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Double Fractal Help
Running the fractal.exe file, you will see a window named Double Fractal and small fractal images. Each image can be clicked to generate a class of fractal images.

Double Fractal Screenshot - Main Window

When you click a initial small fractal image, it brings you to another window wich is divided in 4 parts : the menu (File, Edit, Move, View, Options, Help), the Position box, the View box and the Control box. The View box is the place where the fractal image appears. The Control box is used to move the image across, zoom in, zoom out and change colors.

Double Fractal Screenshot

The View box is not only the place that you can see fractals, but is also the point where you can select a region with your mouse to zoomming in. Press the left mouse button over the image to start a selection area. If you want to abort it, just press the right mouse button. After that, move your mouse over the image and press the left mouse button again. You will see two buttons on the image when you complete the selection. Press the left button on the selected area to zoom in or the "X" button to cancel the operation.

The Control box is used to move, zoom and control colors. Note that only a 64k colors operating video card can use the RGB functions. Buttons on the Control box are allways disabled while a fractal is on generation.

The Position box is usually used by expert users who know exacly where to go. If you want to enter a new position, press the Edit button and type on the "X" and "Y" spaces the x and y intervals. If you want to abort this, press the "Cancel" button. In order to apply your new position, press "Submit".

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