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- Cyrano De Bergerac - 5/48 -

THE PICKPOCKET: I may not say--a secret. . .

CHRISTIAN (shrugging his shoulders): Oh!

THE PICKPOCKET (with great dignity): . . .Of the profession.

CHRISTIAN: Where are they posted?

THE PICKPOCKET: At the Porte de Nesle. On his way homeward. Warn him.

CHRISTIAN (letting go of his wrists): But where can I find him?

THE PICKPOCKET: Run round to all the taverns--The Golden Wine Press, the Pine Cone, The Belt that Bursts, The Two Torches, The Three Funnels, and at each leave a word that shall put him on his guard.

CHRISTIAN: Good--I fly! Ah, the scoundrels! A hundred men 'gainst one! (Looking lovingly at Roxane): Ah, to leave her!. . . (looking with rage at Valvert): and him!. . .But save Ligniere I must!

(He hurries out. De Guiche, the viscount, the marquises, have all disappeared behind the curtain to take their places on the benches placed on the stage. The pit is quite full; the galleries and boxes are also crowded.)


A BURGHER (whose wig is drawn up on the end of a string by a page in the upper gallery): My wig!

CRIES OF DELIGHT: He is bald! Bravo, pages--ha! ha! ha!. . .

THE BURGHER (furious, shaking his fist): Young villain!

LAUGHTER AND CRIES (beginning very loud, and dying gradually away): Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

(Total silence.)

LE BRET (astonished): What means this sudden silence?. . . (A spectator says something to him in a low voice): Is't true?

THE SPECTATOR: I have just heard it on good authority.

MURMURS (spreading through the hall): Hush! Is it he? No! Ay, I say! In the box with the bars in front! The Cardinal! The Cardinal! The Cardinal!

A PAGE: The devil! We shall have to behave ourselves. . .

(A knock is heard upon the stage. Every one is motionless. A pause.)

THE VOICE OF A MARQUIS (in the silence, behind the curtain): Snuff that candle!

ANOTHER MARQUIS (putting his head through the opening in the curtain): A chair!

(A chair is passed from hand to hand, over the heads of the spectators. The marquis takes it and disappears, after blowing some kisses to the boxes.)


(Three knocks are heard on the stage. The curtain opens in the centre Tableau. The marquises in insolent attitudes seated on each side of the stage. The scene represents a pastoral landscape. Four little lusters light the stage; the violins play softly.)

LE BRET (in a low voice to Ragueneau): Montfleury comes on the scene?

RAGUENEAU (also in a low voice): Ay, 'tis he who begins.

LE BRET: Cyrano is not here.

RAGUENEAU: I have lost my wager.

LE BRET: 'Tis all the better!

(An air on the drone-pipes is heard, and Montfleury enters, enormously stout, in an Arcadian shepherd's dress, a hat wreathed with roses drooping over one ear, blowing into a ribboned drone pipe.)

THE PIT (applauding): Bravo, Montfleury! Montfleury!

MONTFLEURY (after bowing low, begins the part of Phedon): 'Heureux qui loin des cours, dans un lieu solitaire, Se prescrit a soi-meme un exil volontaire, Et qui, lorsque Zephire a souffle sur les bois. . .'

A VOICE (from the middle of the pit): Villain! Did I not forbid you to show your face here for month?

(General stupor. Every one turns round. Murmurs.)

DIFFERENT VOICES: Hey?--What?--What is't?. . .

(The people stand up in the boxes to look.)

CUIGY: 'Tis he!

LE BRET (terrified): Cyrano!

THE VOICE: King of clowns! Leave the stage this instant!

ALL THE AUDIENCE (indignantly): Oh!


THE VOICE: Do you dare defy me?

DIFFERENT VOICES (from the pit and the boxes): Peace! Enough!--Play on, Montfleury--fear nothing!

MONTFLEURY (in a trembling voice): 'Heureux qui loin des cours, dans un lieu sol--'

THE VOICE (more fiercely): Well! Chief of all the blackguards, must I come and give you a taste of my cane?

(A hand holding a cane starts up over the heads of the spectators.)

MONTFLEURY (in a voice that trembles more and more): 'Heureux qui. . .'

(The cane is shaken.)

THE VOICE: Off the stage!


MONTFLEURY (choking): 'Heureux qui loin des cours. . .'

CYRANO (appearing suddenly in the pit, standing on a chair, his arms crossed, his beaver cocked fiercely, his mustache bristling, his nose terrible to see): Ah! I shall be angry in a minute!. . .


Scene 1.IV.

The same. Cyrano, then Bellerose, Jodelet.

MONTFLEURY (to the marquises): Come to my help, my lords!

A MARQUIS (carelessly): Go on! Go on!

CYRANO: Fat man, take warning! If you go on, I Shall feel myself constrained to cuff your face!

THE MARQUIS: Have done!

CYRANO: And if these lords hold not their tongue Shall feel constrained to make them taste my cane!

ALL THE MARQUISES (rising): Enough!. . .Montfleury. . .


Cyrano De Bergerac - 5/48

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