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- THE LUCKY MAN - 1/21 -


a play by Frank J. Morlock translated and adapted from the French of Michel Baron

C 1991 By Frank J. Morlock

CHARACTERS: Cadwell (Moncade) Bendish (Pasquin) Laura (Lucinde) Olivia (Leonore) Arabella (Araminte) Selina (Cidalise) Worthy (Eraste) Slice (Ergaste) Mr. Martin (Martin) Jenny (Marton) Little Gentleman (Petite Chevalier) Three lackeys or pages

The time, 1687. The place, a large room in Laura's mansion.

ACT I. A large room in Olivia's house in London, circa 1687.

Olivia: Yes, brother, your plan to marry Laura will not work unless someone opens her eyes about Cadwell.

Jenny: (to Worthy) She loves him--you are not unaware of that. Laura is a widow, and I am certain that if she isn't brought to reason, and very quickly she won't delay marrying Cadwell. Count on what I tell you, I've been with her for several years and I know her.

Olivia: (to Worthy) Aside from your little love interest what would her uncle Victor think if he found she were married without being forewarned? Wouldn't he have a right to complain of us after having taken care to lodge her with us so we could watch her conduct and report to him?

Worthy: I see all this as you see it, but my love makes me say more than I should. I'm afraid of displeasing Laura and besides--

Jenny: (interrupting him) And while we debate these matters Cadwell perhaps will marry Laura.

Worthy: (to Olivia) What must I do then?

Olivia: Fulfill your promise to Victor to warn him of all that is happening. Tell him of your passion for his niece. Omit nothing that might serve to render you happy.

Worthy: I could never do it.

Jenny: What! Such false delicacy--

Worthy: But, sis, please--

Olivia: (interrupting him) Brother, do you want to marry Laura or not?

Worthy: Yes, I mean to do it!

Olivia: Then do what you're told and we will take care of the rest.

Worthy: My happiness is in your hands.

Jenny: Get going then!

(Exit Worthy looking very uncertain and ill at ease)

Olivia: Jenny, what's Laura doing?

Jenny: I've just finished dressing her. She'll soon be here.

Olivia: We've got to find a way to expose this fine Mr. Cadwell.

Jenny: Fine! He can be easily exposed and trapped. But I warn you, he'll get out of it again with a facility that will surprise you.

Olivia: In spite of all that, Jenny, we must help my brother. You have promised me.

Jenny: I haven't started badly and while Cadwell has been in the country these last two days believe you me, I've not forgotten to rouse Laura's suspiciosn.

Olivia: Here she is--

(Enter Laura)

What's wrong with you then, madam? You look sad to me.

Laura: I don't know, Olivia, I haven't slept.

Olivia: The people who trouble your repose may not care to restore it to you.

Laura: (defensively) You are very good, madam, to take part in something that regards me.

Olivia: I admit to you that I would like to see you at ease.

(Laura turns her head towards Cadwell's apartment)

How little attention you pay to what I say to you! One must be more your friend than I am--

Laura: (interrupting her) Not at all, Olivia. It seems to me I hear you--and if I were not to, should you be taking note of what I am doing?

Olivia: Yes, I ought to, Laura. Don't I have an interest in everything that touches you? Do you imagine I can watch with pleasure as people abuse your good faith? Am I not aware of your unjust preference and ought I not to try to make you know the difference between hearts that are truly attached to you and those that----? Believe me, Laura, I know it, and you will know them as I do, those who love you for yourself, those who sacrifice--

Laura: (to Jenny, turning again towards Cadwell's apartment) Jenny, have you seen--?

Olivia: Madam, I see that I am embarrassing you--

Laura: Olivia, I ask your pardon. I admit to you--

Olivia: (interrupting her) I will leave you--

Laura: (trying to hold her) Oh, no--please--

(Exit Olivia)

Jenny: It's clear that you have some distractions--

Laura: (interrupting) Jenny!

Jenny: Madam?

Laura: Has he gone?

Jenny: Who?

Laura: Has he gone, I said?

Jenny: Mr. Worthy?

Laura: No.

Jenny: Your lackey?

Laura: Who spoke of my lackey? Cadwell--has he left?

Jenny: I don't think he's awake yet.-- For some time, you've become so difficult to serve that it requires far greater penetration and


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