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- Bergson and His Philosophy - 30/33 -

SAROLEA, Prof. Charles. The French Renascence. 1916. Allen and Unwin. Chapter on Bergson, pp. 271-284, with portrait.

SCOTT. J.W. Syndicalism and Philosophical Realism. 1919. A.& C. Black. For Bergson, pp. 70-160.

SLOSSON, Dr. E. Major Prophets of To-day. 1914. Little, Boston, U.S.A. Pp. 44-103. (Portrait.)

SMITH, Norman Kemp, D. Phil. Commentary to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. 1918. Macmillan.

SORLEY, Dr. W.R. Moral Values and the Idea of God. Cambridge University Press, 1918. Gifford Lectures, 1914-15. Discusses Intuition and Vital Impulse.

STEBBING, L. Susan, M.A. Pragmatism and French Voluntarism with Special Reference to the Notion of Truth in the Development of Philosophy from Maine de Biran to Bergson. M.A. (London.) Thesis, 1912. Cambridge University Press, 1914. Girton College Studies, No 6.

UNDERHILL, Evelyn. Mysticism. A Study in the Nature and development of man's spiritual consciousness. Dutton, U.S.A. 1912.

WALLAS, Graham. The Great Society. Error on p. 236, where he has 1912 for 1911, as date of Bergson's Lectures at London University.

WARD, Prof. James. The Realm of Ends. (Pluralism and Theism.) Cambridge University Press. Cf. pp. 306-7.

WARDELL, R.J. Contemporary Philosophy. Contains careless blunders. The date of the publication of L'Evolution creatrice in Paris is given as 1901 instead of 1907. This is on page 74. Then on page 95, Lectures given at London University are referred to as having been given at Oxford. The whole section of 28 pages, devoted to Bergson, tends to be somewhat misleading.

WEBB, C.C.J. God and Personality. Gifford Lectures, 1918-19. Geo. Allen and Unwin.

WOODBRIDGE, F.J.E. The Purpose of History. Reflections on Bergson, Dewey and Santayana. 1916. Columbia University Press.

Section III. English and American Articles

(a) Signed Articles

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AKELY. "Bergson and Science." Philosophical Review, May, 1915.

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BEYER. "Creative Evolution and the Woman's Question." Educational Review, Jan, 1914.

BJORKMAN. "The Philosopher of Actuality." Forum, Sept, 1911. "Is there Anything New?" Forum. "Bergson: Philosopher or Prophet?" Review of Reviews, Aug, 1911.

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FERRAR. "L'Evolution créatrice." Commonwealth, Dec., 1909.

Bergson and His Philosophy - 30/33

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