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- The Gospels in Four Part Harmony - 5/49 -

MT 27:11-14 MK 15:2-5 LK 23:3-7 JN 18:33b-38 98.20 Trial Before Herod LK 23:8-12 98.30 Barabbas Preferred Before Jesus MT 27:15-18, 20-23 MK 15:6-14 LK 23:13-23 JN 18:39-40 98.40 Jesus Mocked as a King MT 27:27-30 JN 19:2-3 98.50 Pilate Yields JN 19:4-15 98.60 The Warning of Pilate's Wife MT 27:19 98.70 Pilate Washes His Hands MT 27:24-26 MK 15:15 LK 23:24-25 98.80 Jesus Mocked Again MK 15:16-19 98.90 Jesus Led Forth to Crucifixion MT 27:31-32 MK 15:20-21 LK 23:26-32 JN 19:16-17a 99.10 Jesus Crucified with the Two Thieves. Pilate's Superscription. The Casting of Lots. Jesus Commends His Mother to John. The Mockery. The Conversion of One of the Thieves. Darkness. MT 27:33-45 MK 15:22-33 LK 23:33-45a JN 19:17b-27 100.10 Jesus Dies MT 27:46-50 MK 15:34-37 LK 23:46 JN 19:28-30 100.20 Portents. The Centurion's Witness. The Crowd of Onlookers. MT 27:51-56 MK 15:38-41 LK 23:45b, 47-49 101.10 The Side of Jesus is Pierced with a Spear JN 19:31-37 101.20 A Nobleman (Joseph of Arimathea) Begs for the Body of Jesus and lays it in a new Tomb in a Garden nearby. MT 27:57-60 MK 15:42-46 LK 23:50-54 JN 19:38-42 101.30 The Faithful Women Prepare a Rich Ointment to Embalm the Body of Jesus. MT 27:61 MK 15:47 LK 23:55-56 101.40 The Chief Priests are Suspicious. They Seal the Sepulchre. MT 27:62-66

Part 14 - THE TOMB

102.10 The Two Marys Buy Spice MK 16:1 102.20 They Visit the Sepulchre MT 28:1 MK 16:2 LK 24:1 102.30 Many Dead are Seen to be Alive Again MT 27:52-53 102.40 The Grave Opened by Angels MT 28:2-4 102.50 The Women Find the Stone Rolled away. MK 16:3-4 LK 24:2 JN 20:1 103.10 Peter and John, on Hearing Mary Magdalene's Report of the Empty Tomb, Investigate for Themselves. JN 20:2-10 103.20 The Women at the Tomb See an Angel who Announces the Resurrection. MT 28:5-7 MK 16:5-7 LK 24:3 103.30 Then Two Angels Greet the Women LK 24:4-8 103.40 They go to Tell the Disciples MT 28:8 MK 16:8 103.50 Two Angels, and then Jesus Himself, appear to Mary Magdalene as she Weeps at the Tomb MK 16:9 JN 20:11-17 104.10 Jesus Appears to the Other Women as they go to Announce the Resurrection MT 28:9-10 105.10 The Jewish Authorities Bribe the Guard to Declare that Jesus' Disciples Stole His Body MT 28:11-15 106.10 The Women Tell the Disciples that Jesus had Risen: They Disbelieve. MK 16:10-11 LK 24:9-11 JN 20:18


107.10 The Appearance of Jesus to Peter LK 24:12, 34 1 Corinthians 15:5a 108.10 Jesus Appears to Two Disciples Journeying to Emmaus MK 16:12-13a LK 24:13-35 108.20 The Disciples at Jerusalem still Unbelieving MK 16:13b 109.10 Suddenly Jesus Appears to Them, Thomas only being Absent MK 16:14 LK 24:36-49 JN 20:19-25 110.10 Jesus Appears to the Disciples Thomas Being Present. JN 20:26-30 110.20 Jesus Appears to Five Hundred 1 Corinthians 15:6 111.10 Jesus Appears to the Disciples in Galilee MT 28:16-20 112.10 Jesus Appears to His Disciples at the Sea of Tiberias JN 21:1-23 113.10 Jesus Appears to the Disciples in the Upper Room and Discourses on the Power of Faith MK 16:14-18 113.20 Jesus bids them Remain at Jerusalem until the Coming of the Holy Ghost Acts 1:4-5 113.30 The Future Witness of the Disciples to Jesus Christ Acts 1:6-8 113.40 Jesus Ascends into Heaven LK 24.50-51 Acts 1:9-11 113.50 The Disciples Return to Jerusalem MK 16:19 LK 24:52 Acts 1:12-14 113.60 The Coming of the Holy Ghost Acts 2:1-47 113.70 The Disciples Praise God Continually LK 24:53 113.80 They Preach Everywhere MK 16:20 114.10 Conclusion Acts 1:1-3 114.20 Epilogue JN 21:25

J. Clontz God's Children

We are not cast on the ground, that have been recognized by so great highness. We are not the offspring of mortality, afterward to be dissolved by time. We are not a product of motion, made to be again destroyed by itself. We are not things of earthly birth, ending again therein.

We belong to a greatness unto which we aspire, of which we are the property, and peradventure to a greatness that hath mercy upon us.

We belong to the Light, by whom we have left the darkness; To the Eternal, by whom we have escaped the bonds of the temporal.


1.10 The Gospel

LK 1:1-4

1 Inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile a narrative of the things which have been fulfilled among us, 2 just as they were delivered to us by those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word, 3 it seemed good to me also, having carefully investigated all things from the very first, to write to you an orderly account, most excellent Theophilus, 4 so that you may know the certainty of the things which you have been taught.

The Gospels in Four Part Harmony - 5/49

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