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- Great Expectations - 210/210 -

from me, the remembrance, of what I had thrown away when I was

quite ignorant of its worth. But, since my duty has not been

incompatible with the admission of that remembrance, I have given

it a place in my heart."

"You have always held your place in my heart," I answered.

And we were silent again, until she spoke.

"I little thought," said Estella, "that I should take leave of you

in taking leave of this spot. I am very glad to do so."

"Glad to part again, Estella? To me, parting is a painful thing. To

me, the remembrance of our last parting has been ever mournful and


"But you said to me," returned Estella, very earnestly, 'God bless

you, God forgive you!' And if you could say that to me then, you

will not hesitate to say that to me now - now, when suffering has

been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to

understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken,

but - I hope - into a better shape. Be as considerate and good to

me as you were, and tell me we are friends."

"We are friends," said I, rising and bending over her, as she rose

from the bench.

"And will continue friends apart," said Estella.

I took her hand in mine, and we went out of the ruined place; and,

as the morning mists had risen long ago when I first left the

forge, so, the evening mists were rising now, and in all the broad

expanse of tranquil light they showed to me, I saw no shadow of

another parting from her.

Great Expectations - 210/210

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