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- A Popular History of Ireland V2 - 1/92 -

A Popular History of Ireland: from the Earliest Period to the Emancipation of the Catholics

by Thomas D'Arcy McGee

In Two Volumes

Volume II


BOOK VIII. (Continued from Volume I)

CHAPTER IV.--Sir Henry Sidney's Deputyship--Parliament of 1569--The Second "Geraldine League"-- Sir James Fitzmaurice

CHAPTER V.--The "Undertakers" in Ulster and Leinster-- Defeat and Death of Sir James Fitzmaurice

CHAPTER VI.--Sequel of the Second Geraldine League-- Plantation of Munster--Early Career of Hugh O'Neil, Earl of Tyrone--Parliament of 1585

CHAPTER VII.--Battle of Glenmalure--Sir John Perrott's Administration--The Spanish Armada-- Lord Deputy Fitzwilliam--Escape of Hugh Roe O'Donnell from Dublin Castle-- The Ulster Confederacy formed

CHAPTER VIII.--The Ulster Confederacy--Feagh Mac Hugh O'Byrne--Campaign of 1595--Negotiations, English and Spanish--Battle of the Yellow Ford--Its Consequences

CHAPTER IX.--Essex's Campaign of 1599--Battle of the Curlieu Mountains--O'Neil's Negotiations with Spain--Mountjoy Lord Deputy

CHAPTER X.--Mountjoy's Administration--Operations in Ulster and Munster--Carew's "Wit and Cunning"--Landing of Spaniards in the South--Battle of Kinsale--Death of O'Donnell in Spain

CHAPTER XI.--The Conquest of Munster--Death of Elizabeth, and Submission of O'Neil--"The Articles of Mellifont"

CHAPTER XII.--State of Religion and Learning during the Reign of Elizabeth


CHAPTER I.--James I.--Flight of the Earls--Confiscation of Ulster--Penal Laws--Parliamentary Opposition

CHAPTER II.--Last years of James--Confiscation of the Midland Counties--Accession of Charles I.-- Grievances and "Graces"--Administration of Lord Strafford

CHAPTER III.--Lord Stafford's Impeachment and Execution-- Parliament of 1639-'41--The Insurrection of 1641--The Irish Abroad

CHAPTER IV.--The Insurrection of 1641

CHAPTER V.--The Catholic Confederation--Its Civil Government and Military Establishment

CHAPTER VI.--The Confederate War--Campaign of 1643-- The Cessation

CHAPTER VII.--The Cessation and its Consequences

CHAPTER VIII.--Glamorgan's Treaty--The New Nuncio Rinuccini-- O'Neil's Position--The Battle of Benburb

CHAPTER IX.--From the Battle of Benburb till the Landing of Cromwell at Dublin

CHAPTER X.--Cromwell's Campaign--1649-1650

CHAPTER XI.--Close of the Confederate War

CHAPTER XII.--Ireland under the Protectorate-- Administration of Henry Cromwell-- Death of Oliver


CHAPTER I.--Reign of Charles II.

CHAPTER II.--Reign of Charles II. (Concluded)

CHAPTER III.--The State of Religion and Learning in Ireland during the Seventeenth Century

CHAPTER IV.--Accession of James II.--Tyrconnell's Administration

CHAPTER V.--King James to Ireland--Irish Parliament of 1689

CHAPTER VI.--The Revolutionary War--Campaign of 1639-- Sieges of Derry and Enniskillen

CHAPTER VII.--The Revolutionary War--Campaign of 1690-- Battle of the Boyne--Its Consequences-- the Sieges of Athlone and Limerick

CHAPTER VIII.--The Winter of 1690-91

CHAPTER IX.--The Revolutionary War--Campaign of 1691-- Battle of Aughrim--Capitulation of Limerick

CHAPTER X.--Reign of King William

CHAPTER XI.--Reign of Queen Anne

CHAPTER XII.--The Irish Soldiers Abroad, during the Reigns of William and Anne


CHAPTER I.--Accession of George I.--Swift's Leadership

CHAPTER II.--Reign of George II.--Growth of Public Spirit--The "Patriot" Party--Lord Chesterfield's Administration

CHAPTER III.--The Last Jacobite Movement--The Irish Soldiers Abroad--French Expedition under Thurot, or O'Farrell

CHAPTER IV.--Reign of George II. (Concluded)-- Malone's Leadership

CHAPTER V.--Accession of George III.--Flood's Leadership--Octennial Parliaments Established

CHAPTER VI.--Flood's Leadership--State of the Country between 1760 and 1776

CHAPTER VII.--Grattan's Leadership--"Free Trade" and the Volunteers

CHAPTER VIII.--Grattan's Leadership--Legislative and Judicial Independence Established

CHAPTER IX.--The Era of Independence--First Period

CHAPTER X.--The Era of Independence--Second Period

CHAPTER XI.--The Era of Independence--Third Period-- Catholic Relief Bill of 1793

CHAPTER XII.--The Era of Independence--Effects of the French Revolution in Ireland--Secession of Grattan, Curran, and their Friends, from Parliament, in 1797

CHAPTER XIII.--The United Irishmen

CHAPTER XIV.--Negotiations with France and Holland-- The Three Expeditions Negotiated by Tone and Lewines

CHAPTER XV.--The Insurrection of 1798

CHAPTER XVI.--The Insurrection of 1798--The Wexford Insurrection

CHAPTER XVII.--The Insurrection elsewhere--Fate of the Leading United Irishmen

CHAPTER XVIII.--Administration of Lord Cornwallis-- Before the Union

CHAPTER XIX.--Last Session of the Irish Parliament-- The Legislative Union of Great Britain and Ireland


A Popular History of Ireland V2 - 1/92

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