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- Late Lyrics and Earlier - 1/32 -

Transcribed by David Price, email from the 1922 Macmillan and Co. edition.


Contents: Apology Weathers The maid of Keinton Mandeville Summer Schemes Epeisodia Faintheart in a Railway Train At Moonrise and Onwards The Garden Seat Barthelemon at Vauxhall "I sometimes think" Jezreel A Jog-trot Pair "The Curtains now are Drawn" "According to the Mighty Working" "I was not he" The West-of-Wessex Girl Welcome Home Going and Staying Read by Moonlight At a house in Hampstead A Woman's Fancy Her Song A Wet August The Dissemblers To a Lady Playing and Singing in the Morning "A man was drawing near to me" The Strange House "As 'twere to-night" The Contretemps A Gentleman's Epitaph on Himself and a Lady The Old Gown A night in November A Duettist to her Pianoforte "Where three roads joined" "And there was a great calm" Haunting Fingers The Woman I Met "If it's ever spring again" The Two Houses On Stinsford Hill at Midnight The Fallow Deer at the Lonely House The Selfsame Song The Wanderer A Wife Comes Back A Young Man's Exhortation At Lulworth Cove a Century Back A Bygone Occasion Two Serenades The Wedding Morning End of the Year 1912 The Chimes Play "Life's a bumper!" "I worked no wile to meet you" At the Railway Station, Upway Side by Side Dream of the City Shopwoman A Maiden's Pledge The Child and the Sage Mismet An Autumn Rain-scene Meditations on a Holiday An Experience The Beauty The Collector Cleans his Picture The Wood Fire Saying Good-bye On the tune called The Old-hundred-and-fourth The Opportunity Evelyn G. Of Christminster The Rift Voices from things growing in a Churchyard On the Way "She did not turn" Growth in May The Children and Sir Nameless At the Royal Academy Her Temple A Two-years' Idyll By Henstridge Cross at the year's end Penance "I look in her face" After the War "If you had known" The Chapel-organist Fetching Her "Could I but will" She revisits alone the church of her marriage At the Entering of the New Year They would not come After a romantic day The Two Wives "I knew a lady" A house with a History A Procession of Dead Days He Follows Himself The Singing Woman Without, not within her "O I won't lead a homely life" In the small hours The little old table Vagg Hollow The dream is--which? The Country Wedding First or Last Lonely Days "What did it mean?" At the dinner-table The marble tablet The Master and the Leaves Last words to a dumb friend A drizzling Easter morning On one who lived and died where he was born The Second Night She who saw not The old workman The sailor's mother Outside the casement The passer-by "I was the midmost" A sound in the night On a discovered curl of hair An old likeness Her Apotheosis "Sacred to the memory" To a well-named dwelling The Whipper-in A military appointment The milestone by the rabbit-burrow The Lament of the Looking-glass Cross-currents The old neighbour and the new The chosen The inscription The marble-streeted town A woman driving A woman's trust Best times The casual acquaintance Intra Sepulchrum The whitewashed wall Just the same The last time The seven times The sun's last look on the country girl In a London flat Drawing details in an old church Rake-hell muses The Colour Murmurs in the gloom Epitaph An ancient to ancients After reading psalms xxxix., xl. Surview


About half the verses that follow were written quite lately. The rest are older, having been held over in MS. when past volumes were published, on considering that these would contain a sufficient number of pages to offer readers at one time, more especially during the distractions of the war. The unusually far back poems to be found here are, however, but some that were overlooked in gathering previous collections. A freshness in them, now unattainable, seemed to make up for their inexperience and to justify their inclusion. A few are dated; the dates of others are not discoverable.

The launching of a volume of this kind in neo-Georgian days by one who began writing in mid-Victorian, and has published nothing to speak of for some years, may seem to call for a few words of excuse or explanation. Whether or no, readers may feel assured that a new book is submitted to them with great hesitation at so belated a date. Insistent practical reasons, however, among which were requests from some illustrious men of letters who are in sympathy with my productions, the accident that several of the poems have already seen the light, and that dozens of them have been lying about for years, compelled the course adopted, in spite of the natural disinclination of a writer whose works have been so frequently regarded askance by a pragmatic section here and there, to draw attention to them once more.

I do not know that it is necessary to say much on the contents of the

Late Lyrics and Earlier - 1/32

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