration of war by the Emperor against the Crescent. Ambition and interest under the mask of religion--310

245. To the same, April 11.-His preference of English to Latin inscriptions. Mason's Archaeological Epistle to Dean Milles. Melancholy death of Mr. Chamberlayne. Dr. Glynn--310

246. To the same, May 24.-On his own illness. The Chatterton controversy--312

247. To the same, June 1.-Bishop Newton's Life. Pratt's "Fair Circassian." Cumberland's "Anecdotes of Painters in Spain"--313

248. To John Nichols, Esq., June 19.-Dr. Henry Bland the

Letters of Horace Walpole, V4 - 5/169

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