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- Fifty Famous People - 24/24 -


The messengers made due haste to carry the golden prize to Athens. They had no trouble in finding Solon. He was the chief ruler of that great city.

All the people whom they saw spoke in praise of his wisdom.

When they told him their errand he was silent for a little while; then he said:--

"I have never thought of myself as a wise man, and therefore the prize is not for me. But I know of at least six men who are famous for their wisdom, and one of them must be the wisest of the wise."

"Who are they?" asked the messengers.

"Their names are Thales, Bias, Pittacus, Cleobulus, Periander, and Chilon," answered Solon.

"We have offered the prize to each one of them," said the messengers, "and each one has refused it."

"Then there is only one other thing to be done," said Solon. "Carry it to Delphi and leave it there in the Temple of Apollo; for Apollo is the fountain of wisdom, the wisest of the wise."

And this the messengers did.

The famous men of whom I have told you in this story are commonly called the Seven Wise Men of Greece. They lived more than two thousand years ago, and each one helped to make his country famous.


Who they were, what they were, where they lived,

Aesop Fabulist Greece 550--? B.C. Alexander King Macedon 356--323 B.C. Alfred the Great King England 849--901 Al Mansour Caliph Spain 939--1002 Al Mansur Caliph Persia 712--775 Arion Musician Greece 6th Century B.C. Aristomenes General Greece 685--? B.C. Bruce, Robert King Sweden 1274--1329 Burritt, Elihu Philanthropist Connecticut 1811--1879 Caedmon Poet England 650--720 (?) Charles XII King Sweden 1682--1718 Coriolanus General Rome 5th Century B.C. Cyrus King Persia 6th Century B.C. Davenport, A. Legislator Connecticut 1715--1780 Everett, Edward Statesman Massachusetts 1794--1865 Franklin, Benj. Statesman Pennsylvania 1706--1790 Frederick the Great King Prussia 1712--1786 Fulton, Robert Inventor New York 1765--1815 Gautama Prince India 562--472 B.C. Giotto, Bondone Painter Italy 1276--1337 Haroun al Raschid Caliph Bagdad 750--809 Henry IV King France 1553--1610 Hogg, James Poet Scotland 1770--1835 Jackson, Andrew President United States 1767--1835 Jefferson, Thos. President United States 1743--1826 Jones, Sir William Scholar England 1746--1794 Lafayette General France 1757--1834 Lee, Robert E. General Virginia 1807--1870 Lincoln, Abraham President United States 1809--1865 Longfellow, H. W. Poet Massachusetts 1807--1882 Louis XIV King France 1638--1715 Mamoun Caliph Persia 785--? Marshall, John Statesman Virginia 1755--1835 Otanes General Persia 6th Century B.C. Psammeticus King Egypt 7th Century B.C. Putnam, Israel General Connecticut 1718--1790 Randolph, John Statesman Virginia 1773--1833 Revere, Paul Patriot Massachusetts 1735--1818 Richard III King England 1452--1485 St. Francis Saint Italy 1182--1226 Selkirk, Alexander Sailor Scotland 1676--1723 Solomon King Jerusalem 10th Century B.C. Solon Philosopher Athens 6th Century B.C. Swift, Jonathan Author Ireland 1667--1745 Tamerlane Conqueror Tartary 1333--1405 Thales Philosopher Miletus 6th Century B.C. Washington, G. President United States 1732--1799 Webster, Daniel Statesman Massachusetts 1782--1852 West, Benjamin Painter Pennsylvania 1738--1820 Zeuxis Painter Greece 5th Century B.C.

A few other famous people mentioned in this volume.

Astyages King Media 6th Century B.C. Bias Philosopher Priene 6th Century B.C. Chilon Philosopher Sparta 6th Century B.C. Cimabue Painter Florence 1240--1302 Cleobulus King Rhodes 6th Century B.C. Defoe, Daniel Author England 1661--1731 Mazarin Cardinal France 1602--1661 Parrhasius Painter Greece --400 B.C. Periander King Corinth 6th Century B.C. Pittacus Philosopher Mitylene 6th Century B.C. Sheba, The Queen of 10th Century B.C.

Fifty Famous People - 24/24

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