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- Bergson and His Philosophy - 33/33 -

"Laughter." Dublin Review.

1913 Feb. "Eucken and Bergson." Independent. "Bergson's Lectures." Outlook. March "Bergson's New Idea of Evolution." Literary Digest. "Bergson's Reception in America." Current Opinion. "Visiting the French Philosopher." Literary Digest. "The Jewishness of Bergson." Literary Digest. "Bergson at the City College." Outlook. 1913 March "The Spiritual Philosopher." Review of Reviews. April "Introduction to Metaphysics." Contemporary Review. "Bergson and Eucken under Fire." Current Opinion. Oct. "Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On." Independent. "The Birth of a Dream." Independent. "Bergson on Psychical Research." Educational Review.

1914 March "Portrait of Bergson." American Magazine. May "Threatened Collapse of Bergson boom in France." Current Opinion. July "The Banning of Bergson." Independent. Dec. "Bergson Looking Backward." Literary Digest. "Bergson on Germany's Moral Force." Literary Digest.

1915 Jan. "Mr. Kallen on Bergson." North American Review. April " " " Nation. "Mr. Wildon Carr and Philosophy of Change." Quest. 1917 May "Bergson and the Art World." Art World. Sept. "Are Americans Money Worshippers? Bergson's Opinion." Outlook. Dec. "Bergson thanks America." New Republic.

1919 Dec. "French Ideals in Education and the American Student." Living Age.

Section IV. The English Translations of Bergson's Works

As, in the foregoing lists, the English Translations of Bergson's Works are given separately under the heading of the date and title of the original work, they are here set forth together under the title of the publishers with translators' names and the published prices for convenience of reference for English readers or students.

GEORGE ALLEN AND UNWIN, LTD. Time and Free Will. Translator--F. L. Pogson, M.A. Pp. xxiii+252 (12/6).

Matter and Memory. Translators--Nancy Margaret Paul and W. Scott Palmer. Pp. xx+339 (12/6).

Both of these are in "The Library of Philosophy."

MACMILLAN AND CO., LTD. Creative Evolution. Translator--Arthur Mitchell, Ph.D. Pp. xv+407 (12/6).

Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic, Translators-- Cloudesley Brereton L.-es-L., M.A., and Fred Rothwell, B.A. Pp. vi+200 (4/6).

An Introduction to Metaphysics. Translator--T. E. Hulme. Pp. vi+79 (3/e).

Mind-Energy. Translator. Dr. Wildon Carr. (Announced.)

T. FISHER UNWIN, LTD. Dreams. Translator--Dr. Slosson. Pp. 62 (2/6).

The Meaning of the War. Editor, Dr. Carr. Pp. 47 (1/6).

The above are all the English Translations which have appeared up to now. The Oxford University Press published in the original French the lectures given at Oxford, La Perception du Changement. These are now out of print, but will be included in the forthcoming volume of Essays.

Bergson and His Philosophy - 33/33

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